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Hello everyone, Winnie Griggs here. I am excited to announce the release of my first Amish Romance novel Her Amish Wedding Quilt, will release in just a little over a week. This is a genre that for me as a writer wasn’t even on my radar 16 months ago. But then last September an editor contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in trying my hand at writing one. It so happened I was at a point in my career where I was ready to try my hand at something new so I jumped at it.

It’s been quite a year as I’ve immersed myself in research and all things Amish, trying to learn the ins and outs of this unique culture. I’d actually planned to make a couple of trips to Amish country this year but we all know what happened to travel plans in 2020 🙁

Anyway, Her Amish Wedding Quilt is the first of a three book series that will follow the Eicher sisters. This one features Greta, the middle sister, and Noah Stoll, a widower doing his best to raise his two preschoolers with the help of his younger sister.

Greta is a bit of an outspoken, take charge kind of gal, which is something of a problem since everyone tells her she needs to tone it down a bit if she ever wants to find a husband. Noah has just learned he needs to stop relying on his sister’s help and his answer is to find a wife.

The book opens on the first day of a brand new year with Greta convinced this is the day her best friend, Calvin Stoll will propose to her. But by the end of the day her whole world has come crashing down around her.

In this scene, Greta, who has successfully done some matchmaking in the past, has decided to help Noah out more as a way to take her mind off her own problems as anything. Oh, and for those of you not familiar with Amish dialect, here is a quick glossary:

  • fraa = wife
  • Gotte = God
  • jah = yes
  • kinner = children
  • mamm = mom


“Esther told me you asked her to help you find a new fraa.”

Something akin to irritation flashed across Noah’s face before his guard went up. “And why did she feel the need to speak of it to you?”

“She and I are good friends and she knew I’d help in any way I can.”


“Help you find a new fraa, of course.” She smiled. “And a mamm for your kinner.”

His guard eased a bit, but now he seemed ready to dismiss the subject. And her. “I appreciate your desire to help me, but I think this is something best left to Esther. She knows me and she knows my preferences.”

Greta wasn’t going to let him get rid of her that easily. “I realize Esther is your cousin and you might be more comfortable dealing with her. But perhaps you don’t know that I have experience helping other young men find a helpmeet.”

Jah, I’m aware that you’ve played matchmaker in the past.”

The way he said “played” got her back up, but Greta decided to ignore his tone and keep her focus on convincing him he needed her help. “Then perhaps you’ll understand why Esther thought I’d be able to help in your search as well. If you give me a chance I know I can find a woman who’ll make you happy.”

“What do you know about what will make me happy?”

Good question, especially after her spectacular failure on her own behalf. And for a moment her certainty wavered.

But then she rallied. This was different. “I believe I understand people well enough to know who’ll get along nicely together and who won’t.” At least when it came to others.

He raised a brow at that. “Do you now?”

She refused to let his skepticism affect her again. “It probably sounds like pride and boastfulness to you, but it isn’t. I believe this is a gift from Gotte, just as your skill with woodwork is, and that it would be wasteful not to use it.”

She saw him sober at that and study her thoughtfully.

Trying to press her advantage, she quickly added. “But of course you’ll need to help me figure out some of your own specific likes and dislikes.” Would he agree? She realized she wanted to help him, that she needed to find some purpose to fill the emptiness that was stretching out in front of her.

 But rather than respond directly, he asked a question of his own. “Why do you want to do this?”

“Because I love your kinner and want to help see that they are well cared for. And also because I think it’s something I can do well.”

“And for no other reason?”

She squirmed a bit under his steady, much too perceptive scrutiny. Surely he didn’t know about her feelings for Calvin and what had happened New Year’s Day.

She tilted her chin up. “What other reason would there be?”


Noah saw the slight reddening of Greta’s cheeks that belied the confident expression on her face. Was she thinking of Calvin? If she’d been so wrong about his brother’s feelings, how could she possibly know what he needed? But somehow it seemed cruel to point that out to her. And what could it hurt to let her try? “I suppose we could give it a try.”

Her face blossomed in a smile that made him blink—it had been a while since he’d seen those impish dimples of hers.

Her hands clasped tightly together as if trying to hold in some big emotion. “Good.” Her tone was charmingly businesslike. Apparently she’d wanted to do this more than he’d realized.


I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak at Her Amish Wedding Quilt.  To be entered in the drawing for an advance copy of the book, leave a comment related to Amish fiction – love it, hate it, never tried it but want to, or anything else that fits the bill.  I’d also love to know what you thought of this set-up and excerpt


An Amish seamstress and a single father have a chance to make a fresh start in this heartwarming first novel of a new series.

Spirited, forthright, impulsive – everyone told Greta Eicher she’d have to change her ways if she ever hoped to marry. Then her best friend Calvin, the man she thought she would wed, chooses another woman. Now Greta’s wondering if the others were right all along. Her dreams dashed, she pours her energy into crafting beautiful quilts at her shop and helping widower Noah Stoll care for his adorable young children.

Noah knows it’s time to think about finding a wife. When Greta offers to play matchmaker on his behalf, Noah eagerly accepts. After all, no one knows his children better. But none of the women she suggests seems quite right, because, unexpectedly, his feelings of respect and friendship for Greta have grown into something even deeper and richer. But will he have enough faith to overcome the pain of his past and give love another chance?


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Three of Winnie’s books have been nominated for the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, and one of those nominations resulted in a win.
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52 thoughts on “Winnie Griggs New Release and a Giveaway”

  1. I find them interesting since I was born in Lancaster, my mom was raised Plain, and I still have Plain family. Plain encompasses many of the Anabaptist faith denominations. Having the Pennsylvania-German heritage gives me a different perspective than others.

    Happy Upcoming Book Release!


  2. For most of my life I lived in NJ and we often went to the Amish community for wonderful produce, honey, homemade food and furniture. I began my lifelong LOVE of quilts after I bought my first one. I was even welcomed for a quilting bee. I have always loved the amish and their love of family and their belief in their ways.

  3. I enjoy Amish fiction when well-done, and Her Amish Wedding Quilt does sound that way. I would love to read the entire book.

  4. I have read several Amish stories by Linda Castillo and enjoyed them immensely. Looking forward to your book!

  5. What a wonderful genre, and how brave of you to step out. Writing is such an adventure, isn’t it, Winnie? I enjoy Amish fiction. I admire the way a skilled writer can delineate the differences between characters, even in such a structured society, and show how He is the only one in the world for She and vice-versa. Which is not too different from Amish real life. Winnie, nice to see you in another venue.
    Kathy Bailey

  6. Hi Winnie … I read a lot of Amish books when I first retired seven years ago. I find their culture, faith, and livelihood interesting. I always do business with them at swappers meets when I get a chance. Oh, and, whenever possible I visit their bakeries. Sinfully delicious!

    I like the book cover … love the red barn in the background. Around here, all the Amish homesteads are white. I hope your book release goes well! Congratulations!

    • Hi Kathy, glad to hear you enjoy the genre. And it’s so cool that you get to visit the are from time to time. And I agree, the publisher did a great job with the cover

  7. I have not read a lot of Amish book but the ones I have read I enjoyed them. Yours sound like it going to be fantastic. I also use to enjoy quilting but haven’t for a while.

  8. I’ve never read anything Amish but this sounds really good! I like the fact that you gave us the meaning of the new words! Love learning new things when I read!

  9. I enjoy Amish fiction if it’s well researched and true to the Amish culture. I have two favorite authors in the genre but am always looking for new stories that catch my interest. Yours sounds like a book I would enjoy reading.

  10. Yes, I enjoy Amish fiction, but Winnie’s story is different from all the ones I’ve read. Since I have always loved her books, I know Her Amish Wedding Quilt will be wonderful.

  11. Congratulations on your New Release Winnie. Yes,I love Amish Fiction. Thank you for the chance. Your book sounds like a Great read and I love the book cover, it is Beautiful.

  12. I have enjoyed Amish fiction, both historic and contemporary. I have read up on Amish culture, both the good and bad. We have thought about a trip through Amish Country in Pennsylvania, but have not yet managed to get there. Every time we drive up I-81 to visit family in Northern N. Y. I think about exiting and doin some exploring. We were going to get serious this past summer, but COVID put an end to that. I have decided to plan the trip and keep it in the car so next time we head North I can pull it out and make the side trip.
    Thank you for the excerpt. It sounds like a delightful story.
    I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season. Stay safe and healthy.

    • Hi Patricia. Sigh – 2020 will be known as the year of cancellations and delays won’t it. But your think-ahead idea sounds like a good strategy. Thanks for dropping in.

  13. I’ve read Amish books before and enjoyed them, to me they are no different than any other romance stories! Enjoyed the post today, congrats on your series!

  14. I Love Reading Any Amish fiction they are such great books Congrats on your new series Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Winnie, from excerpt; you are on your way to being a Awesome author of Amish books. I love reading about them & their cultures. Will add this book to my TBR list. Thanks, for the chance to win a copy. Enjoy the Holidays & stay safe.

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