Today’s Featured Fillies and their books are:




Just click the link to the Google Form and answer the easy trivia questions!


All answers can be found either in the first page or two of the Amazon “Look Inside” preview or in the book’s blurb.

All winners chosen by US entries only.

Winners will be announced on Sunday, December 6.

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21 thoughts on “COWBOYS & MISTLETOE – Day 3”

  1. Just wanted you to know that you cannot write down answer #2 because there is no spot to write it. So I put it on the third question space along with question #3 answer. Thank you.

  2. Done. Had a little trouble with Question 2. There was no line to write your answer, just “Option 1.” I clicked on that, but then I couldn’t unclick it.

  3. Done! Good morning ladies and thank you for the opportunity to win prizes! I see everyone has told you that question 2 didn’t post correctly so I reckon it’s a freebie answer for everyone! Have a great day and stay safe!

  4. Question #2 is fixed!! We will count every answer correct to those responded so no one will miss out on their chance to win. Thanks for pointing the boo-boo out to us, ladies!

  5. I got CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY’S ARMS last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I will hopefully be able to reread it this year. I have WISHING FOR A COWBOY and ordered CALICO AND COWBOYS. Those two will be good reading after the holidays.

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