Oh my! These Sexy Men!

Something has happened to me. Used to, I never wrote a hero with facial hair. Not because I didn’t like it, but mainly because my editors wouldn’t let me. But in the last few books, my heroes have all had facial hair. I just love a man with a mustache and beard. My first husband had dark facial hair and I was the one who kept it trimmed close. I loved doing it though.

So, I started putting hair on my mens’ faces. It’s sexy and it kinda alludes to bad boys. Yum!

In the first book of my new series called Lone Star Legends, Deacon Brannock has a mustache and close-cropped beard. That comes out in April 2021. In the second book, the young Sam Legend has removed himself from everyone and looks like a shaggy mountain man through a lot of the story. One of the hottest scenes is of Cheyenne Ronan standing behind Sam, applying the sharp blade of the razor to his throat and so overcome she stops to give him an upside down kiss. I thought that was pretty sexy. That book releases Sept. 2021.

Of movie leading men, I’ve always adored Sean Connery’s close beard and mustache. That man makes my heart flutter big time. Here’s him, George Clooney and Sam Elliott.



I’m not too awfully fond of Sam Elliott’s bushier mustache but since he has the best deep voice, I don’t complain.

Hugh Jackman has nice facial hair as well as Chris Hemsworth and Bradley Cooper.


These are drop dead gorgeous!!



But back to my own books. I already have the cover for A Cowboy of Legend that I can’t wait to show you when the time is right. Deacon Brannock will stir readers’ hearts. Betcha!

What about you? Do you like men with facial hair or without? Let’s take a vote!!

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Here in the Texas Panhandle, we do love our cowboys. There's just something about a man in a Stetson and jeans that makes my heart beat faster. I'm not much of a cook but I love to do genealogy and I'm a bit of a rock hound. I'm also a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of historical western romance. You can contact me through my website and I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. HAPPY READING!

40 thoughts on “Oh my! These Sexy Men!”

  1. Yes I do. Once my husband grew a full beard and mustache for elk hunting in Wyoming. When he left the house in his cowboy boots and hat, I laughed myself silly. I thought all in all he looked pretty hot! My vote is yes.

    • Good morning, Kathy! I can just see Ron in his full beard, mustache, and hat! Wow! Facial hair really does change a man’s looks. I hope you get that chance again. 🙂 Have a beautiful day, my friend!

    • Good morning, Anxious58! Thanks for coming to weigh in. Facial hair isn’t for everyone. Choices and preferences make us all unique. I hope your day is filled with love.

  2. I do like facial hair, but I like it how they have it in your pictures. I don’t like those trendy bushy lumberjack beards. My husband wears his like the picture of Hugh Jackman, but he shaves his cheeks

    • Good morning, Janinecatmom! No, I don’t like the lumberjack kind at all either. I like the hair trimmed close. Your husband must be a handsome man. Love and blessings to you! Thanks for coming over.

    • Good morning, Estella! I’m happy to see you. Thanks for weighing in. There are some really handsome men who are clean shaven. My second husband was and he made my heart race. 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

    • Good morning, Yvonne! I’m happy to see you. I think some men would look horrible clean shaven and others would look weird in facial hair. I think it depends on the man. Love you dearly, sweet lady.

    • Good morning, Teresa! Thanks for coming by. Facial hair does help in the winter in protecting the face and adding warmth. A lot of men in the frigid states look like lumberjacks! Sending love and blessings.

  3. Good morning Linda- I love Rob’s mustache, he shaved it off one time in our 20 years together and I didn’t recognize him. He grew it back instantly.
    I love men with closed cropped well kept beard, I tell love mustaches. Tom Selleck wears one great. I love Cole Hauser in Yellowstone his beard is HOT.
    I think bad boys & outlaws need facial hair, especially back in the 1880’s, After all, bathhouses were not at everyone’s beck & call until they came upon a then or Fort. I’m excited to see your new cover. Woohoo, you have lots of books waiting ahead for us. Love you and I’m keeping you in my prayers. Remember when you can, let me know you’re okay and recovering.

    • Good morning, Tonya. I can’t imagine Rob without his mustache! That would look pretty weird. Glad he grew it back. My first husband once shaved his beard and mustache off and like you I hated it. That sure changed his looks and in a bad way. I wasn’t as attracted to him or something. Of course, he grew it back.

      I haven’t forgotten about my promise after my procedure tomorrow. It’s going to go well. I feel that strongly. Sending all my love and best wishes for a lovely day.

  4. In real life I don’t care for it. My husband has never grown a beard or mustache except once (in our 42 years of marriage) for … maybe our state’s centennial or something? Or our towns?
    Not sure what prompted it. 🙂
    But no beard for Mary.
    I am a little confounded by the current ‘hipster’ tread of facial hair.
    Do you think it was inspired by…….Duck Dynasty?

    • Good morning, Mary! You know, maybe Duck Dynasty might’ve had something to do with this trend. But it’s been ongoing for some time. The fact is…some men just look great in facial hair and some do not. I can’t imagine a clean-shaven pirate!! But I think your husband looks best without facial hair. He’s very nice looking. You two make a great couple. 🙂

  5. Good morning Linda! I love facial hair although, I’m not fond of the bushy beards that are favored by men right now. Having MS heat intolerance I look at them and immediately get hot so I can’t even imagine having one. I like a thick Tom Selleck type mustache, my first husband had one. I love a Goat-tee, a closely cropped beard and mustache or just a nice 5’o’clock shadow! There have been many of man that would show up with a clean shaven face and I would stop and think, “I wonder how long it’ll take him to grow back his facial hair because he looks better with it than without,” not really that they need to hide their face but just because they honestly look better with facial hair. I can’t stand it when a man has a long enough mustache that he is always messing with it between his lips, yuck! Most men look like a completely different person with and without facial hair! I can’t wait for your new series! Happy Fall Y’all!

    • Good morning, Steph! You make a great point. It depends on the man. I’ve sort of been seeing someone at the retirement center who has a mustache and short beard. I don’t think I’d like him without it. He makes a great dancing partner. 🙂 🙂

  6. YES I DO !! I’ve always been attracted to men with facial hair .. I can’t stand a clean shaven , hairless facial or chest , I just feel like they have grown up yet ? Sean or Sam would definitely be my idea man !!

    • Good morning, Rose Ann! I’m so happy to see you! You and I think alike. I’ve always thought Sean Connery was the sexiest man! And he just got more sexy as he aged. Sam too. It’ll be interesting to see how readers take Sam Jr. Then when his lady got hold of him and trimmed it up good, he was so handsome. I hope you have a blessed day. Much love.

  7. Clean shaven for me. I can’t imagine Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, or Cary Grant with facial hair. Why would you want to hide those gorgeous faces! I don’t mind a 5 o’clock shadow or stubble on some men (see the swoon-worthy hero on the cover of Michelle Griep’s The Noble Guardian — be still my heart!)

    Linda, looking forward to your new series, Lone Star Legends.

    • Good morning, Sharon! Thanks for coming. You make a good point. Some men look best clean shaven. It’s a person’s preference. I think you’re going to like the new series. These kids are all grown up and making their mark. Gracie has the first book out and she’s such a fiery woman. Love and hugs, sweet lady!

  8. Hi, yes I like men with facial hair, my husband has only shaved his off once since we have been together which is 44 years and I did not like it, he shaved it off only because he had to. He hasn’t shaved it completely off since then. I think that alot of men do look very nice clean shaven, but for me it is facial hair on a man.

    • Hi Colleen! Thanks for coming to weigh in. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. But I’m glad my editor is changing a bit and letting me have facial hair on my heroes. Makes them more rakish. HaHa! Have a lovely rest of your day. Love you.

    • Hi Denise. I did indeed forget Shemar. Oh my gosh, that man is so good looking! Yes, neat and trimmed looks best on a man. I don’t like the scruffy stuff. Have a wonderful rest of your day. Much love.

  9. A friend once said he didn’t grow a beard he just quit shaving. I prefer a man who keeps shaving although some men definitely look good with facial hair.

    • Hi Alice! Thanks for coming! That’s funny. I think men get tired of shaving. I get tired of a few things myself. But if they have facial hair, they need to keep it trimmed. Much love and hugs.

  10. I like facial hair on SOME men. Hubby has a mustache and has since I first knew him. My dad never had any facial hair. I think it depends on the man and how long/well-kept the beard/mustache is. Some of these guys you featured made me swwwwwooooon, though, Linda. LOL Hugs, sister!

  11. I LOVE a neatly trimmed beard and mustache! And don’t even get me started on Sam Elliott. Oh Lord! Just his voice sends shivers through me. Bradley Cooper and Chris Hemsworth with the beards are gorgeous men! I am NOT a fan of these long scraggly beards that men seem to be going with these days. No sir! Give me a trimmed groomed man! Great post, sister!

  12. I like men with well trimmed beards, but am not a fan of my husband having facial hair. He has let it grow out a few times, but he is usually the one who wants it gone. Many years ago, my uncle was getting married. He had a mustache which his bride did not care for. After the rehearsal dinner, she stuck gum in it and he had to shave it off for the wedding. It is a good thing they had a strong relationship. The marriage was a good one and lasted many years.

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