Welcome to Some Summer Fun! A Puzzle…


Are you ready for another fun week of games and puzzles?  Well, kicking off this week, I thought I might post a puzzle — I figure we could call it:  Name that cover.


Here’s the link:  https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=333e8f3e0a3f

So, did you put it together yet?  Okay, shall we compare times?  Now, before I tell you how long it took me to put the puzzle together, be aware that I am not puzzle-oriented.  Okay? It took me 11 minutes and 54 seconds — and that was after I called my husband, Paul (who loves puzzles) to come and help me.  I seem, also, to be alone in my lack of tolerance and working over puzzles.  Both my daughters, my grandchildren, my husband, his mother, his sister, etc. etc. — all love puzzles and put them together (really hard ones) in no time at all.

Not me.

Would love to hear your time.

So here’s the multiple choice question:  Is the cover?




Thanks so much for coming here today and for playing the game with me.  Know that if you leave a comment, you are automatically entered into the drawing that will take place at the end of the week.  (All Petticoats and Pistols rules for Giveaways apply.)

Thanks for playing and have a super rest of the week…lots of fun!

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26 thoughts on “Welcome to Some Summer Fun! A Puzzle…”

    • Hi Kathy! I would have been longer than that — I dragged in my husband to put it together for me. : ) That score was really more his than mine. : )

    • Wow! That’s really good, Linda. Sure beats mine. It really is true. Almost everyone in my family — except my cat — can do puzzles so much better than I can. : )

  1. This is the first time I have done a puzzle on the computer. I spent a lot of time trying to turn pieces around before I realized it couldn’t be done. Now that I figured out how to do it, it was fun. Beautiful colors on The Lost Warrior cover.

  2. Yeah, I remember going through the same sort of thing. Yes, those really are beautiful colors on the cover, aren’t they? Thanks so much for the compliment.

  3. 5:04 The Last Warrior. I Love doing puzzles, they are a lot of fun! And they exercise my brain, Thank you so much Karen. Have a Great week and stay safe.

  4. 4:03 for the puzzle. I have been doing a lot of these on line lately . Some days I do OK, others, it takes forever. The Last Warrior cover.
    Hope you are staying safe and healthy.

  5. Well I tried but I accidentally hit something that put two different pictures in the way and I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of them so I have up! lol I obviously do not do electronic puzzles very often, huh…

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