It’s Yee-Haw Day!

Welcome to Yee-Haw Day, the once-a-month day we’ve reserved to share our news with you – all sorts of fun news!

So check out the post below to get the details on the kinds of things that make us go Yee-Haw!!

Margaret Brownley

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The only thing threatening their success is love.




A feisty widow; a dashing outlaw.  Something’s definitely afoot.


Karen Witemeyer

It’s Christmas in July!

An Archer Family Christmas, the first novella in the An Old-Fashioned Texas Christmas 2-in-1 anthology is a finalist for the Faith, Hope, and Love’s Reader Choice Award. Yee Haw! I had so much fun revisiting the Archer brothers and their families in this one.

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I’ve got a story in a new Chicken Soup book, THE MAGIC OF MOMS!

My story is called “Seventeen” and is about those difficult teenage years. It appeared in the Chicken Soup for The Soul–Empty Nesters book a few years back, so I’m thrilled that they chose it to be included in this latest edition of a new Chicken Soup book recently! 

Here’s the link!


Karen Kay

PROUD WOLF’S WOMAN is back in print after being out of print for nearly 25 years.  This is recently re-edited and is the 25th Year Anniversary special edition of one of my most popular books.  It was the 3rd book I wrote for AVON/HarperCollins and is a companion book for LAKOTA SURRENDER.  The paperback will be on sale for $9.99.  My paperbacks are usually $13.99, but with all the strangeness in the world nowadays, I’ve dropped the pricing of the paperback to $9.99.  The e-book is on sale for $4.99.  This book is on sale at Barnes & Noble, KOBO, Itunes and Amazon.  It is also on sale at many different libraries worldwide.

Pick up and read your copy today.


Phyliss Miranda

I don’t have to remind you all these last few months have been trying on all of us, but I want to share some good news from my family. I have two grandsons who graduated, one from high school and one from college. Although neither got to walk the stage or have a senior prom. They are both okay with it, each for different reasons.

My middle grandson, Ty, graduated from high school, but all he wanted was to “graduate”, since he’d already enlisted in the Navy and will be leaving today for Chicago. Since he’s an Eagle Scout he was sworn in while a senior. When he’s finished with basic training, he’ll go to Connecticut for submarine training. I’m so proud of him for wanting to serve and protect our country.

Our oldest grandson, Alex, graduated from University of North Texas, and since he has a very good niche job, all he cared about was getting his diploma. Now here’s the exciting turn of events. His PawPa wasn’t able to walk the stage when he graduated college, since he was on his way to Vietnam. His mama got his diploma in the mail. Alex was in town on business last week and his diploma was mailed here. It arrived about ten minutes before he got to the house and his PawPa got to present him with it. It was a very special event for everyone.

I hope and pray we all get some relief from what is hanging over our heads, but these are just two of my family blessings that have come about during the pandemic. Blessings to all you all.


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15 thoughts on “It’s Yee-Haw Day!”

    • Thanks, Miss Tonya. Happy to hear from you. Thanks for the congrats! Take care and have a great week, my friend. Hugs, Phyliss

  1. Thanks for helping us celebrate our good news, everyone! With all the craziness in the world right now, finding the little joys in life is more important than ever!

  2. Congratulations, ladies! Phyliss, how exiting for your family!!! I have a friend whose son is going to be leaving this week for West Point. So many didn’t get to do Prom or Graduation. Two high schools here in FL did their graduation ceremonies at the Daytona Speedway, and got to drive a lap around the track!

  3. Thanks so much to everyone for joining us on YEE-HAW DAY! We fillies love this day because we can bring some much-needed good news from our place to yours!

    PHYLISS! That is truly exciting news, the way it all fell in to place for your hubby to get to present your grandson’s diploma to him! What a memory! LOVE IT!

    Everyone stay safe–so glad you come to join us today!

  4. Wow, lots of good reads with awesome covers right here. Thank you so much for sharing about them. Have a Great week and stay safe. God Bless you all.

  5. Margaret – Congratulations on your two new books. Both sound like enjoyable
    Karen – Congratulations on your story’s nomination and being a finalist in the
    RWA category. Lovely stories that deserve the nomination.
    Cheryl – Good stories should make more than one trip around the publishing
    world. I am glad yours got selected a second time and in nice
    Karen – It must seem strange for you to have had a book out for 25 years.
    That is longer than many relationships last.
    Phyliss – Congratulations to your grandsons. You are right to be so proud
    of them. Our daughter finished Law School in May and it was a big
    disappointment for us all that graduation was canceled. It was a
    rough last semester and a bit of celebration was needed. We
    haven’t seen them since Christmas and as you said, who knows when
    this will be over so we can get together again. How special that
    his grandfather got to give your grandson his diploma. Even
    better since he had missed his graduation. It made it extra
    special for both of them.
    Stay safe and healthy, Ladies.

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