Going Courtin’

“Goin’ courtin’, goin’ courtin’…” 

Can’t you just hear a trail-dusty cowboy humming a tune, thinking about the dance that night and the girl he’ll twirl around in his arms? 

Community dances, barn dances, harvest balls, and the like gave people who didn’t often make it into town or have time for socializing a chance to connect, laugh, reminisce, and court.  

In my historical romances, I just love the idea of a community dance. I’ve included everything from formal balls to a dance in an empty warehouse. It’s so fun to think about the decorations, the refreshments, the clothes, and the music.

But especially the participants. It’s the hopeless romantic in me that sees these dances as a perfect opportunity for romance to blossom.

One of my favorite dance scenes is from my sweet romance Lightning and Lawmen. Two deputies both like the same beautiful girl. 

Think some sparks (or fists) might fly?


Dugan danced with every woman over sixty in attendance and several females under the age of ten, but he never once danced with any of the single young women in attendance. He certainly failed to ask her to dance. She’d just finished a rousing polka with a man she knew worked for Thane in one of his mines when she turned to her next partner and found herself swept into Dugan’s arms.

Suddenly, the rest of the dancers ceased to exist, the music faded into the background, and there was no one else in the world except Dugan.

“Delilah,” he finally said in a raspy tone that rendered her limbs languid.

Nearly tripping on the hem of her skirt, he kept her upright and swung her outside the door. In a few steps, he’d positioned them around the corner of the building where the dusky evening light wrapped around them in an amber-hued glow.

“Why are you dancing with doting grandmothers and little girls?” she asked, hurt by the fact he’d ignored her even if she didn’t want to give voice to her thoughts.

“Because I don’t wanna dance if it ain’t with you, Delilah. I don’t want to draw another breath unless you’re beside me.”

Even in the muted light, she could see his eyes darken while his nostrils flared. His lips parted, and she knew she was a goner.

“Dilly,” he said, giving her a long, thorough look as his hands bracketed her face. “What are you doing to me? Delightful, darling, delicious Delilah,” he muttered as his head descended toward hers.

Her eyes closed, anticipating the impact of his kiss when cool air suddenly spilled around her. She opened her eyes to see Seth shoving Dugan against the wall.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Dugan growled. His jaw clenched in anger as he glared at his friend.

“Leave my girl alone,” Seth warned, raising a fist with a threatening scowl.

“Since when is she your girl?” Dugan asked, removing his suit coat and handing it to Delilah.

Without thinking, she took it, appalled two men she admired were about to engage in fisticuffs over her. It was unthinkable!

“Both of you stop this nonsense right this minute,” she said, stepping between the two of them.

“Delilah, honey, I’ll settle this,” Seth said, placing a hand on her waist and kissing her lightly on the mouth.

If she hadn’t been so shocked by his improper advances, she would have slapped his face.

Dugan didn’t give her a chance to, though. He stepped around Delilah and grabbed Seth around the neck, pulling him backward.

From that point on, fists began flying while the two men…


For a chance to win a copy of Lightning and Lawmen, just answer this question:

Who are you cheering for?

Dugan or Seth? 


And just because the song is now stuck in my head, how about a little Goin’ Courtin’?


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After spending her formative years on a farm in Eastern Oregon, hopeless romantic Shanna Hatfield turns her rural experiences into sweet historical and contemporary romances filled with sarcasm, humor, and hunky western heroes.
When this USA Today bestselling author isn’t writing or covertly hiding decadent chocolate from the other occupants of her home, Shanna hangs out with her beloved husband, Captain Cavedweller.

54 thoughts on “Going Courtin’”

    • Good morning MS. Shanna! What a fun blog! I loved the lil’ clip from Goin’ Courtin’! Now I can’t pick between these two guys without knowing more about them. However, only knowing what I know now I’m #TeamDugan all the way! I have a few books from this series on my to be read list but I do not have this one yet! It sounds great! I can only imagine the anticipation and excitement of a dance back in those days!!! I’d love the opportunity to read this book. Stay safe in these difficult times!!

      • Hi Stephanie! I think there would have been such an air of excitement and anticipation at those dances. 🙂 Thank you so much! So glad you stopped by today! <3 You stay safe and well, too!

    • First off, thank you for that movie clip! Seven Brides for Seven isone of my all time favorite movies.?think I’m rooting for Dugan because I liked Philip’s reaction to him. If her heart were with. Seth she wouldn’t have felt that way. Go Dugan!!

  1. Good morning Shanna- This was and still
    Is one of my most favorite historical books you’ve written. I’m pulling for Dugan, but Seth definitely gave him a run for his money. I loved their fight scene, you have an exceptional way with describing scenes that literally puts me right in the book.
    Have a blessed week, love & hugs.

  2. Dugan.

    And, now I have Goin’ Courtin’ stuck in my head.

    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one of my favorite movies. My most favorite dance scene is the Barn Raising.

  3. I don’t know enough about Dugan and Seth to decide but with Goin’ Courtin’stuck in my head I’ll have to dig out my Seven Brides for Seven Brothers video.

  4. Dugan of course, I love the clip from one of my favorite old movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Have a Blessed Day!!

  5. What a fun post. This book sounds amazing. I love this movie. That particular scene is wonderful. The boys are so back woods. We still have the movie in our movie library.

  6. First off, thank you for that movie clip! Seven Brides for Seven isone of my all time favorite movies.?think I’m rooting for Dugan because I liked Philip’s reaction to him. If her heart were with. Seth she wouldn’t have felt that way. Go Dugan!!

  7. Your book sounds like a very good read and the cover is Beautiful, I love it, I love how the colors stand out! I think I will pick Dugan, he sounds very sincere, and it kind of seems to me like Delilah might like him also. Thank you for the chance.

  8. I can’t pick one without knowing anything about either one of them. But I think I’d like to read the book to find out. It sounds fun.

  9. Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, one of my favorite movies. This song and the dance scene at the barn raising are favorites.
    I am team Dugan. He appears to be the one she prefers, plus he is not the aggressor. This sounds like an enjoyable read to lighten the mood during self-quarantine.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  10. Shanna, better late than never! I just wanted to tell you how much I love your cover and how much I enjoyed that excerpt. That is a wonderful teaser! LOL I love dance scenes in stories, too. So much can happen!

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