What Day Is It, Anyway?????

OH mylanta, I am sitting here typing furiously because I realized it’s May 6th and I’m posting something brilliant on May 7th and I haven’t had a brilliant thought all stinkin’ day!

So this is kind of ya’ get what ya’ get, folks, and I’m laughing at myself, but we’re all in the same boat…. calendars yawn empty. Day follows day without appointments or meetings or if you do have meetings (I still do) they’re via Zoom and that’s about as exciting as my day gets….

AN EMPTY CALENDAR… I haven’t had an empty calendar since the 60’s and I don’t even remember that one…. I’m just assuming I had one as a kid! How weird is this????

And it’s spring and I’m yearning for baby animals and flowers, but it took a LONG time for spring to come here, and it’s still hit-and-miss.

I love having baby animals around. We have a young Golden Doodle “Maggie” who we’re going to breed to our Golden Doodle (who is jet black) this summer and have fall puppies…. so that will be fun/crazy/amazing and it will fall during autumn (which is also fall, but that would have been an odd sentence, right???) and in the meantime, it’s farm season and pumpkin growing season and of course I sneak out of bed at night and write books.

But getting ready for the farm season with helpers is awkward this year.


There haven’t been people in this house since the 3rd of March, so the young dog is going a little bat-waggy because she’s forgotten about people and kids, my daughter and son-in-law work on the farm and they come equipped with four children, my son works on the farm and we have two wonderful teen helpers that are not allowed to grow up because they’ll leave and work somewhere else and I love them. But what better gift to give them than a good work ethic?

I think that’s one of the things we love about Westerns and cowboys, both historical and contemporary because if they’re worth writing about it’s because they’re probably smokin’ hot (even some geeks are smokin’ hot, in a nerd-cute way, right?)…. they take care of animals which means they put others first and they’re not afraid to get dirty but clean up nice.


It feels odd to have folks around again. But it feels good, too.

There are wood customers stopping by so we have masks.

Dave’s mask was gross. He’d been cutting wood all day and it was gross….. to the max.

And he said, “Well it doesn’t matter, does it?”

Probably not to him.

He’s a boy.

And he’s cutting firewood, so there you go.

And then my friend Cate Nolan shared this with me yesterday:


And that’s a wake up call all its own.

My April book is still on shelves here and there around the nation… And I have a Guideposts mystery due to come out in June….

And an indie book soon after…

And there will be farm work and children and laughter and running and projects and all kinds of things going on…

And it will seem more normal for me. For us.

But still so abnormal for so many. The areas hardest hit are still in for a rough haul… and I expect the politics and the back-and-forth of the situation will have its day/week/month/election season.

That’s how it goes… but there will be flowers. And little kids cutting flowers. And cakes and Zoom meetings and people waving and laughing and hugging once again. Because we need hugs. We need warmth. We need togetherness in some ways, even if we help each other by staying apart.

Amidst all of this there’s a lovely constant. Faith. God. Prayer. And that’s my mainstay to keep myself focused.

And there are books! I’m giving away two copies of “Learning to Trust” my latest Love Inspired and they can be either Kindle or paperback, your choice.

Everyone needs a little help finding love….


Leave a comment below about how you’re getting through… and how you plan to re-open your homes as time goes on. There are no wrong answers here. We’re all at varying stages of our lives. Whatever we decide…. it’s our decision to make.

The coffee’s on!

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36 thoughts on “What Day Is It, Anyway?????”

  1. I’m just taking it one day at a time. Some days are good and some are bad and stressful. But what can you do about them? Nothing. I really don’t have to worry about reopening my house as we rarely have visitors anyway. Occasionally, we would have a couple friends come over to visit after church and lunch out somewhere, but even those times are rare. Family never comes out this way unless one of them needs a car worked on.

    • So your reality isn’t skewed too badly for the moment…. but I bet the calendar is emptier than usual.

      For us, with the constant in and out, it’s been way too quiet. But in the end if it helps control things, I’m fine with it.

      But not now… now we need to be able to get things done, have help here, get things moving in the right direction and while they’ve all been isolating at their homes, we need our farm buddies back here.

      Hopefully there will be no problems, but the sweet Lord never did promise us life with no problems!

  2. I have been reading but I do babysit my grandson as both his parents are considered essential. I hesitate to go among others as yet. I shall wait.

  3. We had a birthday boy celebrating his 5th birthday. We had Max and Tenley come to our house for five days. There was no way I’d miss his birthday and I didn’t want to leave that memory. So, we picked them up and brought them home. We went four wheeling, planted my Dahlias tubers in pots, watered plants and shrubs, walked to the lake …of course, he fell in … but that’s a memory too, baked goodies, played hide and seek, folded our hands together … this is the church, this is the steeple, open the doors, there’s all the people, etc. What a great time. Memories, so important to me to make them. Thanks Ruthy for your steadfast faith, humor, fun, and ideas that flow right out of you. Am sure we’ll get a peek at puppies too in the future.

    • Kathy, that sounds marvelous!!!!! And five days, that’s like a taste of heaven right there. Yay for you!

      And wouldn’t it be fun to have puppies??????

      I love puppies!!!!!!

  4. It is certainly hard to keep up with the days of the week. I go outside when the four walks get a little close. The tv is a great comfort at times… old movies! And of course, reading!
    I don’t know when I will feel comfortable leaving the house but until then, hunkering is ok.

    • Hunkering works fine, doesn’t it? LOL, we’re like those folks snowed in on the prairie except we have heat and light and food. 🙂

      Not so bad after all, Melanie! Stay safe!

  5. Ruth, as usual, what a lovely post and it was exactly what I needed to hear today. I miss farm life desperately. With having a couple bouts of unemployment, I doubt we’ll ever buy the property like I once hoped. I’ve always wanted a huge garden like my Grandma Walter’s. (I shared her lemon bars recipe yesterday.) I want a few cows to just watch and say, yup, there’s my cow. (Lori Wilde has 6 or 7 Longhorns!) Chickens, and of course dogs. I love having puppies around, so we foster dogs. When we get the ones we have adopted, we foster new ones. There’s something about having a puppy around that just warms the heart. Thanks again for lifting my spirits today. And BTW, please share how you manage farm life and writing so many books. I’m in awe of your productivity and sitting here more than a little green with envy!

    • Oh, Julie, I hear you loud and clear. And gosh, we bought this place over 30 years ago, then Dave lost his job, and having six kids in an old house, they broke this, that and the other thing, so my first 8 years of publication have been spent on fixing things! 🙂 All the things that needed replacing that we didn’t have money for… I laugh when I tell folks the FIRST things I bought when I sold my first book were toilets. WITH ALL THE PARTS WORKING! 🙂 So funny!!!!!

      I downsized the chickens because we had two rainy, cold years and the smell was awful…. But I love my donkeys! And my sister in Oregon (she’s 76) is getting two Angus calves (700 lb calves, Julie!) to raise for meat. Most 76 year olds that I know don’t even buy green bananas!

      Two monster-sized calves. I love it!

      You know I write before anyone gets up. When it’s quiet. Otherwise it’s always an interruption, a call, someone needing something…..

      But those first hours are mine and I just cling to that every day. That way no matter what the day brings, my writing is done! No guilt!!!!

  6. What a wonderful video! We certainly hope it has changed people to realize what was in front of them all along. People, family, hope, kindness. Not much has changed for us in all of this – we have always homeschooled, we have farm chores (horses, chickens, garden) and household chores. We just miss church and a few extra curricular activities. My extended family is still farmers so they all are busy and we see them. I do feel for those who are affected negatively by this all. May we all do more kindness!

    • Susan, what a perfect ending: May we all do more kindness.

      Yes, that. Exactly that.

      And isn’t that video so sweet????

      So your life isn’t in an upheaval, and I think there’s something good about us having to re-teach ourselves to pray at home if we can’t gather. Those early Christians managed through a lot worse than this and they not only kept the faith, they grew it.

      Oh, what an example in that!!!!

      And farmers farm. It’s what they do. It’s in the blood!

  7. I have to double check to see what day it is… have been doing some projects around the house and in the yard… reading, etc…

  8. Your post was so special since it resonates with me. Since Mid-March I have been looking after my 6 & 8 year old grandsons everyday since their parents are working. It is exhausting but gratifying. I love being with them but do need time to catch up with other boring things which I complete on the weekend. Now I am informed I am needed all summer long since camp is canceled.

    • Anne, what a blessing to your family you are! I wondered about camps, I couldn’t see how they could hold them depending on what state you’re in… I’m sure they won’t be holding them in New York. But how fun to have the boys for the summer! A summer of their dreams, Anne!

  9. I go for wonderful walks in the foothills and enjoy the beauty and sunshine. I read and clear out the collection of items from the garage and house. I take care of the dog and cat and sometimes the granddaughters. Busy enough and keeps me sane.

  10. Ruthy, so good to see you in another setting. I agree with you about the calendar. Mine looks like I just bought it, there is NOTHING there. My husband is still working and I’m still writing for the newspaper, so that gives us some structure, but I’m doing all the newspaper work over the phone. I had two elective surgery things, a crown for my tooth and a you-don’t-want-to-know and they’ve both been postponed. The upside of this for me is I’m getting a lot of writing done so there’s that. This has pretty much reduced us all to Ground Zero — God, family and friends. Works for me.
    Kathy Bailey

  11. I’ve been reading and writing reviews so I have used my calendar to keep up with those dates. I’ve also been doing some yard work and, even though I normally don’t set out perennials until AFTER Mother’s Day, I actually planted petunias this past week. Well, guess what, Saturday & Sunday morning, Kentucky is supposed to have a hard freeze. 26 degrees predicted both days so my petunias have been pulled up and are now in my basement, along with some tomato plants and pepper plants. Next week, I will try once again. Truly, 2020 is going to be one for the books!
    Happy Mother’s Day!!

    • Oh, Connie, we have that cold (and the S word!!!!) coming tomorrow night through Sunday, too! My porch greenhouse is going to need an extra heater for the expansion, but we’ll do what we have to do, right? Cozy those plants up for one last (and unwelcome!) blast!!!!!

  12. My life honestly hasn’t changed much, except for not being able to go to our church building. And, grocery shopping has become a scavenger hunt. Other than that, life is pretty much the same for me. Oh, and Mom turned 96 yesterday, so my sisters came over and we had breakfast together. So much for social distancing!

    • Oh, how nice to do that for Mom!!! My thought is that if Mom passed away tomorrow from ANYTHING, she’s had a beautiful long life and I’d say AMEN to that.

      Not that I want Mom to die!!!! But better to appreciate the longevity than to become embittered by the loss…. I’m glad you had fun!!!

      • Oh, I agree!! I’m so thankful I’ve had her this long!! My Daddy passed away 24 years ago. I’ve always told Mom that I don’t regret anything we did for him, and I won’t regret anything I’ve done for her. I just thank God that I still have her, and I know someday when I don’t, I’ll just be happy I had her for as long as I did, and know that she’s with Daddy and Jesus, and they’re waiting for me.

  13. It is difficult to know when the weekend arrives as it feels the same as the week now. We do lose track of the days and time. No outings, no changes to our lives and no reality. It can become too comfortable even though it is necessary. I wonder what will happen when things are back to normal. School, shopping, travel and activities. I am home a great deal anyway. I read, walk and find plenty to occupy myself with but it is different when we are obligated to.

  14. I’m pretty much doing the same as I usually am except not going to the park to do school or getting out like I normally do – I’m a homeschool high school senior and have always homeschooled.

    • Life is weird right now! But everyone is in the same predicament so we have to make the best of it, right? Yes to the empty calendar and to empty days, I’m not coping so well with it. Feeling a bit cooped up at times and others I just think too much. Most times I don’t even know what day it is, lol!

      My husband was furloughed in mid-March. He works at a resort hotel and that’s our livelihood on the Oregon coast, our lifeblood if you will. It’s what our small town depends on to survive & thrive since tourists are so essential to our economy. I can’t complain though, he’s not one to sit around and do nothing, so he applied and got a temp job three days after he was furloughed. The Lord opened that door and we’re so grateful! He’ll be there through May at least and longer if our Governor decides to extend the stay-at-home order. I’m praying we’ll be able to start a slow opening mid-May like she wants to do. Our small town hasn’t been as severely impacted as a lot of big cities, so my hope is that we can have some businesses operating again by June.

      Life has slowed down quite a bit at our house, and new routines had to be figured out. We don’t go shopping but maybe twice a month (if that), I don’t like being out too much right now. What I miss the most is going to church, hugging our church family and worshipping together in the same building. I’m glad that God isn’t confined to four walls! He’s with us no matter where we are 🙂

      I’m sure the farm work and all that goes along with that will keep you hopping, Ruthy! And new puppies, oh my stars, how fun! You’ll have to post pictures on Facebook when the time comes (please?).

      God bless you & keep you safe!

  15. The days seem all mixed up to me, or should I say my days are all mixed up and they are just zooming by also. My husband and I are retired, so we have been walking our pup as usual, been working in the garden , watching some TV and doing stuff on the computer. Our daughter and her little family live here in the same town we do, so when our son in law has to work, he is a retired RN so he has been working 2 days a month, and our daughter works full time, so on the days he has to work we watch our granddaughter and our grandson during the day,he works the night shift. So actually we have been staying busy, my husband goes to the grocery store every 2 weeks or so, I have not gone to the stores at all. We are doing well Thank God and we are fine. When all this is over I would love to see our son, our grandson and our daughter in law who live 6 hours away and give them lots of XOXOXO’s, I also want to see and hug my siblings. Stay safe and take care. God Bless you and our family. Happy Mothers day to all the Mama’s . Thank you for the chance.

  16. We are coming to a close on distance learning soon. Praise God!
    Other than that we are watching many shows on tv and gardening. And trying new desserts and meals. Stay safe!

  17. Tuesday, I attended my Bible Study. There were 20 of us. It was great seeing everyone.

    I’ve been reading through my personal library. Haven’t heard when our local food bank is to re-open. I volunteer there on Thursdays.

    I’m exited to see the blessings the Lord brings from this SELAH time.

  18. I am learning how to use my laptop and tablet more. We have had three virtual birthday parties, our oldest daughter,our twin grandsons who are now 6, and my husband and middle daughter whose birthdays are one day apart. I even succeeded in making the connection for the most recent one. I think I have watched a dozen “how to make a face mask” videos on YouTube but I have only made one mask.

    I hope that we can safely re-open soon and get back to more normal life. It will be interesting to see what lasting effects this pandemic brings to the world. I am hoping for a renewal of family and faith.

  19. Yes it is weird not having all the things we normally do. I fill in our calendars with the regular meetings and appointments months ahead. Now I have a calendar full of crossed out pages. My husband has still had a few doctor appointments. I have canceled mine and have not left the house since March 11 because I have a compromised immune system. They have switched to on line meetings for Red Cross and some veteran’s groups. What is really pathetic is we have missed 3 video conferences and they were the ONLY thing on the calendar for those days.

    For all the time I have finally gotten to stay home, I have gotten very little done. I have finally gotten to my flower beds. The weeds and grass took them over last summer when we were gone for 2 1/2 months. I never got them cleaned out. My husband has the vegetable garden weeded and partially planted. Our asparagus bed has gone crazy. We pick more than enough for a meal every day. The kale produced all winter. We are supposed to have a freeze this weekend. I have gotten some of my flower beds cleaned out. Grass takes forever to dig all the roots out. I am almost finished with the beds right around the house. I have 2 beds under trees and a 100 foot bed about 30 feet in front of the house that I have barely started yet. I am trying to figure out how to get to the store to get bedding flowers. I hope being there right when they open will work.

    I have avoided the baking binge. I have done 3 strawberry rhubarb pies (our rhubarb is early this year) and made a lemon pound cake at Easter. My husband got strawberries today, so maybe another pie is on tomorrows agenda. He started a sourdough starter, something I have avoided for years. I could live on bread, so try not to make it.

    I miss not being able to visit the children and their families. Our oldest daughter was supposed to have her graduation ceremony from law school this Saturday at Chapel Hill, NC. It is 5 hours away and I really wish we could at least go and celebrate with her even if there is not ceremony. Luckily our other 2 children and their families live nearby, but we don’t see them often. I envy you the puppies. I would love to get another dog, but the one we have left (we lost one before Christmas) does not play well with others. I want another lab or beagle. When it is time, we will look for another rescue.

    Glad you are doing well. Stay safe and healthy.

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