Phyliss Miranda’s Game Day Winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Game Day! It was lots of fun.

The Winners of the Bath and Body Gift Cards are………..



Congratulations, ladies! Look for my email to obtain your mailing address.

As promised, here are the correct answers to the match ups. 

1. Albert – A short chain connecting a watch to a buttonhole
2. Bangup – Overcoat
3. Boiled fabric – Clean
4. Dandy – Meticulously groomed man
5. Doctor’s Clothing – Goldheaded canes, wigs with long black
6. Calico – Cowboy’s nickname for a woman
7. Cordwainer – One who makes shoes
8. Cornette – Bonnet tied under the chin
9. Gallowses – Suspenders
10. Knickerbocker – Men’s loose breeches ending at the knee
11. Hawker – Street Peddler
12. Unwhisperables – Inexpressibles
13. Pagoda – Parasol
14. Rationals  – Women’s bicycle bloomers
15. Reticule – Small handbag made from fine fabric
16. Saratogas – Huge Trunks (we have one)
17. Spun truck – Knitting work or yarn
18. Tinker – Repairs or makes tinware 
19. Wright – Skilled workman or craftsman

Thanks again for playing!

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