Most of my books are now on SALE! AND Free e-book Give-away


Hope y’all are doing well in this weird world.  Who would’ve ever thought the entire world would shut down?  All I can say is that I hope y’all are surviving well in this time period and that when it’s over, you’ll go on to do even better than before.

Almost from the start of this, I started putting a few of my books on sale.  Many have gone from $5,99 to .99 cents.  ALL of my paperback books have gone from (we started this about 2 months ago) $14.99 to $9.99.  My newest book, THE EAGLE AND THE FLAME, will be put on sale soon — we just uploaded it to Amazon and it’s going to their editing at the moment.  But, when it comes on, it will NOT be put on sale at $14,99, but rather at $9.99.

In truth, the reason I started doing this right from the beginning is that often when one is frightened or bored or uncertain, a romance book can raise them up a little and often put a smile on their face.  So, here we go.  This is a list of the books that are on sale for .99 cents right now or read for free on KindleUnlimited:

So the books on sale for .99 cents are:  Gray Hawk’s Lady; White Eagle’s Touch; Night Thunder’s Bride; War Cloud’s Passion; Lone Arrow’s Pride; Soaring Eagle’s Embrace; Wolf Shadow’s Promise; The Angel and the Warrior; The Spirit of the Wolf; Red Hawk’s Woman and The Last Warrior; Black Eagle; Seneca Surrender











All of these books (except for Lakota Surrender) are priced at .99 cents or can be read for free on Kindle Unlimited.  The book, LAKOTA SURRENDER is on sale for $3.99.  This is a special edition, newly edited book that is the 25th Anniversary Edition of that book.

As I said all of my books that are in paperback are also on sale for $9.99.  They used to sell at $14.99, but we’re trying to reduce those prices as much as we can so that if you read only paperback books, you’ll also have a sale.  These paperback books on sale for $9.99 are:  Lakota Surrender; The Angel and the Warrior; The Spirit of the Wolf; Red Hawk’s Woman; The Last Warrior; Seneca Surrender; The Princess and the Wolf; and Brave Wolf and the Lady.  Lakota Surrender is also on sale in e-book for $3.99.











So if there are any of these books that you haven’t read, now might be the time to pick one up.

But my blogs wouldn’t really be a blog if I didn’t give away at least one book for free.  And so, today, I’m giving away an e-book of my latest release, THE EAGLE AND THE FLAME, to one of today’s bloggers.

On another note, I’m wondering how y’all are doing during this time period.  Are you reading a lot?  Doing gardening?  Cleaning the house?  Doing all those little things in the yard or around the house that we seldom have time to do?

Would love to hear how you’re doing during this time period and any suggestions you might pass along to the rest of us as to how to keep in touch with others in this time of enforced social distancing.  We, as people, i think thrive on our associations with others, our conversations, talking back and forth, sharing jokes and sharing even our heartbreaks.  If you’d like to share things you’re doing, how you’re doing, I’d love to hear it.

May we all come out of this time period a little wiser, a little more aware and a little bit better off for the experience.  Remember that this, too, will pass.

The Eagle and the Flame:


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18 thoughts on “Most of my books are now on SALE! AND Free e-book Give-away”

  1. Thanks for the in for on the sale. I still have to go and babysit for my grandson four days a week. His mother, my daughter, works for the VA Hospital and his father drives a tow truck.

  2. Hi Karen! Thank you for doing the giveaway!! Love reading your books!! During this time I stay home and do things around the house. Unless I have to go grocery shopping, get medicine, gas or food take out. Also, my Husband’s German shepherd puppy keeps us very busy!! My Husband and I watch movies at night before bed. My kids are still working at their jobs. Sometimes my Husband works from home. I pray God will take this virus away! Have a beautiful day!!

    • Hi Arlene,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Does my heart good to see that you are weathering this storm well. My daughter is still working, also, but from home, and of course, I mainly work from home, also. Our dog, also, is keeping us busy. But, many chores, put off for so long, are now being done. Sort of nice, but I sure to miss the good ole days. : )

  3. Hi Debra,

    That’s great that you babysit for your grandson. I babysit for mine, too, but with the lockdown, my daughter is at home, so I only go over there now to bring over food (and of course to see the grand kids, as well).

  4. Thank you for the giveaway!

    Days are about the same except wondering what the future is going to be like and frustration at trying to find things you need.

    Hope you all stay safe!

  5. It doesn’t seem possible we have been self-isolating for over 4 weeks now. Our state did not close things up until about 2 weeks ago and sadly many people are still not paying attention. It has been heartening to see how the country has, for the most part, responded. The basic goodness of people has come to the fore. Strangers are looking after strangers, those considered essential personnel are being recognized. The medical community has shown its dedication, caring, and willingness to endanger themselves to serve others. Those workers at the bottom of the wage scale who make our way of life possible are finally being recognized for the important place they play in society and how little they are paid or protected. Some people have taken advantage of the situation, but for the most part not that many. I sincerely hope this feeling of community and appreciation continues for a longtime.
    I haven’t really gotten much done. I made a long list the first day of all the things I wanted to get done or needed to be done. I haven’t even been able to concentrate on reading a book until this past weekend. I was able to get out and work in my flower beds. The weeds and grass had taken over. They are looking better andI can’t wait for the weather to improves so I can get out and work on them some more. I can’t wait to get flowers in. My husband has the vegetable garden in and we have already had asparagus, kale, and rhubarb from it. A few days ago, I decided to make a list of what I wanted to accomplish for the day only. It works much better. I may break out of this ennui yet.
    I worry about our daughter who is a postal clerk and had not gotten any safety materials until the day before she went on vacation. We had none to send to her. Thank heaven for some of her customers who brought in small packets of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer for her. Our son is an independent subcontractor so pretty much works alone but his work has dried up. Our daughter who lives 5 hours away is in her last semester of law school has had a rough time. NC shut down the state early on. She has to finish her classes on line and home school her 3rd grader who is not happy with the change and not being able to see or play with her friends. Her husband is diabetic and a cancer patient, but is still being sent out on calls with his job. They are in a small on campus apartment and are worried about his bringing the virus home. Our daughter is interim director for foreign students at Chapel Hill which has really been busy right now in addition to her studies. She is upset graduation has been canceled as have 3 award ceremonies where she was to receive recognition, plus she will not be able to say goodbye or see her friends and fellow classmates. In addition, they need to move off campus the end of May and can’t go out to look a places to rent. We have always helped them move, but won’t be able to this time.
    Staying in doesn’t bother me, but not being able to help where we usually do or visit friends and family has been the hardest. We have plans to visit everyone once this is over, but will wait until we are certain there will be no problems.
    Stay safe and stay healthy.

    • Hi Pat,

      Thank you so much for telling me about how you’re weathering this. Nothing like this has happened to this country in my lifetime and so it has been difficult, to say the least. Like you, I miss seeing the grandchildren everyday and just being able to go anywhere I like. But, also, like you, I work from home and so it’s easy for me to stay inside and just work.

      As you said, I, too, have to do daily “to do” lists. Works much, much better.

      Thanks so much for catching us up with what’s been going on with you. Like you, I did put some flowers in — can’t help it — that spring air just makes you want to see flowers. : )

  6. I stay mostly inside. I don’t even have to go shopping -well, for the most part. I can order the groceries and have them delivered. Only the last time I ordered, they had actually run out of yeast and dark wheat flour. It was nice to get as an Easter gift a couple of chocolate eggs and a grape hyacinths from the store, though. But I really would have liked to have the flour and the yeast, too. Apparently, instead of toilet paper, here people hoard yeast and flour. I have to go and try to find those things again tomorrow. besides reading, baking and watching DVDs, I’ve been making cards, planting things (the salads I bought from the store, a garlic that had started grow in the cupboard, flowers, strawberries and wild strawberries in pots and I’m also in the process of doing some spring cleaning.

  7. Hi Minna,

    Sounds like you’re keeping busy, though. Yeah, it would be terrible if one didn’t have the flour and yeast. I make my own bread (sounds like you to, too) and so I usually get a lot of yeast all at once, so as to last me a year. So I’m good on that. Make my own flour, too, from grains.

    I have plans to plant things, but so far, I’ve just bought some flowers to put on the porch and in the yard next to the fence. But soon it’ll be time to put in some annuals, and I do like doing that.

    Thanks for telling us your story, also. Hope this whole thing ends soon and that at the end of it, we are all wiser for having gone through it.

  8. Sadly I have no more time to read than I did before. I’m still homeschooling my kids, farm chores and housework never end, either. Still busy! We are all good and enjoying the quiet, slower way of life. We have written letters and sent packages to friends and relatives, sent text videos and talked on FaceTime to many. It is making many new connections again.

    • Hi Susan,

      Amazingly, I’ve found I’m suddenly busier than I was before. I didn’t know you homeschool — wow! That’s great. If I had it to do all over again, I would want to do that, too. My god-daughter homeschools her children, and they are some of the most polite young people I’ve ever met, and, unlike many young people in high school and that sort of thing, these homeschooled kids seem really interested in talking to an adult. So, I think that’s great. But, like you, I suddenly seem to be busier than before.

  9. Hi Kay, that is very nice and generous of you to put your books on sale, they all sound like very good reads and the covers are beautiful. Yes, I’m Taking One day at a time and doing what needs to be done during this time for keeping safe and healthy. God is Good and this too shall pass. God Bless you and your family and you stay safe. (not entering,I don’t read ebooks but Thank you)

  10. Hi Alicia,

    That’s right. I’m so glad that you mentioned that you don’t read e-books. Soon, THE EAGLE AND THE FLAME will be coming out in paperback, and I believe I need to send you an ARC. Yes, I keep saying this, too, that this, too, will pass. Thank you for the compliments, also. Do well, stay safe, and thanks for your comment.

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