His Boots Are Made For Running!

Running for sheriff, that is!

Tug Moyer isn’t your average, every-day guy.

He’s a widower with two kids and great parents who jumped in when Tug lost his wife so they could help with the kids. Now… with Tug’s bid to become the next Grant County sheriff at hand… it’s Tug’s time to put his best foot forward, but when his smart and helpful daughter posts a video about her dad needing a new wife…

A video that goes viral within hours!

Tug’s got a mess on his hands.

The school is not amused. The sheriff’s department is not amused. And Evangeline’s teacher is the least amused of all. How could a sheriff’s deputy, a man who does teen-empowerment podcasts and blogcasts, not understand the dangers of kids let loose on the Internet???

Tug’s not your typical Western hero. He’s not a cowboy, but he wears boots. 🙂

He’s not riding range or roping calves or herding cattle, but he’s there, in the thick of a beautiful Western state that’s become a hub of agricultural beauty, vying for the sheriff’s office, fighting crime, helping kids and saving lives, unaware that his growing interest in Evangeline’s teacher might be his undoing.

Christa didn’t come into the ranks of teaching easily. The daughter of a Guatemalan immigrant, a woman who sacrificed so much to get her baby sister and daughter to America, Christa had a rough childhood that framed the solid person she is today. But when one of those youthful mistakes is made public, she knows she can become the downfall of the man she’s fallen in love with.

Boots aren’t just for riding, are they?

Wearing boots makes a statement.

Cool guys dare to wear them in Manhattan.

My son who moved to Texas 18 months ago now owns boots…

And loves them.

It’s not a fashion statement.

Perish the thought.

It’s a personal statement of self-confidence. And maybe a hint of swagger.

Having a hero running for office deepened Tug and Christa’s conflict, but it also gave the reader a better look at who Tug is. And his partner, Lorenzo Calloway, who will be the hero in the third Golden Grove book. Lorenzo is a boot-wearing deputy as well. Raised on a Central Washington beef ranch, Renzo wears the uniform but he’s on hand to help during busy times of calving, wrangling and getting calves to market. Unlike Tug, Renzo will not be running for any kind of office, but he’s the kind of man who stands tall in those boots, who stands firm for faith and family… but more about Renzo and Sarah later! 🙂

Boots sell movie tickets…. Tom Selleck, Dennis Weaver, Sam Elliott, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne… but look at the more recent Stetson wearing crew:

Tommie Lee Jones… Jeff Bridges… Kevin Costner… Kurt Russell… Val Kilmer…

Boots have crossed the marketing line. They’re not only acceptable anywhere, they’re beloved! And they go great with jeans, skirts, dresses…

Now I am not a fan of boots with shorts…. I’m just sayin’, that’s a little too oxymoron for me. If it’s hot enough for shorts, give me sandals or sneakers…. but that’s just me.

So what are your thoughts about boots? 

Here in the cold north, I’ve got snow boots and farm boots, but that’s a whole other blogpost! Share your boots thoughts below, and I’ll tuck you into a drawing for one of two copies of my just released “Learning to Trust”!


AND WE HAVE A WINNER FROM RUTHY’S EARILIER MARCH POST… and by earlier, she means before she had flu that ended up as pneumonia, when she could think a cognizant thought, darlings…. Luckily, she’s almost 100% healthy again!

Winner is Quilt Lady!!!! Congratulations, you’ve won a Kindle copy of Ruthy’s bestselling “Welcome to Wishing Bridge”!

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49 thoughts on “His Boots Are Made For Running!”

  1. I’m not much of a fan of boots, since I have never had any. I love the cover. I liked the synopsis. It sounds like a wonderful book. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi, Diana! It’s so nice to meet you.

      I have yet to have a comfortable pair of Western boots. I think you have to go pricey for that, and I haven’t done that yet…. Maybe someday????

      But I do love the look of Western boots, and I wear regular boots and ankle boots all the time.

      But of course a Western man better know how to pull off a solid pair of boots!

  2. I am not a fan of boots. I do not find them comfortable. In Texas I did look at some but the prices were incredibly high.

    • Debra, I found the same thing. Too pricey for my pocketbook. And while I love pretty shoes and heels, and short snappy boots (I live in WNY so boots are essential) tall boots are harder with calves…. and I’m not a big person, but it’s tricky to wear them comfortably or they gap at the top and chafe.

      Clearly I’m an Eastern girl!!!

    • Me, too and sending you the same blessing right back.

      Stay safe, stay healthy and I’m in quarantine, so my life is in lockdown phase right now, Kim!!!

  3. I have over 20 pairs of different colors of Justin Ropers – and many different pairs of boots to cover the situation from mud to snow!!

    • WHAT????

      20 different pairs in different colors???? (Ruthy gasps and falls down dead. For real!!!!)

      I’ve got farm boots, mud boots, ankle boots (I wear with jeans) but no tall ones that I’ve ever found comfortable.

      I blame chunky calves, Teresa!!!!

  4. When I was younger I wore western boots all year round. Now I have only a pair of boots for walking in nasty weather.

  5. Thanks so much Ruthie I have had pneumonia before and its no fun at all so take care.

    As far as boots go I have snow boots and that’s about it. I have bad feet and me and boots don’t get along very well. I mostly stick to walking shoes and things like that.

  6. We always had boots since I grew up on a farm. Snow boots, barn boots, rain boots/wellies, and the good old cowboy boots! All four of my minions have boots of every kind, too, because we live on a farm. It is definitely a way of life, not a fashion statement. And I agree – no boots with shorts!

    • That’s how ours go…. boots for life, a lot of mud, and snow boots… and cute boots to go with skirts and tights. I love those!

  7. Oh my, your New York so lives in Texas! I hope he loves it as much as I and my fellow Texans do! I love boots but unfortunately I can no longer wear them! I know, a Texan that can’t wear boots! It’s devastating! I have MS and overactive nerves and hardware in my left ankle so I can’t stand the pain of boots! I’m on the lookout for a pair of shooties, shoes that look like boots, so I can at least feel at home again in places I’d normally wear boots. I like the look of boots with shorts when it’s with the right outfit and the right kind of legs. It’s not a look that just anyone can pull off! A funny little story about my Texan daddy and boots… when I was a junior in high school my Dad, Mom, my younger sister and I flew to Nassau, Bahamas, right after Christmas for a weeks vacation. One of the days we were hanging out at the beach and pool area of our hotel my daddy decided he would show off his Texan! So he threw on his swimtrunks, his cowboy boots, his cowboy hat and Hawaiian shirt and headed out for a day of fun. I laugh because I loved it! My girls and most teens today would have died but not me! Where are those pics at??? I’d love the opportunity to read your new book and what a perfect time for one, #pandemic2020! Stay safe!

    • Stephanie, that’s the greatest story!!!! And you’re right, today’s kids would be mortified…. and hide in the room…. unseen! But what a hoot!

      Tucking your name in. And good hearing from you, and thank you for sharing the story!

  8. When first married 48 years ago, we bought quarter horses and our first pair of cowboy boots. I love them. I’m husband wears them still. Swagger … I love that word. Love your story Ruthy. Thank you for blogging today.

    • Hey, Kathy!!!! Ya’ gotta love a guy with a hint of swagger, don’t you? If it’s the right guy.

      John Wayne could swagger.

      Sam Elliot and Tom Selleck can swagger….

      But a lot of men can’t pull that off.

      I’m so glad you came by!!!!

  9. Loved the post, Ruthie! I also love boots and own two pair. One pair are ropers and the other regular cowboy boots and they’re really the most comfortable shoes I own. They fit my feet like a glove. Wow, another new book! It looks totally awesome. I hope you and your hubby have gotten over the crud.

    • We are in recovery mode… Dave’s recovery has hit a few snags, so we’re a little concerned, but we’re doggedly taking care of him…. and I love that you own Ropers. I might have to try them, Linda…. I’ve shied away!!!!

      And yes, I’m so excited that this book is coming out on the heels of book one of this series, and that it’s following Finding Peace in Wishing Bridge… So many blessings!!!!

  10. I am so glad to hear that you are 100% better. Boots, I love them. When I lived on the farm, mom wouldn’t let me wear my cow boy boots to school. I promised I would change for recess. But no chance. She wouldn’t budge. LOL looking back I can totally understand her stance. But as soon as I got home the tennis shoes came off and the boots went on. Of course I needed them for riding Goldie my palomino and for working with my cow and the other animals. I was a farm girl after all. LOL I loved wearing them with my skorts and with skirts that came down below my knee. And at times we had dances where, well, they were just necessary. I still love my boots even though I live in the suburbs now. When I lived on the farm, my sister was just a toddler. But she wears boots all the time now also. Especially when she rides her motorcycle.

    • Lori, that’s so awesome! I can totally see that, and I love boots with skirts. That’s a Western flair that’s got pizzazz! And skorts, too?

      How fun that skorts came back into style the last two years! REPEAT!!!!!

      Biker boots.

      Yes. 🙂

      You made me smile!

  11. I love boots! I used to have a pair of cowboy boots, loved them! However, I’m a native Floridian, and it’s too hot here to wear boots much. I could only wear mine a few times out of the year, so they lasted quite awhile!! If it was cooler here for longer, I’d get me another pair!!

    • Oh, I can se that…. Florida isn’t conducive to boot-wearing. And I’m a total baby in the heat, Trudy, you would laugh at me. I have to work on the farm when it’s hot, but it’s tough…. I can handle anything winter throws at me, but crazy hot summers DRAIN ME!!!!!

  12. Love my cowboy boots! They’re not the fancy kind that look too over-the-top and not useful. Mine are plain brown leather and practical for outside use and farm work. I originally bought them for a trip to MT (a week on a working ranch) and now they’re a part of my everyday life!

    • Well now, I can get behind that look, Elizabeth, because I’m a workin’ gal, and life on the farm is mud, mud and more mud. Plus donkey dung.

      So I generally wear Muck boots or something similar.

      But if I could find boots that have enough arch for my foot… and fit my calves… I’d wear ’em. But that would mean time to shop!!!!

  13. I love wearing boots, but I don’t wear them with capris. I wouldn’t wear them with shorts, but I know the youngins like to.

  14. I have boots but haven’t worn them in years. It just doesn’t get cold enough for me to want to get them out.

    • Janine, where do you live?

      We get plenty cold here, but cowboy boots don’t make sensible snow/rain boots, so by the time we get to late spring, I’m ready for sneakers.

      Does that make me dreadfully boring????

  15. I’m not a big fan of boots. I don’t own a pair and never have. I know it’s an essential part of a cowboy’s wardrobe, however, so I completely agree with that! Both my adult daughters love boots and have them but they just aren’t for me. They make my feet feel claustrophobic! My hubby has hiking boots but I don’t even have those as I don’t hike! My uncle has owned a boot repair store for as long as I’ve been alive! I love watching him fix boots 🙂

  16. I love men in boots! My hubby was the only one in our high school to wear them – and we’ve been together almost 51 years! Learning to Trust sounds like a terrific story. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. Stay healthy.

  17. Hi Ruthy, I’ve never had a pair of cowboy boots but I’ve certainly had my share of black rubber boots during our years of milking cows. I’ve also lost my share of those boots. Trying to get cows up and mud to your knees often results in a boot being left behind!
    Thanks for your post today.

  18. Love all of these boot stories. We had a pastor who served a church in Montana before coming to us. He felt very comfortable wearing his boots in the pulpit here in Grant County, Wa. He fit right in with many of the men in the congregation who wore their dress boots to church including my husband.

    • Hey, this series is set in Grant County, Alice!!!! You’ve got quite the diverse county there, smack dab in the middle of Washington state!!!!

      • You got Kittitas County right in your previous series so I am sure you have Grant County right, too. I am happy to see Central Washington used as a setting for “Western” novels. People too often think of Washington State as Seattle,urban wet and green. East of the Cascades we are rural, dry, irrigated and definitely cowboy country from the farmers raising hay, wheat, and a wide variety of crops and orchards to the 50,000 head feedlot. Thank you.

  19. I love boots, especially for the cold weather! I have a couple of pairs of boots with warm lining in them and they keep my feet very warm. I love the way boots look with skirts and dresses, even though I don’t wear them with either,I only wear my boots with jeans. I love the way boots look and I like the way men look wearing boots.

    • Hey, Alicia!

      I bet you totally rock wearing boots!

      And I agree, guys can carry off that western boot look real nice… and I love to see a cowboy in NYC or anywhere where it’s like totally out of place. They seem so masculine by comparison.


  20. When we lived in New York, Maine, Colorado, and now in TN, snow boot were a necessity. The ones I have now don’t get used very often. I do have rubber boots for working in the garden when it is muddy and for times I go out on a Red Cross disaster call when it is raining or flooding. I had some nice dress boots, too many years ago to admit. My calves sort of outgrew them. A friend of mine gave me a lovely pair of cowgirl boots with butterflies on them. Sadly, the pointed toes make it hard for me to wear them. More so now that I am older. Enjoyed your post.

    • I love the line “my calves sort of outgrew them”… 🙂 Ah, we need to find someone to wear those butterfly embossed boots. They sound so pretty, Patricia!!!

  21. When I lived in Wisconsin I had snow boots. I’ve never bought dress boots as my legs aren’t slender. They are muscular from walking and swimming and my German roots. I try no t to call attend to them.

    I normally wear athletic shoes. They’re comfortable and they fit my casual lifestyle.

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