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About 3-4 weeks ago, I learned that a good friend of mine, Steve Reevis had passed away.  He passed on in December of 2017.  Unfortunately, for me, I was unaware of this because when I moved away from LA, his family and mine lost contract.  Steve was a Native American Actor, and he appeared in many films.  Probably my favorite film of his was “The Last of the Dogmen,” where Steve played the major Native American role.  I will leave a list of many of his films at the end of this blog.

Steve was only 55 years old when he passed, much too young to leave this world.  In 1999, Steve helped me and my husband and a few other friends to set up a literacy project on the Blackfeet reservation.  This was the first time I had met Steve.  He was a very handsome young man, he was quiet, yet when he did speak, we listened, for he was also a wise young man.  Steve never asked for anything in return for the help he gave us, his main concern being to help his people.

In truth, I was shocked when I learned of his passing, and so I thought that today, I would hostess a give-away in the style of the Blackfeet in Montana.  (I am adopted Blackfeet.)

I’ll be giving away many books today, so do leave a message so that you can enter into the give-away.  I’ll also be giving away a pair of Blackfeet made earrings.  Now, let me show you some pictures of a fundraiser that we did with Steve and his beautiful wife, Macile, in a Walmart in 1999.  All of my Blackfoot Warrior series (three books total) will also be on sale for a week for 99 cents in honor of Steve. (See  below for the links to those books.)

The picture to the left here is of Steve when he was speaking at the fundraiser.  This event also included many romance authors from the Orange County Romance Writers Association.  At the event, we had a local drum group, who also donated all of their time and their musical art for the literacy project.

Off to the right here is a picture of Steve in a conversation with Maria Ferrara, who helped to fund raise for the project and was instrumental in getting the project off the ground.  Without her help, there would have been no project.

As you can see here, Steve is listening intently to Maria, and this is one of my favorite pictures from that time.

To the left here are several people connected to the project.  From left to right are:  Mark Reed; Maria Ferrara; Jeff Butler; Harold Dusty Bull; Kinder Hunt; Steve Reevis; Macile Reevis; George Randall; Toni Running Fisher; Saginaw Grant; Yours truly.


And again, to the left is Harold Dusty Bull, who was In Charge of the Project.  In the background to the left is Steve and on the right is Mark Reed, from the Iroquois/Mohawk tribe, I believe.

Both Harold and Steve grew up on the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, Montana.




To the left here is Steve dancing.  Steve was a grass dancer.  

And, to the right is a couples dance.  Here is Steve and Macile; behind them are Harold Dusty Bull and the founder and head of the H.E.L.P. project (Hollywood Education and Literacy Project), Kinder Hunt.  Pulling up the rear in the picture is Saginaw Grant and Toni Running Fisher.

Also, there was Blackfeet style Indian bread and tacos — made by Toni Running Fisher.




To the right here is another view of Steve and Macile dancing the Couples Dance, with Saginaw Grant and Toni Running Fisher not too far behind them.

Here also is a view of some of the men who gave in the drum who gave us the music so the dancers could dance.  To the left is another picture of Steve dancing.

To the left here is Steve speaking, and in his hand he holds an eagle feather fan.

To the right is Steve’s beautiful wife, Macile.  Macile, by the way, has her own clothing line of Native American clothing.


To the left here is a picture snapped of us when we were visiting the L. Ron Hubbard Author Services Center in Hollywood, CA.  From left to right are:

Paul Bailey (my husband); Harold Dusty Bull; Steve Reevis; Macile Reevis and her daughter; me; Toni Running Fisher and her husband Kevin.  By the way, the dress I’m wearing in this picture is one of Macile Reevis’ creations.


And lastly, here we all are:  the authors, the Drum, Steve and Macile (off to the left).

The event was very successful and the HELP literacy project was also a success on the Reservation, and was up and running there for many years.

I will miss my friend, Steve Reevis.  Somehow, I thought he would always be here, alive and well, and I wish that I hadn’t lost touch with his family when my own family moved East.  Steve once said to me in a passing conversation, “Why do you think all those warriors in the past would risk their lives?”  I didn’t know and said so.  Steve then said, “Because they knew they would live again.”

Somewhere, in some other time and place, perhaps, I feel that Steve is still with us, and is, even now, the cause of someone else’s joy and happiness.  Good-bye, Steve.  You are missed.  But I know that wherever you are, those who are with you, love you.

All of the Blackfoot Warrior Series books are on sale for .99 in honor of Steve.  Those books are:




These are list of some of Steve’s Films, as well as some photos from those films:


  • Film Appearances
  • Indian, Twins, Universal, 1988
  • Indian child, Grim Prairie Tales (also known as Hellbent),Academy Entertainment, 1990
  • First Sioux and first warrior, Dances with Wolves, Orion, 1990
  • Indian in desert, The Doors, TriStar, 1991
  • Chato, Geronimo: An American Legend, Columbia, 1993
  • Two Bears, Posse, Gramercy, 1993
  • Yellow Wolf, Last of the Dogmen, Savoy Pictures, 1995
  • Sioux Chief Whistler, Wild Bill, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists, 1995
  • (As Steven Reevis) Shep Proudfoot, Fargo, Gramercy, 1996
  • Freddy, Follow Me Home, New Millenia, 1997
  • Sam Keno, The Outfitters, New Skivvies Films, 1999
  • Sim Lundy, Highway 395, Creative Light Worldwide, 2000




  • Film Work
  • Stunt performer, War Party, c. 1989.
  • Television Appearances
  • Movies
  • Crazy Horse, TNT, 1996
  • Mule, Horse Sense, The Disney Channel, 1999
  • Episodic
  • Sammy Wheeler, “Return of Jimmy Blackhorse,” JAG, NBC, 1996
  • “The Only Goode Indian,” Goode Behavior, 1997
  • Jake Stonecrow, “Mayday,” Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, 1997
  • Sheriff Lamont Nez, “The Outrage,” Promised Land, CBS, 1997
  • John Wolf/Lone Wolf, “Way of the Warrior,” Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, 1999
  • Also appeared in Unsolved Mysteries.
  • Other
  • Grey Eyes, Miracle in the Wilderness, 1992
  • Jack Buck, Wild Grizzly, 1999
  • Videos
  • Life, Love, and Earth (educational music video), Shenandoah Films,1999




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47 thoughts on “In Honor of Steve Reevis — Give-Away and 99 cent books”

  1. Wow. Such an amazing story and charity. He will be missed. I hope the charity continues on in his name and honor.

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      I hope so, too. The project closed around 2005, but while it was up and running many people were helped by learning to read. The Hollywood Education and Literacy Project still is up and running, however, in Hollywood.

  2. All the above. He accomplished much in 55 years but still too young.Thank you for sharing Karen.

    • Yes, he did, and one thing I didn’t know until I looked at the tributes to him, was that he was quite an accomplished rider (of horses). He started his career as a stunt rider — both he and his brother — and his brother went on to be a part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show in France. : )

  3. I love to watch movies and shows that an actual Native American play the Indian character not some actor trying to portray a Indian character. I love Michael Greyeyes as Sitting Bull in Woman Walks Ahead. I also enjoy watching actor Wes Studi.

    • Hi Glenda,

      I second that love. I loved Michael Greyeyes as Sitting Bull, but I also liked him in many of his other movies, which titles, for the moment, escape me. When I lived in the LA area, I often went to pow-wows, and I love those, too. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Steve’s passing. It’s a wonderful thing y’all did setting up the literacy program. He left an incredible legacy for his family and the people he helped. Thank you for sharing his story.

  5. Hi Janine,

    Yes, it was a good thing and many people there, who went through the project, went on to do well in life. I’ll never forget his and his wife’s giving of themselves for their people and not asking anything in return. He and his wife were friends and I am reminded now that one should keep in touch with friends. We get busy with our own lives sometimes, and I admit that I have learned a hard lesson here: keep in touch with one’s friends.

  6. What an awesome blog, thanks for sharing. I didn’t realize he passed away and I normally take note of Indian actors that pass away so that is strange. I bet his wife makes a lot of beautiful clothes! I hope I win a book! I’ve only read one so far. I have so many books in my house and ebook that I haven’t read yet so I rarely buy books. I do read books I win as soon as I can so I can review it for the author.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Like you, I hadn’t realized that he had passed. Well, it my intention to give away many books today, so you came to the right place. : )

  7. What an amazing tribute!Thanks for sharing about his life. That is so young. Do you know what happened? Thanks for sharing the pictures and a chance to win one of your books. How is his wife doing? Will have to rewatch his movies.

    • Hi Sally,

      I had all these questions, too, and unfortunately, I don’t have the answers to them. I do know that he passed away while he was in Montana — I think he and his wife lived both in the LA area and also in Montana. Yes, much too young to die. I loved seeing him in the movie, MIRACLE IN THE WILDERNESS — it showed off his skills as a stunt man, but my favorite was THE LAST OF THE DOGMEN. Thanks so much for coming here today.

  8. I have seen the episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger, in which he appeared! How comforting it must be to know there is a body of visual work that will live on, and keep his spirit alive. My condolences to you and to his family and to his nation for the loss of a man of worth.

  9. Hi Karen. I have a few of your paperbacks from years ago. I love Native American stories. NIght Thunder’s Bride, The Princess and the Wolf,War Cloud Passion, Soaring Eagle’s Embrace,and the Spirit of the Wolf.

    • Hi Sue,

      Wow! You do me honor. NIGHT THUNDER’S BRIDE and SOARING EAGLE’S EMBRACE are books where the hero is Blackfeet American Indian, the same tribe as Steve. One by one I’m re-editing those books (the conversion to e-books made for many mistakes) and will reissue them in paperback, although The Princess and the Wolf and The Spirit of the Wolf are already in paperback, I believe. Thanks for coming here today and leaving a message.

    • Hi Florence,

      I think so. He and his wife were always wonderful to me, and it was Steve who led the way to help with the project. Thanks for the comment.

    • Howdy Kit,

      Thank you so much. He really did have a good life. He also had 4 children and when he died, he also had grandchildren, always a blessing.

  10. Thank you for sharing and the opportunity to win!

    I’m not sure if I’ve seen any of the movies except for Dancing With Wolves, but I watched JAG and Walker, Texas Ranger, so I’m sure I’ve seen him there.

    • Howdy Linda,

      Yes, he was in Dances With Wolves, also. Not a speaking part, but he had some on screen moments, I believe. Thanks so much for coming here today and leaving a comment.

  11. I’m sorry to learn of Steve’s passing and as you said so young. My condolences to his family and friends. What a wonderful legacy he leaves behind.

  12. Hi Karen,

    Thanks so much for your comment and I agree with you. He left many friends and a legacy behind.

  13. Hi Karen Kay, I am so Very sorry for the loss of your very good friend. For his short life, he did a lot of good. What a wonderful and beautiful Legacy he has left. One day we will see all our family and friends that have gone before us. And they are and will Always be right here in our precious memories and in our hearts we will hold them forever. Take Care. God Bless you my friend. You are truly honoring him. <3

  14. Hi Alicia,

    What a beautiful comment you have made. Yes, he did a lot of good, and he really did leave a Legacy. I, too, believe as you do and that we will see our friends once again. You comment has really touched my heart. Thank you.

  15. The news of old friends, even after they have passed, often comes at the most opportune times. Steve’s news has helped you spread the word of a wonderful actor, husband, father, activist for native people everywhere. I am honored to learn some of his story.

  16. What a beautiful tribute to such a beautiful soul! I too am Siksika, Blackfoot and have always been so proud of Steve. He was the epitomy of how a man should be. There is no death only a change of worlds-Chief Seattle

    • Hi Misty,

      So nice to meet you. He and his wife, Macile, were always so kind to me and my family. Their help setting up a literacy project really shows the goodness of their hearts. Although we lost track of each other over the years, I never forgot their friendship. As I said in one of my posts, I’ve learned that one should keep track of one’s friends. A hard lesson to learn. Thanks for your comment.

  17. So sorry for the loss of your friend. I remember him from several of the films listed. Is their daughter a fancy shawl dancer? There was a picture of Macile Reevis with a young lady both in dancing regalia. My daughter was a fancy shawl dancer and what she wore was similar. I looked at some of the clothing she designed.Nice.

  18. Hi Patricia,

    Yes, her daughter and Macile both are Fancy Dancers. I was too in my younger days. The clothes that Macile designs are beautiful — she also designs and beads earrings. Both Steve and Macile are good people. Thanks for your post.

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