Non-Western Book Release Party!

Yee Haw to my cowgirl and western and not-so-western friends!!! I’m coming to you with a major advertising post today because I have a BOOK BIRTHDAY this week!!!!

Guys, I cannot even put a Stetson on my newest Wishing Bridge heroine and pretend that this international supermodel is a cowgirl.


Nor are the potential heroes cowboys!!!

One is a deputy sheriff with a solid work ethic, a man who means what he says… so that’s like Cowboy code, right?

The other is a rich landscape architect whose family company builds amazing playgrounds out of logs and climbing walls and splash parks and even playgrounds designed for kids with mobility issues, so he’s got a good heart, but some solid backstory anger issues.

And I can’t make Wishing Bridge, NY a Western town, but it is in Western New York, so it’s Western for New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, LOL!

I love this series… I began writing this series a few years ago and it was picked up by the amazing Sheryl Zagechowski of Waterfall Press, a publishing arm of Amazon/Brilliance Press and they have been wonderful to work with, but Amazon closed this division about 18 months ago, and we still had more Wishing Bridge stories to tell…





But with independent publishing, I was able to do just that! Jazz’s story released on Monday (SQUEE!!!!!!! HAPPY DANCING!!!!) and next year we meet a new gal who comes to town, another troubled soul, a woman who has overcome too many obstacles put into her path by an over-zealous Amish bishop and a heinous crime… but she comes to Wishing Bridge to begin anew.

But that’s next year!

AND… THANK YOU, AMAZON!!!! They’ve put the first two bestsellers on sale for $1.99 for Kindle, which means you can get all three books for your Kindle for $7.96….

This year we have Jazz’s story, and what a story it is. The tale of a woman who’s overcome so much, who reached the pinnacle of international modeling success with the bank account to prove it, and the eating disorder that threatens her very existence. This beautiful story of a woman’s dual life, the crazy-amazing high-profile modeling life that has earned her international fame and a 10 figure bank account…

And the damaged self-image that never seems right, no matter how much fame she attains.

But Jazz Monroe finds the peace that’s eluded her for so long here in Wishing Bridge– right up until a twilight attack makes her want to run for her life all over again.

A beautiful story… and I’m so excited to be able to talk about them today!

We’ll talk about my April Western with Love Inspired next month… and the joy of patriotism running deep in a teacher’s veins… but today we’re tucked in the hills and forest preserves of Western New York with Kelsey, Thea and Jazz… the Soul Sisterhood, three women with troubled pasts who come together to help one another build a beautiful and unexpected future.

Beyond the sales pitch: I love to write stories that build women up. When you look at women historically, we have only HAD THE VOTE for just over a hundred years.

That’s reprehensible.


So I love that we’re in a modern time that recognizes the value of women, but there’s still a long way to go. In these stories, the beauty of women building each other up is the hallmark. Because I love seeing women uplift and support other women.  So when I pray, I pray for women to recognize their inner beauty and value, their amazing gifts and strengths.

I love a good, strong hero, but I want my heroines just as strong, to be the product of what they had to overcome or endure, and to be able to reach a hand out and help others along the way.

That’s my kind of gal!

So what do you think? What is it about a heroine that draws you in? Tell me below, and I’ve got a Kindle edition of “Welcome to Wishing Bridge” book 1 for one lucky person today!


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17 thoughts on “Non-Western Book Release Party!”

  1. Good morning Ruth, WOW you have me intrigued. I love a heroine that truly divulges herself to us, we feel all her emotions right off the page and into our hearts. I love it when she is so relatable to me with her own struggles, no matter her classification or financial status.
    Happy Book Release To you.

    • Tonya, I agree. These three women had tough, tough back stories but they forged a teenage bond and moved forward… and I love that kind of overcomer story, don’t you?

      We don’t let our pasts define us… even if they do help to shape us.

      Thank you so much for stopping by today!

    • Kim, me, too. I want a great hero, but I want a heroine who takes control of herself and then the hero is like PARTY BONUS!!!!! 🙂

  2. Happy Book Release!

    Female leads we can connect with: independent, endearing, strong, full of heart, loving, family-oriented, knows her worth, etc…

    • Denise, I totally agree. We want the strength and the empathy, the loving and the independence…. beautifully stated, Denise!

    • Debra, yes. Me, too. Even if they have a problem past, or maybe because of it, that learning to think and act for oneself is huge, isn’t it? To rise above?

  3. I love a strong heroine that is able to take care of her self and everyone around her. She needs to be independent.

    • Agreed, 100%. We kind of want Superwoman with a splash of Betty Crocker and maybe the look of Wonder Woman?

      I might be grasping at straws, I’m home with the flu today, so my brain is slightly addled!

      Stupid germs.

  4. Loved this real-life story of a strong woman working hard to adjust to the freedom available to her in Wishing Bridge. Jazz is surrounded by people who truly care what happens to each other, and her too! That takes some getting use to. Secondary characters add much to the tale. You may laugh. You may cry. But you will be caught up in this page turner from beginning to end.

    • Oh, Judy, I’m so glad you loved this story! Thank you so much for your reviews and your time. You are such a blessing to so many!

  5. Love how you make each one so real. Feel like we know them personally. Also love the kids you introduce. Love Emerson. Have a tissue ready when you read one of Ruthys stories.

    • Oh, thank you Yvonne…. although a curious name June appears on this blog that I didn’t know existed!!!

      Are you incognito, my friend???

      Are you a spy??????

      It doesn’t matter, I’m just glad you loved the story! Hooray!

      Thank you so much for coming by, Yvonne!

    • Hey, this is my awesome editor for Jazz’s story! Beth, so nice that you stopped in! Thank you for all you did to make Jazz’s story shine!

  6. I like strength, but vulnerability is also something I like. Someone who is vulnerable needs to find their strength to struggle and take control of their life or the situation they are in. That is harder than it is for someone who is already strong and self-assured. Of course those strong, self-assured people also have their own vulnerabilities. Reading about either type of woman and how they grow and change is enjoyable.
    Western New York or Western USA, strength is needed to survive and flourish. Just like your heroes are western types, so are these women. To survive in the West, women needed to be strong. Many found their strength to survive, flourish, and grab the life they deserved.

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