It’s Yee-Haw Day!

Welcome to Yee-Haw Day, the once-a-month day we’ve reserved to share our news with you – all sorts of fun news!

So check out the post below to get the details on the kinds of things that make us go Yee-Haw!!

Margaret Brownley

I have a new book out, just in time for Valentine’s.  The anthology is titled Mail Order Standoff.  If you like mail-order bride stories, then this one is for you. The stories all have a fun twist when the brides get cold feet. 

My story is titled Pistol Packin’ Bride: Attorney Wade Bronson didn’t expect to get shot on his wedding day–and certainly not by his mail order bride…



More News!


She’s an outlaw; he’s a preacher. Both are in need of a miracle.

The audiobook just came out and already it’s #6 on Amazon’s Western audiobook chart. 


Jeannie Watt

I have a new book out, too! It’s a sweet romance set in Montana with a single widower dad and his two adorable little girls. I had a blast writing Montana Dad.


A new start in Montana

…or new love?

Alex Ryan fled her career, her home and her family to start over in Montana. Somewhere her past can’t find her. Now her biggest danger is Nick Callahan, the gorgeous single dad—and cowboy—next door. Alex can’t let anyone get close to her or her heart. But this particular rancher might just give Alex the strength to stop running from her past…and see a future with him.


Linda Broday

I’m on a book tour with Lone Star Literary for The Mail Order Bride’s Secret

And I Have Rafflecopter Giveaways! Click on the graphic and enter!





Who loves a great Valentine’s Day story? I DO! I love to read them and write them! If there is a more romantic time of year, I don’t know what it is—and it’s especially so for me, since my hubby and I got married on February 10, 1979, almost forty-one years ago! (I’m trying to come up with some different romantic ideas for us for our anniversary, and it’s tough after this long!) LOL

With flowers and candy at the top of the “romantic” list, I always indulge in a guilty pleasure or two and buy myself some VERY romantic stories to lose myself in at this time of year! I don’t have a new Valentine story out this year, but I’m working on one that’ll be ready for next Valentine’s Day, for sure. 


Here are a few “picks” for you if you’re looking for some romantic Valentine’s Day reading…



HEARTS AND SPURS is a short story collection that features nine sensual Valentine’s Day love tales of the old west that will leave no doubt—Cupid is a cowboy, and he’s playing for keeps! How do you capture a cowboy’s heart? HEARTS AND SPURS  includes stories by many of our P&P past and present “fillies”!


What a wonderful anthology this is!





A HEART FOR A HEART by Cheryl Pierson is a contemporary Valentine’s Day novella you might enjoy… 

Kiera Leslie is all set to welcome Cory Tiger into her home as a foster child. Orphaned and with a learning disability, Cory is looking forward to living with his tutor. Until his uncle shows up…

Sam Tiger returns from military duty to find his deceased brother’s son being taken in by a stranger. The boy needs his family—and Sam is it. He never expects the tutor to stand up to him and want to keep Cory. Then the worst happens—he finds himself attracted to Kiera.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Cupid’s got deadly aim!



HIDDEN TRAILS by Cheryl Pierson takes place right around Valentine’s Day in a blinding snowstorm. It was also a finalist in the WESTERN FICTIONEERS PEACEMAKER AWARDS a few years back for best western short fiction. 

 Levi Connor has never run from anything in his life, and he doesn’t intend to start now. After killing the two bandits who’d followed him into Indian Territory, he finds himself wounded and riding through a blinding February snowstorm. With no purpose ahead of him and no past to guide him, he discovers a reason to exist—the beautiful mixed-blood girl who takes him in and heals him.

Valentine Reneau lives in fear that her father will find her someday in the heart of Indian Territory and force her to return to Mississippi to take her mother’s place—in every way. She knows her time has run out when a stranger shows up on her land with two hired guns—and the devil in his plans.

With some unlikely help, Valentine must try to escape the slave’s fate that her mother left behind so many years before. Will Levi kill for a woman he barely knows? The chips are down, the guns blaze, and everything finally comes clear along these HIDDEN TRAILS…but who’ll be left alive?



What’s the most romantic story you ever read? There are soooooo many!  If anyone has a “novel” idea on something different and fun to do for Valentine’s Day, please share! I’m wracking my brain! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Pam Crooks

Mark your calendars!

A COWBOY AND A PROMISE will be featured on BookBub for 99 cents

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February 14th – 15th ONLY



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27 thoughts on “It’s Yee-Haw Day!”

  1. Wow you fillies have a lot of great new books for us. Congrats.
    So I have a question for you all!!!
    Do you read books while writing on a current one, or do you refrain from reading until you have finished a book you’re writing?

    • Good question, Tonya! IMO, we as writers would become stale if we didn’t read other authors’ work. It’s important to be aware of different story lines, series, styles, etc. Authors inspire each other to keep working and do better.

      That said, for me, it’s a matter of TIME! I have 3 (maybe 4) books to write this year, and I promised myself when they were finished, I’m going to read, read, read. So relaxing to read a good book! But now, with such a tight writing schedule, at the end of the day, I often just want to veg in front of the TV and not have to think so much.

      • Wow Pam, you’re a busy Lady this year. I sure hope you get to give yourself at least a weekend of reading relaxation. I’m so intrigued at how wonderful all you authors write and keep plots fresh. Have fun writing but remember to take time for yourself too!

    • Hi Tonya, I am always reading, and I’m a very slow writer, so if I didn’t read while I was writing, well… I wouldn’t ever read. LOL But I read all kinds of books–not necessarily western romance stories. Right now I’m reading Kim Michele Richardson’s LIAR’S BENCH. This is the third one of her books I’ve read and I just can’t get enough. Linda Broday started me “down the trail” with her recommendation of Richardson’s THE BOOK WOMAN OF TROUBLESOME CREEK. Oh, what a wonderful book! So then I bought GODPRETTY IN THE TOBACCO FIELD and loved that one just as much! Now it’s LIAR’S BENCH, and I only have one more by her to look forward to. BOO HOO!!! LOL All wonderful stories!

      • I loved The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek. I’m glad to hear you read all the time. I think reading is such a great therapy, at least for me. I thank all you authors for keeping me grounded.

    • Miss Tonya, I’m late getting over here. Man, these book tours are about to eat me alive! Yes, I read as much as I’m able. I do not believe anyone can be a writer without reading. It’s so crucial in my way of thinking. I’m always seeing how other writers word things and different ways of saying things. Reading really helps.

  2. Welcome ladies. Congratulations on the newest books. I have been having fun voting. Would love to see all of you win. 🙂 Happy Monday

  3. Woohoo, YeeHaw to all the ladies celebrating above! I’m no good at coming up with ideas for Valentine’s day. LOL. But I hear ya on wanting some new way to celebrate.

    • (continuing)…covers for both THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE STANDOFF and A LADY LIKE SARAH have just the right feel for the time period of the story. I hope the releases for both are going well.
      Jeannie Watt – What a sweet cover for Montana Dad. Who wouldn’t love him and his daughters. I will definitely be looking for it.
      Linda Broday – I have just started THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE’S SECRET and am enjoying it. I hope you are having a successful tour.
      Cheryl Pierson – All good book suggestions. I will have to add them to my collection. We never do much romantic specifically for Valentine’s Day. We tend to do things spontaneously when the mood strikes. One thing I did that worked out rather nicely was New Orleans. I had wanted to go for years, but my husband never wanted to. I finally stopped asking and made nonrefundable reservations for a week there and gave it to him for his birthday in March. We had a wonderful time, have been back twice since, and will go back again. There is more to do than just drink (although that seems to be a favorite), and there are many lovely, historic plantations to visit in the area. We happened to get there the week after Mardi Gras the first time we went, but were there over St. Patrick’s Day. There were parades all over and the main one on Bourbon Street was almost as elaborate as Mardi Gras. If such a big trip isn’t possible, a nice couple of days away to a place you have wanted to visit is a nice idea.
      Pam Crooks – I will be watching for A COWBOY AND A PROMISE. I am curious to find out what the plans for the ghost town are.

      • Oh, Patricia, that sounds like you all had a wonderful trip (and even a couple more after that first one) to New Orleans! I have only “passed through” there and would love to go spend some time there. Right now we have to stay closer to home because of the dogs. I love that you gave him that for his birthday! SMART WOMAN!

      • Where there is a will there is a way. It may have been a bit underhanded, but it worked. I was pretty sure he would enjoy himself if I could get him there. We have a dog issue, too. Luckily, our daughter lives less than a quarter of a mile down the road. Between her, her husband, and our grandson, our dog is fine. Luckily, we only have one now. We were up to 4 at one time not counting the foster litters. I hope you find a fun idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your husband.

  4. My heart still throbs for Linda Broday’s Houston Legend in The Heart of a Texas Cowboy. His story is of loyalty, commitment, and love. He is the living cowboy culture through and through. He is also so dang handsome. And, Tonya Lucas cannot have him. I am negotiating with his wife.

    • Miss Jerri, darn your hide! You cannot have Houston Legend. I’ve told you that Lara won’t stand for anyone taking her man. *giggling wildly* But…you can borrow him for a bit. That’s all. Love you, lady.

  5. I’m always thrilled when an author offers their stories to the world. Here’s to everyone’s continued success and to more than a few stories I’ll be reading soon. Best and thanks for putting them all in one place. Doris

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