Welcome, Carolyn Brown!

Today Carolyn Brown rides into the Junction to talk about her new book, Cowboy Courage, and the give away of signed copy of the book! Welcome, Carolyn!

Thank you to the fillies here at Petticoats and Pistols for inviting me to prop up my boots here on their front porch for a little while today. Y’all all grab a sweet tea and some cookies and let’s talk about Cowboy Courage, that just hit the shelves a couple of days ago.

When I first started this series, it was going to be three books, and then Emily Baker married the young brother, Justin, who was co-owner of the Longhorn Canyon. She had two brothers, Tag and Hud, back home out in the Texas Panhandle, and they missed their sister, so they bought the ranch next to The Longhorn Canyon. They brought along the Callahan brothers with them to help run their ranch and suddenly the series grew to seven books. Cowboy Courage is Hud’s story and it’s the sixth book in the series. CowboyStrong will be out in June and the series will officially wind up in the fall with a novella about Dixie and Landon, two secondary characters in Cowboy Courage and Cowboy Strong.

That said, let’s talk about Hud and Rose, the hero and heroine of Cowboy Courage. Writing about these two was so much fun that I dragged my feet on the last few chapters. I simply didn’t want to tell them goodbye. They met years ago when Rose went to school out in the panhandle with Hud, but then she moved away, and they never saw each other again. Evidently, first love, even if it does involve two fourteen-year-old kids, is difficult to forget. When they are reunited in Bowie, Texas, the old flame is still burning brightly.

After spending years traveling the world with the military, Rose O’Malley is ready for a change. Heading back to Texas to hold down the fort at her aunt’s bed-and-breakfast will give Rose just the break she needs. But while she may speak seven languages, she can’t repair a leaky sink to save her life. When Hudson Baker strides in like a hero and effortlessly figures out the fix, Rose can’t help wondering if the boy she once crushed on as a kid could now be her saving grace.
Hud has always been rock-solid and dependable-a quintessential cowboy to his core. But the moment Rose steps back into his life, his world is turned upside down by meddling family, a rescued baby, and one highly mischievous cat. Now he’ll have to decide if it’s time to throw caution to the wind and do whatever it takes to convince Rose that by her side is exactly where he wants to stay.

This book includes a first time ever in print novella, Wildflower Ranch, a continuation of Daisies in the Canyon. My readers have asked me for Shiloh and Bonnie’s stories for years. This is Shiloh’s story. Bonnie’s will be included in Cowboy Strong.

What is your favorite? Stand alone stories? Series? If you like series, what do you consider to be too many? Is three a good number or is seven plus a final novella something you’d consider a perfect number?

I will give away a signed copy of Cowboy Courage. Y’all pull up a rocking chair and prop your boots up on the porch rail with me. Got questions? I’ll be dropping by several times throughout the day to answer them!

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  1. I read series and standalones. As long as the series is strong, I don’t have a finite number I would read by an author.

  2. I love both series and stand alone a but I think I would lean more towards a series! I love getting glimpses of characters after the book is over! And when you read a book that has so many wonderful secondary characters in it, you hope to see them star in their own! I especially love series about brothers or family members!!! I love your books very much! I think there’s never too many books in a series 😉

  3. I read both standalone and series. With a great story & characters the more books in the series, the better.?

  4. I am an avid reader of series. Currently I am reading Shirleen Davies Redemption Mountain series. There are fourteen books in this series. I love books written about life in the 1800’s.

    Carolyn, I have read a few of your books and have to say you have a sense of humor that won’t quit. Congrats on another book release too.

    • Thank you so much, Kathy! Folks who know me say I write just like I talk. Don’t know if that’s a curse or a blessing, but if my reader’s like it, that’s all that matters!

  5. What a delight this morning to find folks already at this party!! I’ll pop in through the day and visit with y’all. In the middle of the afternoon, I have to go to Bonham, Texas where I’m sitting on a library panel with 12 other authors. I’ll have limited access to a computer while I’m there. Anyone that’s in the area is welcome to drop by the library from 11:00 to 1:00 and visit with all us authors, and there will be a book signing after the program.

  6. I like series books and standalones. The only thing I require from a series is for each book be wrapped up in the end. I don’t like cliff hangers.

    • Me, either Janine. Tie it all up with a pretty little bow. Cowboy Strong, the last book in the series comes out in May, but there were two secondary characters still wanting to tell me their stories, so my publisher allowed me to write a Christmas novella to go in an anthology. Then I felt like the bow was tied!!

  7. Carolyn I loved this book:
    Why haven’t I read this amazing author before?
    I’m officially a fan of Carolyn Brown.
    She’s such a talented, witty, and masterful storyteller.
    Hud and Rose were Junior High sweethearts, each other’s first love.
    So can their Chance meeting after so many years, rekindle that heart-throbbing feeling, only a first love creates?
    This was truly a spectacular book which brought back my own feelings of my young love to my very own Texas cowboy from my youth.
    Aunt Luna was a hoot, she truly brought so much laughter, my sides still hurt from her antics.
    Don’t miss this extraordinary journey between two sweethearts who were destined to be together.

    • Thank you, Tonya for that amazing review right there!! I’m so so glad that you enjoyed Hud and Rose’s story. A little side note here: My daughter taught at a school where one of the students was a little red haired girl named Cactus Rose. She was quite the little pistol. I wondered what she’d be like as a grown woman…and the rest is history.

  8. EVERYTHING Mz Carolyn writes is a good book – I love her older characters who have so much spirit and love to give to their families!! Don’t enter as I have this book in paperback!

    • Debra, I’d love to know what you, personally consider too long. Seven is the longest I’ve written in a series, and as a writer that’s plenty long because I have to keep really good notes to be sure I get descriptions right and the dog’s name right, as well as the donkey, and the cat, from book number one!

  9. Good morning! This book and series sounds like it will be awesome! A book based in Texas, cowboy(s) …how could this Texan not love it? I love series books because when I’m reading a good series I don’t want to be without the characters. I have to admit though that so far since I’ve been back reading (since November 2016) I much prefer old series that I can collect and read one right after the other instead of having to wait 6 months, a year or longer to read the next book. I’m greedy like that lol. Reading is my godsend since I’m home on disability. Happy 2020 and best of luck on your new series!

  10. I read series and stand alone. The only problem I have with series is the time it takes for the next book to come out and sometime you forget what happens in the first book. Sometime its even had to find the next book in the series.

  11. I like both especially if they are by one of my fav authors. I really don’t care how many books are in a series 3 or 30, as long as the stories and characters keep me coming back for more.

  12. I read both. When I start a series and love the characters I love to see them again in future books. It’s like seeing an old friend. If the series is good I don’t care how many books are in it.

  13. I read both, and like both. I know of one series that has 46 books in it by different authors. It was a great read! However, I’ve read different series that have less books that weren’t as good because they kept repeating info from previous books in too much detail. As long as each book is a total stand alone, I don’t mind a longer series. I like picking up a book and finding old friends, but not rehashing their whole story!

  14. Checkin’ back in before I leave for Bonham this afternoon! I should write a book about “customer service plans” today. My computer just stopped. Quit! Nada! I’ve backed up some of the stuff but not all of it, and they said, “too bad, if it won’t turn on then we can’t recover your material.” After being on the computer for two solid hours, Mr. B figured out the power cord wasn’t functioning. A trip to the store, the run around at the phone number they gave me, and then an hour with the manufacturer. All I can say is this will be fodder for future writing! LOL. I’m glad to see that more folks have joined the party. Quilt Lady, sometimes it’s tough for the author to keep the characters straight, too. Melanie, I agree–three or four is a good number. Kathleen, thank you for stopping by and commenting and for supporting me all these years. Rita, glad to see you here, and hopefully you’ll love the last two books in the Longhorn Canyon Series. Trudy, absolutely, that’s what writers learn real quick…don’t rehash, just visit and get on with the story.

  15. I love series so that I can still get glimpses of the Characters from previous books for I tend love them like friends and family I know I am nut case I get to attached to my book characters I love to see them go on for 2-3 generations

  16. I enjoy series that have different couples throughout… if it has too many books, I tend not to get them all.

  17. I’m a long time Carolyn Brown fan. I like both standalone stories and series. I don’t have a desired cut off number for a book series. As long as the characters, plots, and dialogue continue to keep me coming back for more, that’s all that matters to me.

  18. Checkin’ in one more time before lights out tonight!! Glenda, we writers love to hear that you get attached to the characters. That makes our day. Colleen, thanks for stopping by. You will find a different couple in each of the Longhorn Canyon Series! Edwina, Thank you for being a fan. Folks like you are what keep me in my writing chair so long every day.
    Y’all have been amazing today!! Thank each and every one of you for dropping by to visit! Hugs to all y’all!!

  19. Carolyn, Congratulations on your new release. I enjoy series, but like the books to read well as stand alones if it is a long series. The length of a series is a bit difficult. I like to have all books in the series before I start it. The related characters and overall story arc are fresh that way. For that, a series of 3 or 4 books is ideal. If the books do not come out too far apart, longer series can work. I can think of several series where there are a dozen books or so over several years, which is way too long. At that point, it is better to break it down into shorter, related series. If each book works well as a stand alone and the series arc is not tightly tied together, a series of 7, 8 , or 9 books can work just fine.
    I think including a novella about side characters in a series with a book about major characters is a great idea. Some characters need a story, but don’t need a full book to tell it. Tying their story to to a full length book, strengthens it and ties it more strongly to the series.

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