Welcome, Ann Roth!

We are so happy to welcome Ann Roth to the Junction. Today Ann will introduce us to her stories and give away a copy of each of her 2-in-1 novels, which means there will be two lucky winners!  Welcome, Ann!

Hey there, wonderful readers, and happy January!

Don’t you love ranchers and the ranching life? I do, and this month I have two 2-in-1 previously published books from Harlequin, both set in Montana ranching country. “Home On the Ranch, Montana Beginnings,” features two Ann Roth books set on ranches in fictional Prosperity, Montana: A Rancher’s Honor and A Rancher’s Redemption.

To whet your appetite, check out these teasers.

A Rancher’s Honor:

There’s no room in daycare owner Lana’s life for casual flings. After all, her dream of adopting a baby is closer than ever to becoming a reality. So why is she still mooning over the sexy cowboy who made her forget everything but the strong, sure feel of his arms around her?

It wasn’t supposed to be more than one unforgettable night between consenting strangers. But when Sly spots Lana’s photo in the local paper, he grabs at the chance to see her again. The guarded rancher is falling hard for her, but it can only end in heartbreak. Unless Sly can trust Lana with the secrets that keep him from believing that just maybe, they could have a future together.

A Rancher’s Redemption

Since she was a teen, there’s been one guy that restaurateur Dani can always count on—her best friend, Nick. Their relationship is purely platonic…that is until a single kiss changes everything. Now Dani is falling hard for the one man she shouldn’t fall for—the one who can truly break her heart.

Nick accepts that he’s to blame for a string of failed relationships. Dani is the only woman he’s ever trusted. He doesn’t want to be just another guy who lets her down, but his new feelings for her are too strong to resist. Do they dare risk their lifelong friendship for a once-in-a-lifetime love?

The second 2-in-1, “Home on the Ranch, A Match Made in Montana,” includes The Rancher She Loved, set in fictional Saddlers Prairie, and a book from author Joanna Sims.

Here’s your teaser for The Rancher She Loved:

Learning she was adopted is the biggest shock of magazine writer Sarah’s life. Falling for champion bull rider Clay is a close second. Years ago, she shared a sizzling kiss with the handsome rodeo star, only to hear that he was a player.

But as Sarah searches for her birth mother, Clay is unexpectedly by her side. Can this really be the same man she considers a womanizer? As she gets closer to learning the stunning truth about her biological mom, Sarah also finds herself growing closer to Clay. Her head tells her it’s a mistake…but her heart isn’t so sure.

A little about me:

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my own hero. I met him in college, and we’ve been married for umpteen years.

Who doesn’t love a happy ending? Especially when two characters are so right for each other but don’t know it. I like to set my stories in small towns, where folks are nosy but also care about each other.

To date, I have published over 35 novels, as well as several short stories and novellas, through both New York publishers and as an indie author.

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53 thoughts on “Welcome, Ann Roth!”

  1. The stories sound wonderful. I always wanted to be on a ranch but I have too many allergies. Sooooo, I read books about it.

  2. Your books sound really good. There are still a couple ranches left near where I live and I enjoy setting on the main road just watching the cattle grazing. I find it relaxing. I would love to live on enough land to have a couple longhorns.

  3. since my hubs farms full time this Ranching is real life for me and something that I always relate too! Thanks!

  4. Nice to meet you Ann! I love the Pacific Northwest. Probably my favorite trips have been down the coast. I’ll enjoy getting to know you as an author. Thank you for coming to tell us today about your books.

  5. I love your comment about small towns where everyone is nosy, but cares. I grew up in a small town and we still laugh about how I left for prom and my mom immediately got a call from a neighbor. She was calling to let Mom know that my date looked nice, but he didn’t hold the car door open for me! I was blessed to grow up on a street full of grandparents.

  6. Happy January! These all sound like wonderful stories. I have been married for umpteen years, too (50 this past summer) so I do believe in that happy ever after. And a little conflict in a book to get there is a lot of fun. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • They are, and for so many reasons, right? People watch out for each other. It’s wonderful to see familiar faces everywhere. And the nosy folks can play havoc with heroes and heroines. Which we writers love…

  7. I’m looking forward to being introduced to your stories. I visited the Pacific NW last September. My newest granddaughter, Erin, lives in Portland, OR. with my youngest son and his wife. We also visited Olympic, Rocky Mt. and Glacier National Parks. Gorgeous country!

  8. I would love to live on a ranch! Reading about ranch life in Montana is one of my favorite settings. Thanks for the chance!

  9. We do have beautiful scenery here in the PNW even when it’s white and blowing like today. Your books sound like a good read and two in one is always good.

  10. Hi Ann, I love happy endings and your books sound like very good reads, and they sound like they will have happy endings, the covers are Beautiful. I would love to read these stories, and so I must add them to my TBR list. Thank you so much for sharing what your books are about. Have a Great weekend. God Bless you. Very Nice meeting you.

  11. It is hard to beat the wide open spaces of the American West. The area has a different “feel” to it, and there is an independence and self-assuredness of character. I think that is why we like westerns. It reminds us of a wish to live the cowboy lifestyle and to be free. Even if the reality is they must deal with life as we do, day to day with all the hardships and self-doubts.

    • Excellent points, Patricia! The setting itself is a big contributor to the feel of all stories. With wide open spaces, the American West creates that free feeling… Though it can mean loneliness too. Depends on the story.

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