Dr Pepper and Fritoes … the All-American Team!

What is your favorite snack? In Texas when I was growing up everybody would order a coke for their drink, only to be asked “Do you want a Dr Pepper, root beer, or a Coca-Cola? This shows my age because we went on “coke dates”! Even today we ask if someone wants to stop at a drive-thru for a coke, regardless of what they want to drink.

I found some interesting facts when I begin to think about this Southern way of thinking.

Of interest, Charles Elmer Doolin was a candy maker from San Antonio, Texas, during the Depression. He got hooked on the first local version of a fried corn chip…the Frito.

Mr. Doolin promptly bought the recipe and the business, making it his life’s work to perfect the flavor of Fritos. After varying the recipe, he created his own hybrid corn, and developed a conveyor-belt manufacturing unit to make the chips more efficiently. Along the way, he also invented the Cheeto.

In 1955, he opened the Casa de Fritos restaurants. One was in Disneyland and the other in Dallas.
Pix of Frito Pie: Recipes developed for the Frito, including one of my favorite “go to” dish, Frito Chili Pie, which was invented by his mother. Ironically, Mr. Doolin was a healthy eater…a vegetarian who avoided fat and salt.

Now for Dr Pepper which is the oldest carbonated soft drink among popular soft drinks in the United States. The unique Dr Pepper mix originated in Waco, Texas at a small town drugstore called Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store. Most people agree Charles Alderton, the pharmacist at Morrison’s, created the Dr Pepper mixture while working. He spent a lot of time mixing fruit syrups and coming up with new flavors for their carbonated soda machine. He later named his creation, containing 23 different flavors, Dr Pepper.

Px on right of Morrisons Drug: The drink became so popular that the drug store owner, couldn’t keep up with the demand. Every establishment that served soda fountain drinks wanted his Dr Pepper syrup. The period in ‘Dr Pepper’ would later be removed.’ While Alderton was a brilliant pharmacist, he had no desire to take the Dr Pepper drink any further and handed it over to Morrison, the drug store owner, and a man by the name of Robert Lazenby. He was a professional beverage chemist and he and Morrison subsequently worked to improve the drink and take it even further in the market. Due to the drink’s colossal success the two started what we now know as the Dr Pepper Company.

The real defining moment was at the 1904 World’s Fair when Lazenby and his son-in-law J.B. O’Hara graced the crowds with the Dr Pepper drink. Nearly 20 million people showed up to the fair and tried the addictive drink. Over the years the drink went global, emerging on the market around the world. It also held many different marketing slogans like ‘the friendly Pepper-Upper’ and ‘King of Beverages’.

At one point Dr Pepper sued Coca-Cola for trademark infringement when they came out with a Dr.Pibb, which was not only similar in name but tasted similar to Dr Pepper. Coca-Cola was forced to change the name to Mr Pibb, a drink you can still buy today. Now you can enjoy the Dr Pepper flavor with a hint of vanilla or with reduced sugar, called Dr Pepper Zero, which was invented in the United Kingdom. The actual flavors in the Dr Pepper drink are said to be kept in two different vaults. The top secret information is a mystery that still pulls at the curiosity of Dr Pepper lovers today.

You can still visit the Dr Pepper Factory in the small town of Waco, Texas, for a guide through the many stages of Dr Pepper’s history. The now nationally known soda started in this unlikely city which still cherishes the drink to this day.

What is your favorite snack? Do you ever drink Dr. Pepper and Fritos or Cheetos together?

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A native Texan, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Phyliss Miranda still believes in the Code of the Old West and loves to share her love for antiques, the lost art of quilting, and the Wild West.

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57 thoughts on “Dr Pepper and Fritoes … the All-American Team!”

  1. Hi Phyliss, interesting about the Dr Pepper. I tried it a few times but my drink is Pepsi. Just 3 days ago my daughter picked me up a bag of Fritos and cheese doodles. I don’t eat them all the time but I do crave them once and awhile. ? Thanks for the informative post. Have a great day .

    • Hi Carol. Pepsi is good and of course Fritos. Glad you like the post and hope you have a wonderful evening.

  2. I like Dr. Pepper and I like Fritos, but I’m more likely to drink a Coca~Cola.

    Fascinating history–thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Denise, good to see you here. I love Coca-Cola, particularly vanilla Coke. Have a great evening and glad you enjoyed the blog.

  3. Dr Pepper is my favorite drink of all time. I’m very fortunate to have grown up with the oldest bottling company in my county. Erath County in Dublin, TX, only 11 miles from my hometown of Stephenville.
    Here is some history for you!

    Dr Pepper debuted in Waco, Texas in 1885. The Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling was the oldest remaining Dr Pepper bottler until 2012, producing the beverage continuously since 1891. As the soft drink’s first independently owned bottler, owner Sam Houston Prim was given first choice of franchises when franchising of Dr Pepper started in 1925 and, instead of a larger area, chose to formalize an existing, smaller territory, which has remained unchanged.

    Most of the machinery in the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling dates to the 1930s and the plant only runs once a month, enough to refill the roughly 2,000 glass bottles that have circulated for decades. Since the 1990s, it has outsourced most of its production to Temple Bottling Company, a larger independent Dr Pepper bottler in Texas about 110 miles to the southeast.

    Use of cane sugar
    During the late 1970s and early 1980s, almost all American soft drink bottlers switched from cane sugar to HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup) because of a rise in the price of sugar for a number of political reasons. However, the owner of Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company of Dublin, Texas refused to switch sweeteners, and it remained one of few bottlers in the United States to continue using cane sugar year round. Though the Dublin plant is not the only Dr Pepper bottler to have used cane sugar instead of HFCS as a sweetener, the Dublin plant was the most well-known plant to not make the change. Dr Pepper containing cane sugar carried the Imperial Sugar logo and thus the variant became popularly known as “Dublin” Dr Pepper. In addition to Dr Pepper products, the Dublin plant also produced Sun Crest Orange, Triple XXX, and NuGrape in 9-10 ounce returnable bottles. To purchase drinks in the 9-10 ounce returnable bottles, the buyer must first have provided their own crate of empty bottles in order to make an exchange.

    As of 2011, the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company had sales of $7 million a year and sold less than 1% of Dr Pepper’s annual U.S. volume. The Kloster family owns approximately 90% of the bottler.

    The company, having been founded by Sam Houston Prim, was operated by his daughter, Grace Prim Lyon, until her death June 7, 1991. William P. “Bill” Kloster, affectionately known as “Mister Dr Pepper” inherited the company from Grace Prim Lyon and operated it until his death September 27, 1999. His grandson, Mark Kloster, is now general manager of the family business.

    Distribution area issues
    Franchise agreements limited the Dublin plant’s distribution range to a 44-mile radius of Dublin, an area encompassing Stephenville, Tolar, Comanche and Hico. However, the plant’s use of the original sugar recipe had made the plant popular far beyond its existing franchise agreement. Each year, as many as 80,000 visitors flocked to Dublin, drawn to the antiquated bottling plant and its old-fashioned soda.

    Loved this blog Phyliss. I also love Fritos and Frito pies. Frito Pies remind me of rodeos Growing up as my dad hit the road 3 nights a week calf roping. Every concession stand had this delightful meal for sake.
    Love you and Happy New Year.

    • I glad you added the Dublin history so I didn’t have to. Lol There is nothing better than a “Dublin Dr. Pepper”!

    • Love this blog!! If I had known Fritos were a Texas product, I had forgotten that fact! There is nothing better than a Dublin Dr. Pepper made with the pure cane sugar! It is all I drink when I drink a Dr. Pepper. I just can’t leave out that period after Dr! Lol I’m not sure if many know the futher history of the court case between the Dublin and Waco plants but Dublin Dr. Pepper had to change their name to Dublin Bottling Works. Dublin Dr. Pepper ceased to exist on January 11, 2012 and the plant started bottling all pure cane recipes of their own five years later. They have a whole line of excellent sodas! One of our little stores in Cayuga, Texas even sells Dublin Bottling works sodas! These are the prices at the plant…

      12 oz Triple XXX Root Beer
      Always made with pure cane sugar, Triple XXX Root Beer is the smoothest and creamiest root beer available. Naturally caffeine-free with a super-sweet kick. 12 oz glass bottles.

      $22.00 per case

      12 oz Cheerwine
      Another pure cane sugar favorite, Cheerwine is a fresh wild cherry soda with style. Reminiscent of the old style fountain drinks from days gone by. 12 oz glass bottles.

      $22.00 per case

      Dublin Vintage Cola
      This pure cane sugar soda is a thirst quencher with a bright finish and a sweet kick that’s reminiscent of old-time fountain sodas. 12 oz glass bottles.

      $22.00 per case

      Dublin Retro Grape
      Made with pure cane sugar, our deliciously different real grape soda is a treat for kids and grownups alike. Perfect with a peanut butter sandwich. 12 oz glass bottles.

      $22.00 per case

      Dublin Retro Creme Soda
      A blast from the past, our pure cane sugar masterpiece is for everyone who loves a delicious red creme treat straight from the soda fountain. 12 oz glass bottles.

      $22.00 per case

      Dublin Cherry Limeade
      Nothing beats the Texas heat like an ice cold Cherry Limeade. Our pure cane sugar recipe mixes super sweet cherry with just the right amount of citrus lime kick. 12 oz glass bottles.

      $22.00 per case

      Dublin Vanilla Cream
      A cure for any sweet tooth, our vanilla cream soda is made with pure cane sugar and enough vanilla flavor to derail a Texas tornado. 12 oz glass bottles.

      $22.00 per case

      Dublin Orange Cream
      So sweet and creamy, you’ll want to eat it out of a bowl. Real orange flavor and just the right amount of cream make this a pure cane sugar favorite. 12 oz glass bottles.

      $22.00 per case

      Dublin Tart-n-Sweet Lemonade
      Grandma’s lemonade was good, but ours is better. We mix real lemon flavor with pure cane sugar to create this thirst quencher. 12 oz glass bottles.

      $22.00 per case

      They also sell a variety pack on many websites, including Amazon, prices vary from $69 to $79 depending on where you shop:

      24 Glass Bottles 12 oz

      You will recieve
      – 2 Cherry Limeade
      – 2 Fru Fru Berry
      – 2 Texas Blueberry
      – 2 Orange Dream
      – 2 Texas Sweet Peach
      – 1 1891 Green Apple
      – 2 1891 Red Cola
      – 2 Vintage Cola
      – 2 Texas Rootbeer
      – 2 Retro Grape
      – 1 1891 Grapefruit
      – 1 Ginger Ale
      – 1 Red Creme
      – 1 Tart N Sweet Lemonade
      – 1 Vanilla Creme

      The variety pack at the plant I believe is slightly more than the $22 per 12 pack but is much cheaper than what it is sold for by the various sites that sell it in 24 packs. The variety pack wasn’t listed on the website but I remember seeing it at the store in the plant. I don’t believe they sell it in 24 packs at the plant because that is quite a heavy load. The Dublin Bottling works plant with it’s all original assembly line is a great tour as well as the museum tour. You can even mix up your own sample.

      • Hi Stephanie, I’m thrilled that you had so much additional information. I’m not that familiar with the Dublin history and really pleased that you added it. Thank you so much. I’ve got to check it out because frankly I’ve never seen it here in the Panhandle. It’s probably much like the Coke of Mexico, it isn’t carried in every store, but I love it. Another pure cane sugar product, I believe, and I know for a fact it’s a lot sweeter than what is bottled here. My first experience with Coke from Mexico was when I visited there years ago. Now I’m on a crusade to find Dublin Dr Pepper. Thanks for sharing, precious lady. Have a wonderful 2020!

      • Phyliss did you see my post of the history of Dr Pepper above Stephanie’s???
        We both love DP!!
        We will have to get you Linda &. Jodi a Dublin Dr Pepper. You will be in heaven.

      • Hi Tonya. I have to admit that I posted early and then had a doc appt. putting me behind. I’m not particularly a DP lover, but can tolerate it, so we’ll take you up on the Dublin Dr Pepper and go to heaven! Big hugs and thanks for he great information you added. It’s wonderful and really cool. Have a wonderful evening my friend.

  4. Because of the salt content I had to give up frito’s and Cheeto’s becauseo of blood pressure issues but I did enjoy them when I could eat them. Never was a fan of Dr Pepper.

    • Hi Kim, good to hear from you. Unfortunately, when blood pressure comes into the picture changes have to be made. Too bad there isn’t a salt free Frito or Cheeto, but it’d probably be horrid. Like you, I’m not a Dr Pepper fan and have to watch the amount of Coke I drink. Thanks for dropping by and reading my first post of 2020! Happy New Year to you and yours.

  5. I like Fritos and Ruffles Potato Chips. Then I like Diet Dr Pepper. Those are my favorites. I even visited the museum in Texas.

    • Hi Debra, good to hear from you. Love Ruffles, too, but again I’m a Coke drinker although I do drink a Dr Pepper every now and again. I’ve visited the museum, but it’s been a while. Thanks again for dropping by. Hope you have a wonderful 2020!

  6. I do like Dr Pepper and Fritos. But I can usually only take a few sips of the Dr Pepper because my tummy can’t handle the bubbles anymore.

    • Hi Janine. Thanks for reading my blog. I understand the “bubble issue” and really love southern sweetened iced tea … year around. Have a wonderful evening.

  7. I love Dr Pepper, but since going caffeine free in 1990 unable to drink it anymore – we used to mix it with Mt Dew – and I love fritos!!

    • Hi Teresa, good to see you here. DP mixed with Mt. Dew is interesting. I’ll have to try it. Gotta love those Fritos for sure. Have a wonderful evening.

  8. I like a Dr Pepper ever once in a while but I am afraid I am a Mountain Dew fan. I also like coke. I think I will get me a Dr Pepper and a bag of Frito’s and try them together.

    • Hi Gail, good to hear from you. Another Mountain Dew lover! I love Coke, however. Let me know how you like DP and Fritos together. Have a great evening.

  9. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never tasted Dr Pepper. I’m a Diet Coke drinker. I’ve never tasted a Mountain Dew either. I’m not ve r adventurist.

    • Hi Cathy, good to hear from you. I’m diabetic (Type II, controlled), so I’m not suppose to drink much Coke, so I cut down. I’m not too adventurist either. Have a great evening.

  10. As a teen, Dr. Pepper and donuts was a favorite breakfast. Fritos and bean dip was my favorite snack. I have since turned to Coke but Fritos are still a staple in my house.
    Great post! Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Melanie. DP and donuts, interesting. Sounds good, too! Oh I do love Fritos and bean dip also. Fritos are definitely a staple in our house. Glad you enjoyed the blog. Have a wonderful evening

  11. I have never tried Dr. Pepper but when I was very young and a teen I drank ginger ale and cream soda. These were my favorites. Also i had terrible motion sickness so this was helpful. Sea Salt chips are great.

    • Hi Sharon. Good to hear from you. I love ginger ale and cream soda even better. I have a granddaughter who has horrible motion sickness, so I’ll pass that on to her. Sea Salt chips are good too. Have a wonderful evening.

  12. I drank 7-up most of the time at home. Now I drink sparkling water as my tastes have changed since I am older. Snacks I enjoy are naked pita chips.

    • Hi April, great to hear from you. I recently went on sparkling water when I had the tummy junk going around. I mixed it with cranberry-raspberry juice and I’m kinda hooked on it. Hum, naked pita chips? Aren’t they dressed at all??? Just kidding. I bet they are good especially with salsa. Hope you have a great evening.

  13. Love Diet Dr. Pepper… also enjoy Fritos, but sometimes the salt gets to me after awhile… now I am getting hungry! 🙂

    • Hi Colleen, good to hear from you. I don’t think I’ve ever drank a Diet Dr Pepper, but bet it’s good. Gotta love those Fritos. Totally agree with the salt issue. Hope you ate some to satisfy your hunger! Have a wonderful evening.

  14. We never had Dr. Pepper where I lived and it is too strong for me. I prefer mild light drinks and my favorite has always been Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

    • Hi Ruth, good to hear from you. I like a light drink too and especially Ginger Ale. Hope you have a wonderful evening.

  15. Oh, my lord, how I love Dr Pepper! I remember my granny used to buy it to mix her BC Headache Powders with, and when we’d go visit, I’d ask if I could have a Dr Pepper and my mom would always give me a frowny look and say, “No, you know Granny needs those for her medicine!” LOL We did “coke” dates, too, and a coke still means anything from a Sprite to a Fanta Orange to a real Coke.LOL (“What kinda coke do you want?”– “I’ll take a Dr Pepper…” LOL ) Great blog, Phyliss. And my dad was the Frito king. That was his very favorite kind of chip EVER. I think of him every time I eat one, to this day.

    • Hi Cheryl, what a wonderful story. I loved, loved it. I see we have a lot in common with the “coke” regardless of what it is!!!! That’s the southern part of both of us I think. And loved your daddy being the Frito king! You need to make him a crown of Frito bags!!!!! Hope you have a fabulous 2020, my friend! Big hugs.

    • Hi Pearl. Good to hear from you. Unfortunately salty snacks are addictive and I agree that mixed with a good Coke it’s the perfect snack! Hope you have a wonderful evening.

    • Hi Abigail. I have a granddaughter Abigail spelled exactly the same and everyone wants to spell it with gale instead gail. Thanks for dropping by and hope you have a wonderful evening.

  16. I like Fritos, but can’t drink Dr Pepper! It has to be a Coca Cola for this girl!! I’ll drink a Coke with Fritos any day! I like the Publix version of Cheetos, but can’t stand the name brand! The Publix version is made with real cheese, the Cheetos brand isn’t. And, yes, I’m one of the people who can tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi, too!!We had to do demonstration speeches in my Speech class at College, and one of the girls did taste testing between Coke and Pepsi, because she couldn’t believe people could tell the difference, because she couldn’t!

    • Hi Trudy. Sometime the store brand of items are better or at least just as good as named brands. We don’t have a Publix here, but if I ever see one, I’ll have to try the Cheetos. That is so interesting about the taste test. Very interesting. I hope you have wonderful evening, and am so glad you shared your story.

    • Hi Linda, good to hear from you. I like Doritos too. I think I’d have to spend the who day visiting my friend in the ladies room if I drank two Dr Peppers or even Cokes a day. Hope you have a wonderful evening, and thanks for stopping and reading my blog.

  17. Interesting post, Phyliss. I’m not a Dr. Pepper fan. My go to snack is the puffy cheese curls. I can’t buy anything bigger than an individual bag, because once I start, I can’t stop….

    • Hi Alisa, good to hear from you. I like puffy cheese curls, too. About everything I eat has to be in an individual bag, or like you, I’d eat a whole bag of chips! Hope you have a wonderful evening.

  18. I did not know that Fritos and Cheetos were related. Cheetos are a favorite and I eat them way too often. I like Coke products and have had Mr. Pibb, but it doesn’t compare to Dr. Pepper. We always have some in the fridge for our daughter when she comes over. It is her drink of choice. I am sure I have had Dr. Pepper and Cheetos together, but it was likely a long time ago. Will have to try it again. Thank you for an interesting post. I had no idea these products were developed in Texas. Next time we are near Waco we will have to visit the Dr. Pepper factory.

    • Hi Patricia, good to hear from you. Happy you enjoyed my post I knew about Fritos because for one thing we have a factory about an hour or so south of our town, I’m like you I keep different drinks for my grands who still live here. Yes, go to the Dr Pepper factory in Waco. It’s interesting, plus they have one of the most beautiful suspension bridges there. Have a great evening.

  19. My favorite drink is Cherry Dr Pepper. I am not a fan of Fritos but love Doritos. My husband makes a Dorito pie that I love. When we were first married he told me he liked Frito pie. I’d never had it and called the company to find the recipe. The person I talked to was delighted someone wanted the recipe. When you consider how easy it is to make, you wonder why I needed a recipe. As I said, I’d never eaten it.

    • Hi Caroline, so good to hear from you. I’ve never fixed a Frito pie with Doritos, but I bet it is good. I love your story about calling the company. Being born and raised in Texas, I grew up on Frito Pie, and now that it’s just my hubby and me, it’s one of my “go to” dinners. Enjoy your Dorito Pie, but if you ever want to make a change, try Frito pie, made exactly the same. But I do think Fritos are a tad tougher than Doritas. I do like Cherry Dr Pepper. Have a wonderful evening.

  20. Cousin Tonya Lucas and Book Sister Stephanie Jenkins Ortiz Cerrillo said more than I knew. I have purchased “Dublin” Dr Pepper for co-workers willing to pay the premium price for it due to such popularity. That was when it was available. Shame Snapple and Dublin could not work out an agreement.
    Frito pie is a staple food group. Nuf said.
    I would love to get one of your books. But, will have to look for one I do not have. Will be hard to find.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, may it be blessed all through it.

    • Hi Jerri Lynn, thanks for stopping by. For sure a Frito Pie is a go to dinner. I really appreciate you, Tonya and Stephanie for being faithful readers. If we didn’t have gals like you, and our other readers, we’d have no reason to write. Happy New Year and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed 2020! Big hugs, Phylss

  21. I love reading the story of Dr. Pepper. My all-time favorite soda is Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. (I’ve never tried it with Fritos but I may need to add this to my next grocery list …)

    • Hi Carrie. Glad you enjoyed my blog. I do like Cherry Dr Pepper, but prefer Coke. Yes, add Fritos to your grocery list. I don’t think you’ll be sorry. Hope you have a wonderful evening.

  22. I don’t even remember the last time when I drank any kind of soda pop. I drank more soda pop than I ever had in my entire life when I was an exchange student in the States years ago for a couple months, until my stomach started to rebel. After I came back I’ve hardly ever drank any. It’s either juice, milk or water these days. I eat potato chips and cheese puffs sometimes, though.

    • Minna, good to hear from you. Wish I could kick the Coke habit, but I have cut down. After 5’ish each evening, I go to water and drink a lot of juice during the day. Hope you have a wonderful evening.

  23. Hi Caryl, good to hear from you. I’m glad you liked my blog. I’m proud of you for getting away from snacks. Wish I could. Hope you have a wonderful evening.

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