Michelle Major Helps Us Kick Off the New Year!

Hey everyone, and Happy New Year! Joining us today at the Junction is Michelle Major. We’re real excited to have her here, so join us in welcoming Michelle!


Howdy and Happy New Year!

I’m so excited for 2020 – to me there’s always so much potential in the new year. And I can’t think of a better way to kick it off th

an with a new book. Fortune’s Fresh Start, my January release, is the first in the long-running Fortune’s series from Harlequin Special Edition.

Here’s a bit more about the book: In the small Texas burg of Rambling Rose, real estate investor Callum Fortune is making a big splash. The last thing he needs is any personal complications slowing his pace—least of all nurse Becky Averill, a beautiful widow with twin baby girls. Callum’s past has convinced him he’s not cut out for commitment. Yet, drawn to Becky in ways he can’t understand, Callum is torn between moving on…and moving in!

It’s been great fun to be part of the Fortune’s series over the past several years. I love working with other authors when our stories overlap and being part of such a well-loved family within the book world. Being the start of the new year, I find myself looking forward as well as back over the past twelve months. One tradition I’ve enjoyed recently is picking a ‘word of the year’. This is a somewhat popular trend – a little different from resolutions – in that the word guides you through the year and helps set a course.

This yearmy word is ‘purpose’. I’ve thought about it long and hard, and for me it’s a word that will hold meaning and guide me through 2020. Both of my kids are teenagers now and I have a bit more time on my hands to reflect on who I want to be in both my personal and professional life. What I want my ‘purpose’ to be and how the actions I take can enhance that.

Purpose also has meaning for me with the characters I create. Becky, the heroine of Fortune’s Fresh Start, is working to find purpose and meaning in her life as she raises her twin girls on her own after her husband’s death. Callum Fortune has come to Rambling Rose to find his purpose and when the two of them meet, their connection is instantaneous. But both Callum and Becky have been hurt in the past and it takes a lot of growth along their journey to finally take the risk of loving again. I hope readers find hope and healing in the book and can relate to two not-so-perfect people discovering a love that’s perfect for them.

I love to hear about how other people start the new year. Do you like resolutions or can you relate to selecting a guiding ‘word of the year’? Tell me something you hope to do/accomplish/experience in 2020 or something special that happened in 2019. I’d love to give away two copies of Fortune’s Fresh Start to P&P readers.


Thanks again for having me at Petticoats & Pistols. I wish each of you an amazing new year and all the blessings in 2020!

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20 thoughts on “Michelle Major Helps Us Kick Off the New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year Michelle. No resolutions for me . Two words I’m thinking this year are strength and peace.

    • Happy New Year! A man that wouldn’t run from a woman with twins is a man worth reading about! I’m terrible about keeping my resolutions so I haven’t made one the past couple of years. Me and my MS memory has been forgetting to strive to the “word” of the year and I had forgotten to pick one this year. I’ll be thinking about that now. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your new release with us. I’ve yet to read one of your books.

  2. Happy New Year. 2019 was a great year and I’m going into 2020 with a positive outlook for the year. I don’t make resolutions, but I take the new year as a way to do good, give more, and enjoy each and everyday with loved ones.

    • You are such a giving, caring person and I’m not so sure you could get much better! I pray you have a blessed year!

  3. I don’t make resolutions and I have never picked a word for the year. I just pretty much just try to make each day the best it can be.

  4. I don’t make resolutions because I want keep them. I have never picked a word before either, I just take each day as it comes.

  5. Hi and Happy New Year to all! This book sounds like a Very good read and the cover is Beautiful! I would love to read this book. I don’t make resolutions , I also don’t go through with them. But the idea of choosing a word or 2 sounds like a very good idea, it’s a guide, I really like that . I’m just not sure yet what word or words I would choose, maybe health, I’m not getting any younger, so taking better care of myself is a good one. I did start going to the gym in Sept., so I will really focus on continuing for my own good, I want to be around for a while and enjoy my grandchildren, my children, my husband and my whole family. God Bless you all.

  6. Happy New Year! I can’t wait to read this story. I stopped making resolutions. Not always very successful and probably something that should have been in my daily planner anyway. But I do like the idea of selecting a word and this year for me the word is Optimism. Instead of Hoping for good things I’m going to look for the bright side of what I’ve got.

  7. Loved reading about your new book. I don’t make resolutions at my age, but I plan adventures instead. My word for this year is EMBRACE. Every opportunity to experience a deeper walk with God, fun, giving, family, camping, traveling, etc. Happy Year Year Michelle.

  8. I don’t make resolutions and have never chosen a word for the year either. I do take time to think about the past year and set some goals for the New year.

  9. I am starting something new at 53 years old, I started Real Estate School on New Years Eve. I am excited and scared all at the same time.

  10. I sort of make resolutions every year. It is a wish list that I think about but never seem to get very far at accomplishing. The one word for the year is actually a good idea. It reflects what most of my resolutions pertain to. For me, my word would be Organize. Things have been a bit out of control lately due to health issues, a house over run with “Stuff.” and volunteering in too many different directions. I need to organize my house, my volunteering, and dealing with my health. If I can manage that, I will have so much more time for reading.
    I am glad Fortune’s Fresh Start is a Special Edition. The extra length gives us more character and story development to enjoy.
    Have a wonderful 2020.

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