Happy New Year’s Eve/Eve and a Low-Cal Cocktail!

Have y’all been enjoying Jingle Jangle Spurs? 

As most of you know, the fillies take the last two weeks off from the regular blogging schedule so we can enjoy the holidays, too.  But we want to keep the festive spirit alive and let you know we’re still thinking of you.  So every year, we try hard to stir up something fun for everyone.

I’m bringing up the tail end of Jingle Jangle Spurs, and even though Christmas is over, New Year’s is just around the corner.  Have you ever wondered how the custom of ringing in the New Year with champagne or a lively cocktail began?

It’s said that after Julius Caesar fiddled with the pagan calendar and ultimately added January, he ordered Roman consuls to begin their new terms then.  Hence, in addition to looking forward to the end of winter, the people heralded in some new politicians as well, and took up the opportunity to celebrate.

The practice of heralding the new year spread across Europe and eventually America in the 1800s. Settlers stayed awake until midnight firing their guns, setting off fireworks, and tolling church bells. Some even went door to door demanding drinks like spiked punch and lemonade, along with snacks. Can’t you just imagine the festive atmosphere with the air filled with noise and raucous (and maybe a little drunken) fun?

Later in the decade, champagne emerged as the cocktail of choice in society parties and fine restaurants. I suspect most of you reading this can recall lifting a glass of bubbly after 9 p.m. on New Year’s Eve?

My husband and I don’t go out to celebrate like we used to, but I’d love to share my favorite Sangria recipe that’s easy to make, festive and LOW CALORIE to boot!

Even better, you don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve to enjoy it.


Tropical Sangria

1 750 ml bottle of white zinfadel wine (use red wine, if you prefer!)

1/4 cup orange liqueur like Cointreau

1 unpeeled orange, thinly sliced

1 unpeeled lime, thinly sliced

8 oz can pineapple chunks or slices, undrained

2 cups lime or lemon-lime seltzer, club soda or carbonated water, chilled

Combine all into large pitcher EXCEPT seltzer. Stir and chill at least 4 hours or overnight.

Add the chilled seltzer just before serving.


Wishing you all a healthy, safe and prosperous New Year!



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18 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Eve/Eve and a Low-Cal Cocktail!”

  1. Wishing you a healthy and safe and wonderful new year also. My husband and I dont party the way we used to either.

  2. Happy New Year, what a great history lesson.
    I have spent many a New Years Eve celebrating. As it’s my Birthday. I turn 51 tomorrow, so I’m on to my next 50 years of celebrating.
    May you, all the fillies, and All our friends here have the best 2020!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your Sangria recipe with us as I LOVE Sangria!! I am known to add Peaches to mine with a white Moscato , living in the south growing up my nickname was Ga.Peach because I loved anything with Peaches ?
    Happy New Year to you and your family, may 2020 bring Health, Happiness and lots of wonderful new books by ALL our favorite authors!!

  4. Pam, what a great blog to kick off our second holiday week, or our New Year’s week. I just got back from California with our two daughters and their families. Since all of the girls, except one, are “of age” they went all out on fun drinks very similar to yours. Sounds great! Wish we’d had it to try out with the girls. My oldest lives in the wine country, so wine is anything but in short supply.

    I join you and the rest of the Fillies in thanking our faithful readers for a wonderful 2019 and look forward to an even better 2020! Happy New Years!

  5. Pam, thanks for sharing the recipe. Sangria is one of my favorite drinks and I’m always looking for a new recipe to try! I’m putting this one on my list for New Year’s Eve as I sit on my couch with my hubby watching a movie. I think we need to add this one to our Pinterest recipe board. I’m off to figure that out now!

  6. Happy New Year! We don’t go out for the new year either, I usually just set around and read, so I guess you could say I travel to a different place for New Years in books.

  7. I wish you a very Happy, Prosperous and Prosperous New Year! That drink sounds yummy! 2020, wowza.

  8. This sounds like a light, refreshing drink. If not for New Years, it would be perfect for summer picnics and get togethers. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and that 2020 will be all that you hope, bringing nothing but good things for you.

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