Cowboys & Mistletoe WINNERS!


May the warmth of Christmas and romance

from the stories we’ve shared these past four days stay with you throughout the year.


We hope you visit us every day. 

You are all so very special to us.


And now . . .

one more thing that’s pretty special to us.


Our GIFTS to you!


Here we go – our four days of

$10 Amazon Gift Card Winners!

(Be sure to check your email – you’ll be hearing from us!)




Pam Crooks

Cheryl St.John


Shanna Hatfield

Abigail Harris


Mary Connealy

Tonya Lucas




Cheryl Pierson

Celeste Herrin


Linda Broday

Lindsay Sosa


Kit Morgan

Susan P




Karen Witemeyer



Ruth Logan Herne

Caryl Kane


Winnie Griggs

Patricia Barraclough




Margaret Brownley

Melanie Backus


Jeannie Watt

Glenda Kinard


Phyliss Miranda



Merry Christmas to All!


Note: All Rafflecopter winners selected by US entries only.

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17 thoughts on “Cowboys & Mistletoe WINNERS!”

  1. Thank you, Winnie Griggs and the other authors who sponsored this giveaway.. Congratulations to all the winners.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners and I want to personally thank all the Fillies for making this a fun year for all of us.
    Thank you Mary for the $10 gift card. I want to wish each and everyone of very merry Christmas and a very prosperous and happy 2020!
    Love to you all- TONYA

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