Pam Crooks


Lonely Sonja Kaplan doesn’t want to spend another Christmas alone. While she has her secret government work to fill her days, she longs for a husband to fill her nights.

Chet Lattimer doesn’t know the first thing about being a father when the six-year-old son he didn’t realize he had bursts into his life. Worse, it’s Christmas, and there’s no one to help him celebrate except the mysterious woman the gossips call the Bird Lady.

But a little boy hungry for love helps them all find truth and peace, and together they revel in the magic of Christmas.




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After Allethaire Gibson was kidnapped several years earlier in the wilds of Montana Territory, she tries hard to put her life back together in civilized Minnesota. She almost succeeds—until she’s framed for a crime she didn’t commit. With her reputation in shreds, she flees back to Montana to seek her father’s help in proving her innocence.

Mick Vasco never expects to see Allethaire again, but when he finds her in the middle of a train-robbery-in-progress, he has no choice but to kidnap her—again.

Together they race against time to find crucial answers. But during the blessed season of Christmas, they find wondrous gifts of forgiveness and love instead.



ON SALE – only 99¢ !


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Shanna Hatfield


   Professional bareback rider Gage Taggart can almost taste the world championship title he’s spent all year pursuing. When an unexpected injury sidelines him, he heads to his best friend Trevor’s home to recuperate. Little by little, he finds himself completely smitten with Trevor’s beautiful sister. But he’s up against a formidable opponent: brotherly concern. Reluctantly, Gage vows to leave Tally alone to keep from breaking her heart when he heads back out on the road.

   Tally King thrives on her work as a nurse, until she ends up caring for her injured brother and his best friend on the family ranch. Between the two stubborn men determined to prove how tough they and the unpredictable antics of her loony aunt Marvella, Tally feels like her life is spiraling out of control. Or maybe it’s due to falling head over heels in love with Gage despite concerns he’ll leave her heart in broken pieces.

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   Claire Baker does nothing halfway. She makes it a point to follow her heart, even when it leads her to a small Eastern Oregon town to stay with relatives. In truth, she loves Hardman and the people there. Which is why she wants a recluse she met in the woods and his adorable daughter to join in the community holiday celebrations. The more time they spend together, the more she realizes she’s fallen hopelessly in love with both of them.

   All Grayson Carter wants is to be left alone. That’s why he built his cabin in the middle of more than a thousand acres of woods, seeking to disappear from the world and keep his daughter, Maddie, safe.  Then a beautiful interloper appears and becomes quite determined in her efforts of drawing him back into the land of the living. As she brings him and Maddie Christmas cheer, he realizes falling in love with her could be the best and worst thing he’s ever done.




Ready to begin a new life far away from the sad memories of the Civil War, J.B. and Nora Nash head west on the Oregon Trail. They settle into the small community of Pendleton, Oregon, on a piece of land where they’re excited to build a future and their dreams together.

A devastating tragedy leaves them both reeling as they draw further and further apart. Nora blames J.B. for her unhappiness while he struggles through his own challenges. Only a miracle can bring them through their trials and reunite them for Christmas.

Together, will they discover the gift of grace in this sweet holiday romance brimming with hope, history, and abiding love?

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Mary Connealy

Click to Buy……. Christmas at Star Inn

Christmas at Star Inn 

Margaret Brownley, Ruth Logan Herne and Mary Connealy.

“Do You Hear What I Hear?” by Margaret Brownley
Can a tree-hugging activist and lumbermill owner find love?
“Silent Night, Star-lit Night” by Ruth Logan Herne
Jed Taylor hears that Mia O’Loughlin is heading north the week before Christmas, pregnant and alone, he can’t let her make the long trek on her own. 
“Room at the Inn for Christmas” by Mary Connealy:
A lonely woman struggles against the lure of home. She is reunited with an old classmate: Anthony Carter, a handyman with a guarded heart. Can he help Amanda realize the Star Inn is worth saving…and can he do it in time for Christmas?


Don’t miss out on the chance to win a $10 GIFT CARD TO AMAZON! 

Please scroll down to the form below. Click the link to my AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE and FOLLOW ME, then note on the form that you followed. If you like, you can also mention it in the comments here on the blog!

Winners will be announced on Sunday, December 8th.

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