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Hello Everyone, Winnie Griggs here. 

I’m taking a break from my series on female law enforcement trail blazers this month to post on something a little more personal.  I’m excited to announce that, as of Nov 1, I have a new release out.

This one, SAWYER,  is part of the Bachelors and Babies series, Book 6 to be exact.  I was really excited to be invited to take part in this series – the authors are all great and it was the first time I’ve had the chance to be involved in a project like this. It also gave me the opportunity to try my hand at an indy work. I did one last spring, The Unexpected Bride, but it was a little different since that was an old backlist work I was tweaking, repackaging and reissuing. Sawyer is an entirely shiny new work and one I had a lot of fun writing. And I must say this has been a great, and sometimes scary, learning experience.

There will be 14 books in this series, coming out one a month, and while they are all standalone, they share a common theme – what happens when a bachelor in the old west suddenly finds himself unexpectedly saddled with a baby. And this series is certainly a showcase for the saying that if you give a dozen people a story idea you’ll end up with a dozen different stories. I’ve read the first five books of the series and they are all very different, coming at the theme from a number of different angles.

As you can see from this graphic, there are some familiar names among the participating authors, including my Filly-sister Pam Crooks who kicked off the series with TRACE, former Filly Cheryl St.John who’ll wrap us up with TANNER, and several authors who have popped up here in the past as guests.


Here’s a little more info about Sawyer:

Sawyer Flynn vows to see that the man who murdered his brother pays for his crimes, but becoming the sole caretaker of an orphaned infant sidetracks him from the mission. Sawyer can’t do it all—run his mercantile, care for the baby, and find justice for his brother. He needs help. But not from Emma Jean Gilley.

When her father flees town after killing a man, Emma Jean is left alone to care for her kid brother, but her father’s crime has made her a pariah and no one will give her a job. Learning of Sawyer’s need, Emma Jean makes her case to step in as nanny.

Sawyer is outraged by Emma Jean’s offer, but he’s also desperate and he reluctantly agrees to a temporary trial. Working together brings understanding, and maybe something more. But just when things heat up between Sawyer and Emma Jean, the specter of her father’s crimes threatens to drive them apart forever.


You can get your copy at this link on AMAZON  

When I was writing this book I set up a Pinterest board to save images of how I imagined my characters would look, as well as their homes and the mercantile where the hero works. You can view it HERE if you’re interested.

If you’re interested in reading an excerpt, you can find one on my website HERE

And you can join the Bachelors & Babies Readers Group on Facebook to meet all the authors and learn about upcoming releases!

So let’s chat

How do you feel about series like this one that are connected by theme rather than more tightly connected by location or family or some such?
When there is a long running one like this, do you normally stick with it all the way through or at some point do you feel like you’ve had enough, and if so what is that tipping point for you?
Is there some theme you haven’t seen recently that you’d like to see a series built around?

Comment here and you just might find yourself on the winning end of a signed copy of Sawyer!

(FYI – I’ll be traveling until early afternoon, so my responses may be sparse until I get home but I promise to answer every comment  whenever I have access to the internet)



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39 thoughts on “New Release – Sawyer”

  1. The premiss for the stories is one I enjoy. There are men who are quite capable, but give them an infant to take care of and they fall apart. Some men do quite well with babies, but they are few and far between. I like this idea of a series connected by theme rather than characters or place. It is freeing for the authors to be able to approach it any way they want without having to consider what others have built in a certain location with other characters.
    I usually don’t follow series that are this long. However since they are connected only by theme, it would be easy to drop in wherever I want and not worry about continuity. I do like having a book come out every month. A major complaint with series both long and short is having to wait so long between books.
    Off and I can’t think of any theme that hasn’t been dealt with extensively.

  2. I love series. It’s also so enjoyable when other characters make a surprise visit. Like meeting up with old friends. ? So far I’ve stuck with all the series I have read. I think the longest series I’ve been reading is JD Robb’s ( Nora Roberts) In Death series. Sawyer sounds wonderful and can’t wait to read it.

  3. I enjoy series and usually stick with it to the end. Theme connected seems like a great idea and you wouldn’t have to read them in order. I would love to read Sawyer it sound wonderful.

    • Hi Quilt Lady, sounds like you haven’t read a theme connected series before but I’m happy to hear you are open to them. And thanks for the kind words about my new release ?

  4. I think that a theme connecting books in a series can be a great thing! If a person comes in midway they won’t feel lost. BTW, I love the cover of Sawyer!

    • Hello Connie, glad you like the idea of a theme connected series and it’s true you can absolutely read the books on any order without missing a step. And thanks for the kind words on the cover.

  5. This is a kind of new version of a series for me and I find I am enjoying it. I like the connection. I haven’t hit my saturation point yet and imagine finishing every series like this. As you say, the theme is common but the stories are very different, so it’s familiar in a way but a brand new story and set of characters. Congrats on the release and thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I enjoy series, but tend to read so much that I move on to other books… I bounce around a lot… so many great reads out there.

  7. Hi Winnie! Six years ago, I got hooked on reading series. I read all the books of my favorite authors. And, when having to wait a spell before another book is released, it’s like revisiting old friends again. I would love to read Sawyer. You write with such humor too. Love your books. Thank you for your blog today.

  8. Welcome and congratulations. I like series like this where the books are all around a theme. I can read the authors I like as well as try out new to me authors. I also like series where I start with book one and watch each book build upon itself. Heck, LOL I love series. I dont know all the series types out there, but I think it would be fun to read a theme series set in the west that are about horses and how they are such a help to the cowboys and ranchers, even some towns folks. Or a theme series about the wisdom passed down from grandpa and grandma in the west

  9. That sounds Awesome Winnie, I am happy for you. Your book Sawyer sounds and looks like a very good read.I Love the cover! I love books that are series. God Bless you.

  10. I like this kind of series. I have 43 of a 46 book series, in fact. It’s the Tales of the Grace Chapel Inn. They were all written by several different authors. The three main characters, the town, and some of the same “minor” characters are in all of the books. I didn’t originally purchase all of the books, though!! I’m not sure I’d want another series this long, either! I have read other series where the theme is just the town the stories take place, so each book is a total stand alone, and I like those, too!! I don’t wait for a whole series to be out, I’ll read them each as they come, as that’s what I’ve done with most of the series I’ve read. I’ll read other books in between, as some books take 6 months to a year between books!

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