Cowboys and Christmas

When I was thinking about a title for today’s blog post, of course my brain went right to Cowboys and Christmas. But from there, it tripped along over a fun old Christmas song. Emmylou Harris’ version is my favorite and the one playing on the soundtrack in my head this morning.


Truthfully, I’ve had Christmas on the brain for months and months (okay, maybe it’s been there since last Christmas!). But I have a good reason. Well, several good reasons, but I’m excited to share three of them with you today. 

The first reason I’m so excited for the holiday season is my newly released non-fiction book – A Cowboy Christmas.


The book features interviews with rodeo and ranch families who share their favorite holiday traditions. Readers will find holiday how-tos, gift ideas, decorating tips and recipes (more than 70 of them). Some of the recipes are my family favorites and others come from the ranch and rodeo families. I tested (and tasted!) them all. I also had fun taking all the photographs of the food and how-tos. It was a great learning experience and one I’m so happy I had the opportunity to explore. 

Several of the families mentioned in the book have had their lives touched by a special organization called the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund. The JCCF steps in when a rodeo athlete sustains a catastrophic injury and is unable to work for an extended time. They’ve provided $8 million in funds to more than 1,100 athletes, giving the cowboys a hand up when they need it most. And every dollar donated goes directly into the fund without any administrative fees removed. 

Back in 2013, I was working on the first book in a new series and reached out to the Justin Sportsmedicine Team with some questions. They kindly helped me and that’s when I first learned about the JCCF. 

This is the sixth year I’ll donate ten percent of my book proceeds to the fund. 

Any Shanna Hatfield book purchased between now and Christmas counts and will help benefit a great cause. 

To find out more about the JCCF and my Read a Book, Help a Cowboy campaign, visit my website


Another reason I’m all excited about Christmas is the release of my first sweet romantic comedy written in first person.

Oh, my gracious! 

I had so much fun writing this story and I hope you’ll have fun reading it!

Between Christmas and Romance  is part of the sweet and wholesome Christmas Mountain series, set in the fictional town of Christmas Mountain, Montana. My story is book seven in the series.

Here’s a little about Between Christmas and Romance: 

There’s nothing like a little Christmas glow to light up a holiday romance. . .

When the bright lights and big city lost its luster, Carol Bennett returns to her Montana hometown disillusioned and ready to embrace a simple, quiet existence. After she takes over the Christmas Mountain bookstore, she is determined to forget the glitzy world that left her with broken dreams. The store provides the perfect place to hide from her past while indulging her secret joy of reading sappy romances.

Then she encounters a cowboy too handsome for his own good and too insightful for hers. Although she adores his grandmother, rancher Tim Burke is stubborn, bold, and opinionated. He refuses to let her hide when he sees her all too clearly and does his best to draw her out of her protective shell.

In spite of her determination to detest the man, the sparks sizzling between them could light up the town’s Christmas tree. Carol has to decide if she’ll choose being brave and latching onto happiness or staying safely tucked away in her store.

Will two such opposite people be able to find love somewhere between romance and Christmas?

You can find more details about the book on my website, including buy links.


Also in its sixth year, I’m thrilled to invite you all to join me for the annual Cowboys and Christmas party taking place on Facebook November 7! There will be guest authors, game, giveaways, and so much fun!  Hope to see you all there!

What about you?

What is one thing you are looking forward to about the holidays? 

Post your answer for a chance to win a digital copy of Between Christmas and Romance!


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After spending her formative years on a farm in Eastern Oregon, hopeless romantic Shanna Hatfield turns her rural experiences into sweet historical and contemporary romances filled with sarcasm, humor, and hunky western heroes.
When this USA Today bestselling author isn’t writing or covertly hiding decadent chocolate from the other occupants of her home, Shanna hangs out with her beloved husband, Captain Cavedweller.

47 thoughts on “Cowboys and Christmas”

  1. Bringing the whole family together for Christmas dinner and catching up on each others lives. I really enjoyed reading about Between Christmas And Romance. Definitely have to read the whole story now.

  2. I am looking forward to spending time with the family. It seems like it gets smaller every year so you have to cherish what you have left of the family.

  3. Love Christmas music, singing carols, how my church is decorated so beautifully, and the gathering of family and friends. I love driving through Sertoma’s trail of lights, going to Bentlyville in Duluth, Minnesota, and enjoying snow. It’s a season of joy and yet missing those who are in Heaven. Of course, celebrating the birth of Jesus. I can’t name just one thing obviously!

    I’m not in the digital copy mode yet … but maybe for Christmas I will be.

  4. I am most excited to see some of my children. We have 1 of our 4 children left at home so this mom is missing the kids (ages 31, 29, 27 and 21). We don’t get to see them much since they moved out of state. Christmas has always been about family so as almost empty nesters this is a little challenging.

  5. I’m looking forward to decorating and putting out all my fav Christmas treasures I have collected over the years. Lots of good memories with each one.

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Isn’t it fun to take out those precious treasures and let the memories wash over you? I just love doing that, too!
      Thank you for stopping in today. Wishing you fantastic days ahead!

  6. Hi Shanna. Since both of our daughters have moved out of state with their families, we alternate Christmas between Kansas and California. This year it’s Cal and I enjoy going out a week or so before Christmas. This year I’m flying out on the 16th, so will have a lot of time. My two youngest grands don’t know I’m coming so early, so when they get home from school, I’ll be there to surprise them. So, Christmas is my favorite, although this year we’re going up to Kansas then over to our daughter’s and SIL’s lake house in Missouri, so both Thanksgiving and Christmas will be special this year. Can hardly wait to catch up on your new releases. Congratulations!

    • Hi Phyliss,
      How fun you’ll get to make special memories with your family for both Christmas and Thanksgiving. Yay! Hope your travels are safe and your time with them all is blessed!
      And thank you! <3

  7. Welcome today. What a fun video. Thanks for sharing. This is a great post today. I am also one of those who think of Christmas all year long. I start sewing in Jan or Feb for that year. I try to have all my gifts wrapped and ready to go by the end of Nov so I can enjoy family and friends throughout Dec. I love getting together with them. I love to watch as others open all their gifts and exclaim over them. Yes I am a people watcher and enjoy it. I love to sing Christmas songs all year long.

    • Hi Lori!
      I so appreciate what you shared! I, too, enjoy shopping all year and love watching the recipients open their gifts. So fun!
      And there is never a bad time to sing a Christmas song. 🙂
      Wishing you an amazing holiday season!

  8. I’m looking forward to the music. I have no idea what we’re doing for Christmas this year. I know one of my sisters, brother-in-law, niece and great nephew are going to New Zealand to see my one of my other nieces and her family, but I have no idea what anyone else in the family is doing.

    • Hi Trudy! So glad you could join us today.
      I enjoy the Christmas music, too! There’s just something so uplifting and lovely about it.
      I hope whatever you do for Christmas, it brings you happiness and fills your heart with joy!

  9. I’m excited I will be going home to see my family. I love Christmas with them. Last year was the 1st year without Granny , but we went to Rob’s family since he really needed to be with his sisters after his Mom’s passing and his oldest sister’s Husbands passing the month before.
    So this year we will go to my family’s, I have a feeling Granny not being there will really hit close, but I won’t be sad because I know she’s watching IV er me and she’s at peace.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and get to spoil Baby T.

    • Hi Tonya,
      Oh, I’m sure your sweet Granny will be greatly missed but I’m so glad you’ll get to spend the holiday with your family, surrounded by their warmth and love. I hope I get some spoiling time in with Baby T, too!
      Thank you so much, sweet friend! <3

  10. Seeing how My grandson will react to lights and such of Christmas Decor and having all my Children home for Christmas

  11. I’m looking forward to spending time with family here at home and traveling to see extended family. Also, the peaceful hush on Christmas Eve as we remember the birth of our Savior then celebrating with two tiny tot grandchildren, their parents, and aunt and uncle too on Christmas Day.

  12. This year we are going to Texas for Christmas because my son and his wife just bought their first house so we get to spend the holidays with all our grandchildren! We are very excited!!!

  13. The Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund sounds like valuable support for rodeo athletes. Health insurance is often too expensive for them if they can even get it. Being laid up for any length of time is something they could find impossible to handle. Thank you so much for supporting this fund.

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