An Open Letter to Our Readers

Dear Readers,

Every day, here in Wildflower Junction, we feel your love in the ways you show your devotion and loyalty. It’s humbling–and magical. Could it be that Felicia kissed the Blarney Stone? That’s entirely possible. We once caught her kissing Jasper, her mule, and baking him a carrot cake. God love her.

Whatever the magic is, we love seeing you every day and reading your comments, telling us your stories and sharing whatever is on your mind. In this often uncertain world, it’s sometimes difficult to locate a bit of cheer, but we do find it here and hope you do, too.

Thank you for spending part of your day with us, for reading our blogs and taking a few moments to comment and share your thoughts.  Sometimes we fillies get bogged down with our deadlines, social media, marketing, and WRITING. We end up tired and burned out, but knowing we’re not alone makes a huge difference. We’re all cruising on a two-way street. You don’t know how often tears fill our eyes when one of you reveals how you’re hurting or alone and we pray you find relief.

This is one world and it’s the coming together of hearts–laughing and crying. For twelve and a half years, Petticoats & Pistols has been a gathering place of hearts. We’re all just people who share a love for reading, of history and the West. It’s a simple concept. No judgment, no censoring. Here, we can just “be.”

Blog sites routinely keep track of the number of times a person leaves a comment. For us, two people in particular stand out. One has written 1,234 comments. It’s pretty safe to say that she has been here from the first. Another runs a close second at 1,020 comments.

We think that’s pretty darned amazing.

So thank you for “being” with us and making us part of your day.  More importantly, you’ve made us part of your family. Our hearts swell with gratitude, and we love you all dearly. 

Julie     Linda     Margaret     Mary     Pam     Winnie     Shanna     

Ruth     Karen K.     Phyliss     Kit     Cheryl     Jeannie     Karen W.


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60 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Our Readers”

  1. Thank you, all of you, for the informative posts, the enjoyable books, the peeks into your lives, and the fun “special events.” I have found new to me authors who have become must reads. Through your posts I have found places I really want to visit and have actually made it to a few. I have been lucky enough to meet one of you, Linda Broday, and have missed connections with another, Cheryl Pierson, twice. Petticoat Junction is a friendly place with welcoming residents. The population may change, but those who leave, like the good friends they are, come back for visits.
    Again, thank you for making this such a welcoming place. I look forward to visiting every day and really miss it when I can’t make it. When I first saw the heading to this post, I was afraid it was going to be a Thank You and Goodbye. You have no idea how relieved I was when I finished reading the post. I hope Petticoat Junction will be around for many more years. I would miss you ladies and these visits.

    • Aw, Patricia B, we didn’t mean to scare you! Ha! No, as a Founding Filly, I have seen the dedication and loyalty the fillies have given to this blog site. I know firsthand the work it takes to organizing the various promotions and special events, to say nothing of writing blogs week after week, month after month, year after year.

      And yet, we have very little turnover here in Wildflower Junction. Fillies stay on for YEARS. And then more years. We are truly a sisterhood. We get along like family, and we do it all for our dear and so-very-special readers like you.

      Hugs–and again, thank you!

    • Good morning, Patricia. Your comments deeply touch me, especially so since I know you were sitting by veteran Harry Jones. I pray for him. And you. By the way, you were the one who’s commented the most times. You’ve been with us at the inception or pretty close to it. That’s really amazing. I’m so happy to know we provide what you look forward to each day. I was thrilled to meet you and your lovely husband at a book festival in McKinney, TX. That was such fun. You’re as dear and sweet in person as online and I love you dearly. 🙂

  2. I honestly don’t know when I’ve met a friendlier,or more welcoming group of ladies then here at P&P blog. Thank you all for all the wonderful posts, history lessons and books, lots of great reads.
    Have a great day everyone.

    • Good morning, Carol. I’m so happy to see you. We do try to bring things of interest to all our readers. Often it’s grabbing at straws. Ha! After 12 1/2 years for me, it seems like there’s nothing we haven’t written about. But then, I keep discovering something new. I know if it interests me, it might you too. Keep coming and finding joy here.

    • I’m personally amazed by all you ladies do! How do y’all get all you do done? Do y’all sleep? Ever see and spend time with family members? I’ve often wondered about how y’all get books written, research for them first, think of the stories in the first place because y’all are so busy, keep up with social media and marketing, then edit which takes reading time, cook, clean, shop so you can cook, spend time with family and then some of all still find time read other authors books! Y’all are amazing and I’m in awe of each of you. Do y’all not sleep? Thank y’all for all y’all do and for giving us such amazing books to read, teaching us history and sharing your lives with us! Happy fall y’all!

      • Stephanie I agree with everything you said.
        I too wonder how they have time to read other authors books. Maybe they are like us, just need an escape into another world, but with their limited time, it just amazes me.
        Thank you all again!

        • Miss Tonya, it is very hard to find time to read for enjoyment but I truly think that a person can’t write unless they read. The two things are intertwined. Reading stimulates the brain and triggers new avenues of thought plus I’m always finding new and different ways to word things. I don’t read as much as I like but I do manage quite a few books a year. Right now, I’m reading The Life We Choose by Myers and Reed. It’s a fascinating story that everyone can relate to–and elderly parent, a special needs child, siblings struggling to find their way. It’s a great book. 🙂

      • Good morning, Miss Stephanie! Your comment makes me laugh. The answer is, yes we do find time to sleep. Enough anyway. But, no doubt about it, we are busy, busy beavers all the time. I don’t do near enough social media. That’s definitely an area where I’m weak. But I figured out a long time ago, that the world doesn’t stop turning if I miss a few days. All writers have to decide for themselves what part is the most important to them. Definitely writing is. If don’t write, you can’t read.

        I’m so happy we can share our struggles with MS with each other. No one truly understands what that does to us except someone who’s going through it. No one should have to suffer in silence. I’m here anytime you want to talk. Love you dearly.

        • I agree that only those of us going through it can understand what other people with MS are going through. It astounds me daily though when I see people on MS pages on Facebook casting judgements at each other. So I have to say that I guess it sometimes it must just take even more than going through it. I often wondering if the MSer that is casting judgment has a very mild case of MS. Anyone with any MS experience, has bothered to study about MS, or reads post after post by MSers had to know we are all different in many ways yet the same in others. Love you sweet lady!

      • Sleep, what’s sleep? LOL! We love what we do, Stephanie so there ya go! There is satisfaction in bringing joy to others through our writing. I don’t think any of us could stop writing if we tried!

    • Kim, we’re so happy you found us and keep coming back. In this fast-moving world, we don’t say thanks near enough. We thought it was time and very needed. I hope you fill your day with plenty of laughter that provides food for the soul.

  3. Thank you for the sweet kind words, but we should be thanking you all for taking time to research, writing great books, and meeting deadlines. Then on top of all that, you take time to send us these amazing blogs, respond to our comments and make each and everyone one of us feel special.
    To us you all are celebrities, you make our lives much richer. Then on top of all that you make us feel like family and friends.
    So thank you ladies. You’re ALL THE BEST!

    • Good morning, Teresa! Thank you so much for the sweet words. We love doing what we’re doing and try hard to bring things of interest to our readers. Though it’s a struggle sometimes, we still keep trying because we know how important it is to you to find a bit of cheer in this uncertain world.

  4. I always enjoy reading your posts. There is always something new and interesting and I enjoy catching up with each of the fillies and what’s going on in their lives. It is one of the first blogs I read each morning.

  5. I have been introduced to some wonderful authors through this blog page. So THANK YOU for all the wonderful authors and their books who take the time to visit.

  6. Thank you all for making my days a bit brighter with your interesting stories that you freely share. I look forward to my visits to P&P. You girls are the best!

    • Hi, Melanie! It’s so good to see you and congratulations on winning the grand prize of the box of potato chips during our week of potato blogs! 🙂 In case you’re wondering, you were one of the two top commenters we mentioned in the letter above. You’ve been with us from the start, or close to it. Thank you for sticking with us all these years. I’m so happy that we’ve kept you coming back and glad to know we’ve made your world a little brighter. Love you, lady!

    • You all are the best too, Melanie! This is a very special place and there is a community here I’ve not found in others. That and it’s a whole lotta fun!

  7. Thank you to all the fillies here. Thank you all for sharing your live, your ups and your downs, your tough times and your fun times. Thank you so much for being transparent and full of life for the rest of us. I truly enjoy getting to learn about the different authors and your life as an author and a person. Thank you for sharing your books so I can read new to me authors and fall in love with most of you and your characters. I agree, this is a magical place that has God at the center and that makes this place special. So far, I have enjoyed this so much. I look forward to many more.

    • Hi Lori! I love your comment and to know we fill a need. Although I’m not an inspirational author, I do put God in my characters’ lives. They reflect my strong faith and the righteous path I try to walk each day. I’m happy that you enjoy knowing some of our private lives that we’ve shared. I do think it helps create a strong bond between us and readers. For years I was afraid to share personal things, but after I started opening up, I noticed my sales increased. Maybe it was learning that my life hasn’t been easy–born in a tent that was home for 6 years, a bootlegging father, the struggle to eat. And then after I was married with kids, endured a devasting tornado that came near to taking our lives and left us homeless for a year. People can relate to hard times. God has been good to me and thank Him every day.

  8. One of the day brighteners for me is to check my email every day to read what you fillies have to talk about. When I get into a used bookstore, I search out your books first. It’s “our” thing to find used bookstores in towns while traveling. We love mountains so we travel west often. Branson has an incredible used bookstore filled with many of your books. Just sayin…. I couldn’t buy them all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to share your books, educate us, make us laugh and maybe shed a tear, share your faith, history, and life. You are the best. I enjoy everything about this site. God bless you richly!

    • Hi Kathy! You are an incredible woman. I’m so happy I got to have lunch with you and your dear husband when you came through Amarillo. Such a joy and I hope we have the opportunity again in the near future. Thank God that you like traveling the West! And thank you for telling us about the used bookstore in Branson! I’m going to have to take time to go there one day. Soon the snow will be flying and you can build a fire and settle down with Longing for a Cowboy Christmas! I hope the stories fill you with the Christmas spirit and love.

  9. I look forward to this blog every day, along with one other that I receive. They start my day off on a good note, and have brought me some new-to-me authors, books that I might never have found, and some fun interaction!! Y’all put alot of yourselves not only in your books, but into your readers, and that you take the time to be here with us makes it even more special. Thank you for all you do!!

    • Hi Trudy! I deeply appreciate the time you spend with us. Too often we take you for granted, never taking a minute to say thanks. So we thought it was time to let you know that we see you, hear you, and love you!

  10. Aw, you all are amazing and have always kept me entertained and informed. I’ve found new authors, learned so much fun stuff, met new friends and been able to relax just coming here. I certainly appreciate all you do and everyone who contributes! Thank you for giving your time for us readers.

    • Hi Susan! It’s always a pleasure to see your name pop up. I’m so happy that you like being a part of our family and enjoy what we bring to you each day. I hope our relationship continues for a long time to come. Love you, lady.

      • Aw, love all you ladies, too! I hope I get to read this amazing blog for 20 more years at least! I am not afraid to say it truly is my favorite.

  11. Thanks to all you Wonderful sweet ladies for coming into our hearts and home. We love you all very much I know I certainly do. The last year of my life would have been completely unbearable without some of you that have been extra loving and caring to me following my horrible car wreck especially in those months when I was completely wheelchair bound your encouragement and even listening to me have my pity parties is what keep me going when all I wanted to do was give up. Even now when it is looking like I will never walk or stand for long periods of time it’s because of the love and strength I get from you all and my 2 precious friends and a close family member who also are on here commenting that I can face my life as it now is. I love you dearly especially you precious ones I am sure you know who you are I thank you for being the wonderful ladies God would have you to be

    • I’m so glad you are still here with us, you hang in there girl, you will only get stronger. Love you!

      • Love you dearly my Bestie Tonya you are a bright light in my sometimes dark life I always know I can count on you to pull me out of my darkness

    • Hi, Miss Glenda! I remember your car wreck and that horrible time afterward. That was devastating and I’m happy I could send you flowers and cards to help keep your spirits up. Meeting you, your girls, and Ruth before that in Atlanta is a highlight I’ll cherish always. You’re such a warm, gentle soul and I love you dearly. I hope to see you again sometime.

  12. Thanks to you all that have shared so much with us readers over the years! It is a bright spot to my day to see each post. Even if I don’t comment, I visit and still read the posts.

    • Hi Miss Colleen! It’s so wonderful to see you. You’re another of our longtime readers. We’ve shared so much over the years and I love seeing your name pop up. That puts a smile as big as Texas on my face. A special thank you for your quick comments to winners congratulating them. I’ve called you our cheerleader for years and it’s easy to see why. Thank you for all your support and the love you show us.

    • Colleen, in case you’re curious, you’ve made 1,845 comments since you started following us. That, my dear, puts you far in the lead over everybody I think. 🙂

  13. Hello Fillies! YOU have made my world a brighter place with you smiles, stories and love of life. May the Lord continue to richly bless you!

    • Hi Caryl! We wouldn’t be here doing this if not for you, our readers. You make me smile every time I open your comment. Such blessings and love flowing over the miles.

  14. I have enjoyed your posts and I have learned a lot from them. I always look forward to reading your posts! Thank you so very much for all your lovely posts and all you share with us readers! God Bless you and all the wonderful authors who post here. Thank you, God Bless you all.

  15. I’m a little late with my comments but just wanted to say thanks to you all for your great posts, your great comments, and your great books. And thanks for this not being a farewell letter! This is my go to place first thing every morning. Always positive and uplifting, even when talking about the bad guys all the members and commenters have such open, positive attitudes. And I always learn a little bit about history. And I always have something to add to my TBR stack!

    • Thanks, Sally! What an uplifting comment. I couldn’t respond yesterday because I had Internet problems, but I’m glad I have the chance to catch your comment. We love our readers and we can write blogs and posts all day long, but it’s you guys who make it special for us. We love what we do and love you all. Thanks again, for a precious comment that made my day.

  16. Thank you, Fillies, for your heartfelt letter. I enjoy coming here to Wildflower Junction, and I’m so glad I found this spot. I appreciate all of the work and effort you put into the blogs with photos, history, contests — and the recipes too! I’ve discovered new authors and so many new books. I love escaping into the old West and reading about so many swoon-worthy cowboys.

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