Spuds and Spurs Winners!


We are thrilled to announce our two FINAL winners for our

September Special Week!


Lay’s 40 count Potato Chip Variety Pack goes to …

Melanie Backus


Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head goes to …

Tonya Lucas




We had a wonderful week having fun with potatoes, including

recipes.  It could not have been so successful if it

hadn’t been for each of our readers and those who left comments!

Melanie and Tonya, please watch your email for information

on how to claim your prize!

Again, major congratulations!


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11 thoughts on “Spuds and Spurs Winners!”

  1. Oh WOW!! This will be my 1st Potato Head you I’ve ever had. I feel like a kid at Christmas. Congrats Melanie on your win.
    Thank you ladies for the great blogs, recipes, and history lessons on the potato, the indisputable snack chip.
    I know for sure I want a loaded baked potato for dinner!!

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