Longing For a Cowboy Christmas & Giveaway




Linda Broday and I are celebrating the publication of our new book Longing for a Cowboy Christmas.

This is the second book we’ve done together.  Last year, our stories appeared in Christmas in a Cowboy’s Arms.

That’s the exciting part.  The fun part is this: We are each giving away something special to one lucky reader.  We can’t wait to see who you are. 

“Brimming with holiday magic, this feel-good anthology of historical romance novellas, all centered on the cowboy mystique and second chances, will delight and charm.” Publisher’s Weekly



Margaret’s Story: A Love Letter to Santa

She turned his life upside-down.  Could she really be the right woman for him?

Holly Sanders plans to make this the best Christmas for a town hard hit by the drought.   Okay, maybe she’s overdone the bows, baubles and garlands.  But is that a reason for the new blacksmith Tom Chandler to declare war on tinsel?

Tom doesn’t mean to play scrooge. But when his dog’s objections to the endless caroling gets them tossed out of his boarding house, he decides enough is enough.

The escalating battle takes an unexpected turn when he spots Holly struggling against the wind with an armload of presents and rushes to help her. Before he knows what happened, the green-eyed beauty recruits him to play Santa’s helper. After helping make one small boy’s Christmas wish come true, he’s utterly hooked, and suddenly has a wish of his own!   But convincing Holly he’s the right man for her would require a miracle—and maybe even a little help from Santa.

Linda’s Story: The Christmas Wedding

As a late November storm batters her sod house, Rebel Avery’s thoughts are on the man she loves and plans to marry. Eight months ago, Outlaw Travis Lassiter had been captured and she fears he’s dead. To occupy her worried mind, she tells two small orphans she’s taken in how she used to celebrate the Advent and gets an idea.

The fledgling town of Hope’s Crossing has never had a Christmas celebration, so Rebel and the other women decide to make the entire town the Advent calendar. On their designated day, each home gives the children a treat. Day after day passes and it becomes increasingly apparent that Travis will not return. Rebel befriends a lonely recluse and gives her the only thing of value that she possesses—swaths of red satin fabric she’d saved for a wedding dress.

As they move toward the holiday, sagging spirits are renewed, a makeshift family is formed, and Rebel finds that through troubled times, love endures and conquers all. 


 Now tell us, are you an early Christmas shopper or do you wait till the last minute?

         Linda’s prize                                                         Margaret’s prize                       Collections make great hostess and teacher gifts (hint, hint). 





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76 thoughts on “Longing For a Cowboy Christmas & Giveaway”

  1. Oh I can’t wait to read it!!! Yes I love Christmas so much! It’s always been such a big part of my life! I start shopping around June! I spread it out so it’s budget friendly.

  2. The book sounds awesome! 😀 Such cuuute ornaments, also! 😀 Umm…If I am making something handmade I start the January after Christmas as I am sloooow. And I tend to shop early. I like the variety to choose from and sometimes good sales. Have a beautiful day ladies! 😀

  3. I guess I am more a last minute shopper because I hate to shop. Also I do a lot of on line shopping so that is kind of helpful.

    Yours and Linda’s book sounds awesome and I can’t wait to read it. I always have to read a few Christmas books just to put me in the mood for Christmas.

  4. I am definitely an early Christmas shopper. Actually, I shop all year long. The minute I see something that I think one of my family members might like, I get it. I have had my shopping completed by the summer in times past. Here it is September, and I have 3/4’s of my shopping done.

  5. This looks likes another winning Christmas collection, Margaret! You story sounds like a fun battle of wits with lots of flying sparks. Love that. And Linda’s living advent calendar is genius. What a fabulous idea! I’m looking forward to these stories.

  6. I’m a little bit of both. I start shopping early, but I usually have so much fun finding great ideas that I can keep going up until Christmas. Thankfully, my kids have birthdays early in the year so if I go overboard on them, I can tuck some surprises away till their birthdays.

    This collection of stories looks amazing. I can’t wait to read them!

    • Hi Carrie, I guess the important thing is that you’re having fun!

      My problem with shopping early was forgetting where I’d hidden things. That meant that every January and February I’d have to announce that I’d found something that Santa had accidentally left on the roof. The kids loved it. One year I even found a Christmas present while hiding Easter eggs. The funny part is, no one ever asked me what I was doing on the roof.

    • Hi Carrie, I hope you can locate all your surprises. 🙂 And I hope you enjoy these Christmas stories that are sure to put the holiday spirit into your heart. Thanks for coming.

  7. Hi Margaret and Linda! This book will charm itself right into my holiday heart! I am an early Christmas shopper. Especially with the grandkids. Ron plays Santa well in our worn out Santa suit that we bought when our kids were toddlers. So much fun over the years. Now the grands … all but one, know who Santa really is … grandpa. But they still want him to come.

    Your book will soon be available here. I will be scouting the shelves for it. Then, I will save it for a Minnesota snowy night to begin reading it. My heart is overjoyed to await your book. Thank you!

    • Hi Kathy, I found shopping for grand kids easier when they were young. They used to give me a Christmas wish list and that made it really simple. That stopped the year they gave me their lists and I had no idea what any of the stuff was. LOL

    • Hi Kathy! I’m waving madly at you. I can definitely see Ron in that Santa suit. I love that you both still celebrate that way. It makes everything a bit more special. Yes, the book comes out on Tuesday! I’m excited. Let me know if they have it up there. Hope so. Love you, lady.

  8. Actually it depends on my finances. Years earlier, back in the day when my 7 kids were younger I would pick things up I knew they wanted and hide them. Of course I’d forget where I put some of them lol till after Christmas. Now with 7 k I ds, their mates & 14 grandkids it all all depends what the financial situation is. 🙂

  9. I buy year around – then the problem is finding them where I stashed them! I have also given gifts early if they can use them for the holiday season!

  10. I shop during the year and whenever I spot something interesting I buy it. I try to complete all shopping by late fall.

  11. I find shopping very tiring but if I am out and looking around and lucky to see a perfect item I buy it then and there. I hope to finish my shopping early in the season.

  12. I’m definitely an early Christmas shopper! I love Christmas and ever since I got grandchildren, it’s even more fun! This year we get to spend Christmas with them (they live in Texas!) so it’ll be fantastic! In fact, we’ll all be together for Christmas – 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren – so the holidays will be extra special this year. Your book looks fantastic and I can’t wait to read it!

  13. Welcome today. I love christmas stories. Cant wait to read this book. They both sound wonderful. I am what you would call an all year shopper. I will shop for specific things in October, begging of November. The rest of the year, most of what I do is sewing for Christmas. I like to leave December free from shopping and sewing. Now and then something small will crop up, and I find I then have the time to get it. Stress free is my motto LOL I sorta get there.

    • Hi Lori, things you make with your own hands are always something to treasure. Those show how much you truly care much more than bought gifts. Wish I had a sewing machine but I got rid of mine long ago during a move. Enjoy the Christmas books you find.

  14. Oh both sound so good! I love collections. I usually end up finding things the kids need ahead of time but after that I am always a last minute shopper!

  15. I don’t wait till the last minute, but I haven’t started yet. My middle college student does wait till the last minute to give me his list because of finals, so he has received a few things a day or two after Christmas.

  16. I’m an early shopper! I can’t stand waiting til the last minute!! I don’t like going to the stores AT ALL in December, so I need to get everything done waaayyy before then!!

    • Trudy, you and the other early shoppers on here today are making me look bad. I’d like to buy early but I haven’t a clue what to get. Zero. Finish early then read all these wonderful Christmas books and watch Hallmark movies! 🙂

  17. I usually find a few things in June or July but never seem to finish until the week before Christmas. My good intentions to be finished shopping by Thanksgiving never seem to happen. I do like going into stores in December to see all the decorations.

  18. Hello Ladies- I’m so glad y’all ( yes that’s Texan- LOL) have done a 2nd Christmas Book I loved the 1st one. I loved both of your stories in this 2nd one too. Have a blessed day!

    • Hey, Miss Tonya! I hope you’re enjoying the visit with your parents. 🙂 Thank you for liking our Christmas stories. You always read early via NetGalley and get your review written. Thank you so much. It means a lot to us. Soak up every minute with your folks. Love you, sister friend!

  19. I usually do my shopping in the last two months before Christmas so I will begin soon. For many years we were farmers and our tobacco crop wasn’t sold until mid December so I didn’t have extra money to shop with until then.
    Both of your stories sound great! Thanks for your giveaway.

  20. I buy things throughout the year, the hard part is not giving them to the recipient before Christmas. Okay I have to admit sometimes they get them early and then I go shopping all over again. My husband says I am an easy target for the kids.

    • It’s in the high 80’s here in SE Florida. Christmas is far from my radar. But I’m sort of in the middle. I get my shopping done sometime after Thanksgiving Day.

      On the other hand, Longing for a Christmas Cowboy’s release will not be far from my radar.

      • Alisa, we appreciate being on your radar. As it turns out, I wrote my story during a heat wave. It’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you’re sitting in the swimming pool.
        I hope you didn’t sustain damage from the hurricane.

  21. First of all Congratulations on your book ladies! The stories sound like very good stories, and I love the book cover , it is beautiful! I love Christmas books, I just plain Love Christmas! I will definitely add this book to my TBR list. The ornament prizes your are giving away are Beautiful !! Thank you for the chance. I am an early Christmas shopper, I have a big box in a closet and I buy things for my grandchildren and family all during the year and I put them in the box for gifts. I pretty much know what they like or I will ask them in advance what they like. So I am an early shopper. You all have a Great weekend, hard to believe tomorrow is Friday and Sept. is more than halfway gone. God Bless you both.

  22. I love Christmas stories, especially anthologies. It is such a busy time of year, there is seldom time to get involved in reading a long book. Anthologies are perfect. I can always find time to squeeze in one of the stories since they are short and don’t take too much time to read. It is a nice pop of Happy Holiday in the middle of a busy day. I am sure this book will do well. It is such a great collection of good authors.
    I Christmas shop and make things all year long. I do buy some things on sale closer to the holidays, but usually am finished in more than enough time. Getting my house ready on time is another story all together.

    • Hi Patricia, I like Christmas anthologies, too. Reading short stories is a good way to relax during the busy holidays. I do so admire people who make things for Christmas. I guess we all struggle to get everything done on time. Once thing I’ve noticed through the years, the important things always manage to get done.

  23. I don’t like to wait till the very last minute, but I don’t like to shop too early in the season either.

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