Mismatched Mail-Order Brides

This summer I started a new fun historical romance series called the Mismatched Mail-Order Brides series.  This series is set in 1892, almost twenty years after first mail-order brides found love in Clear Creek, Kansas, in the Brides with Grit Series. The new series features the girls, whose mothers fell in love and married in the 1873 series.

The older members of the Clear Creek church women’s group, informally known as the Peashooter Society, decide to help the unattached women in town obtain husbands.

The group’s solution, with the backing of a wealthy financier in town, is to advertise that they will offer jobs and housing to the prospective grooms they pick for the unsuspecting women.

The young women are appalled at the idea when they catch wind of the women’s plan—until they see the handsome male finalists. Maybe this will work out after all…until the couples matched, clash.

The first book set up the series, telling of the characters involved in the plan, and then the six couples matched have their own books.

But of course, the couples matched don’t like each other or are attracted to someone else. The stories are sweet and clean, but also thoughtful because of the pasts of each individual.

The six men picked for the husbands bonded when they arrived as children in Kansas on an orphan train and were adopted in the same community. They come to Clear Creek, right after they are discharged from the army, because they want to stay together.

The six women, friends from childhood, haven’t thought about marriage yet because they all have employment and places to live in town.

Then, the Peashooter’s mix up everyone’s lives with their attempts at matchmaking.

Here’s the description from the latest book:

Maisie Brenner, the youngest daughter in the Brides with Grit series book,  grew up on the vast Cross C Ranch. Recently, she and her sisters moved into nearby Clear Creek to take over the town’s dress shop.

The Peashooter Society (the nickname for the older women in town) decides Maisie needs a husband, even though Maisie is perfectly content to sew dresses and gossip with her girlfriends.

Squires Miller, with his brothers and friends, left New York City on an orphan train when Squires was four years old. He was adopted by a man who ran a flour mill and did not have a good childhood. The group of men gets the chance to live and work together in Clear Creek, thanks to the plan of the Peashooter Society.

Because Squires’ has no fear of heights, he earns the available carpenter job, but it doesn’t come with a home, like the jobs the other men get. When the place where Squires was living becomes unavailable due to his roommate’s hasty marriage and adoption of three children, he’s left out in the cold, until he decides to sleep on the stair landing of Maisie’s dress shop apartment.

Do sparks fly? Yes. Will they become a couple? Maybe…

Sounds like a fun series to read, doesn’t it? I’ll pick a random winner from the comments to win a free e-copy of Maisie Swaps her Groom. Thanks for reading my post today. I appreciate it!


About the Author

Linda Hubalek has written over forty books about strong women and honorable men, with a touch of humor, despair, and drama woven into the stories. The setting for all the series is the Kansas prairie which Linda enjoys daily, whether by being outside or looking at it through her office window.

Her historical romance series include Brides with Grit, Grooms with Honor, and the Mismatched Mail-Order Brides. Linda’s historical fiction series, based on her ancestors’ pioneer lives include Butter in the Well, Trail of Thread, and Planting Dreams.

When not writing, Linda is reading (usually with dark chocolate within reach), gardening (channeling her degree in Horticulture), or traveling with her husband to explore the world.

Linda loves to hear from her readers, so visit her Website

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26 thoughts on “Mismatched Mail-Order Brides”

  1. Good morning Linda- Wow this sounds like an amazing book and series. I live in Hugoton , KS in Southwest Kansas, so I can understand how the vast openness out here could be a lonely place back then. Thank you for visiting P & P. You have a blessed weekend.

    • Hi Melanie, I love to write stories that have twists in them, including when love strikes a couple. The Mismatched Mail-order Brides series has been so fun to write as I think up interesting backgrounds, twists, and surprises for each couple.

  2. Good morning, yes this sounds like a very fun series! You had me at orphaned boys!

    I’ve yet to read one of your books and I’d love the opportunity to read this one! A giveaway is an awesome way to find a new author to add to my go to authors list. I’m striving to read 100 books this year!

  3. These sound like really fun books! I’ve never read any of your books, but I think I would enjoy these a lot. It’s always fun to find a new author to follow.

  4. I LOVE this series and getting to revisit the characters from the first series is a bonus – do not enter!!

  5. Welcome today. Oh my but this sounds like a super series. Writing them down. LOL my list keeps getting bigger. I love stories that make me laugh. Thank you.

  6. My list of books to read is very long too. I’ll read a book by a “new to me” author, and then I stop to read the whole series. I love reading one book after another, especially if they had the same characters and town. And that’s why I’ve written 30 books (three series) all set in Clear Creek, Kansas. All my readers know Pastor and Kaitlyn Reagan, and their now grown six sons, Marshal Adam, the family who runs the Paulson Hotel, etc.

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