Why We Need Heroes by Patricia PacJac Carroll

I’d heard about the TV show, Yellowstone, and thought I’d give it a try.

Well, I didn’t last the entire show. It’s just not my style or idea of a western.

I like the old kind of stories that I grew up with.

The ones that had a hero.

Where good was good and bad was bad, and the good triumphed over the evil.

And that’s what I write. I believe today we need heroes and heroines. Not that stories have to be Pollyannaish, but I do like stories that end well. Happily-ever-after stories. Our world confronts us with darkness every day, and I, for one, could use a break.

Come away to the 1880s, or to a tale of a knight from the round table, or on another planet. Temporarily escape the pressures of this world and step into the worlds we create to entertain, teach, and encourage.

That’s why I write. My goal is to make readers happy and leave them feeling better than when they started my books.

My alternative to Yellowstone is my series – Montana Brides of Solomon’s Valley. It is set in Montana in the 1880s and begins with Judge Solomon Taggart in The Judge’s Bride. The judge has amassed an empire with the valley’s biggest ranch, some gold, and Shirleyville, a town he named after his late daughter.

In all his wealth, he realized he had no one to share it with or pass it on to. Women are scarce in Montana and the West, so he sends off for a mail-order bride. Add a couple of feuding families and the judge has his hands full.

The Judge’s Bride  Book 1  Love Happens … Even when you have 10 kids. 

Zebulon’s Bride Book 2 He wants to leave home, and then his mother orders him a bride.

The Sheriff’s Bride Book 3  Levi came to town to settle a score but was too late.

Bridgette Book 4. Bridgette is not just a pretty face.

Sarah  Book 5  Her heart is broken, and then the new doctor and preacher come to town.

Cassidy  Book 6 The wildest of the Howards may have met her match.

Ronan’s Bride Book 7 Ronan gets caught up in trouble he can’t get out of, and love might just be the trap that puts him behind bars.











 So there you have my answer to Yellowstone. Seven books full of interesting characters, some likable, some who need a little work to get there, but all of the books will leave you feeling good.

My favorite character is Bridgette. She’s smart and has great ideas to help those in need. Of course, she has ambitions to be Queen of Montana. She keeps the town, her husband, and the judge busy with her schemes.


What about you? Do you believe we need heroes and heroines?

Post your answer for a chance to win an ebook of your choice from my Montana Brides of Solomon’s Valley series!



I write Christian historical western romance with a little faith, fun, and always a happily-ever-after.

I am a writer, Christian first, and blessed beyond my imagination. I live in the Dallas-Ft Worth area of Texas with my wonderful treasure of a husband, my spoiled dog, Jacs, and my awesome son, Josh. Did I say I was blessed? The PacJac is from my initials and my husbands. I wouldn’t be able to write if it weren’t for him. I love adventure and the open road. The stories of the western era have always been a favorite of mine. I enjoy writing, and my goal is to write stories readers will enjoy.

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Have a blessed day,

Patricia PacJac Carroll

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38 thoughts on “Why We Need Heroes by Patricia PacJac Carroll”

  1. Welcome- your books look great.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE YELLOWSTONE. The best western I’ve seen In Years. I am so addicted to it, after the 1st season I was waiting impatiently for the 2nd season, now I’m at that same place, waiting for the 3rd.
    I love books written like Yellowstone where there are lots of action, and lots of adversary. I even looked when the show started to see if it was created off of a book. But it wasn’t. It’s the talented Taylor Sheridan and he does not disappoint. I think he could write a great book if he does movies and tv series this well. So that’s my thoughts on Yellowstone.
    Have a wonderful Labor Day.

    • I wanted to like Yellowstone, but just couldn’t get into it. of course, I missed the first season which didn’t help. But I do get tired of the darkness in the shows of today.
      Thanks for your comment

  2. Well I personally love Yellowstone. Since it is a modern day series I didn’t go into it with the expectations of it being a “Western” so maybe that makes a huge difference. I’m a big Kevin Costner fan too.

    Your series sounds great and I would love the opportunity to read one of your books. Your from my neck of the woods, I live a little over an hour southeast of Dallas in a tiny unincorporated community.

    • Thanks for your comment Stephanie and waving to you in Texas. I’m in Rendon just west of Mansfield.

    • I haven’t seen Yellowstone but I do enjoy reading and watching westerns. Yes, I do believe we need heroes and heroines and today, more than ever!

  3. I haven’t watched Yellowstone. But I do watch Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Rifleman and Wagon Train on t.v. daily. Your covers are beautiful. And yes we do need heroes and heroines in our lives.

    • I have been surprised watching Gunsmoke how many not-so-happy endings they have on that show. Life in those days was hard.

  4. Yes we do need the heroes and heroines, not sure what we would do without them. They take me away from real life for a while. Thanks for the great post and your series sound awesome.

    • Thanks Quilt Lady. And maybe that’s why I didn’t care for Yellowstone. I don’t want to see the harsh stories that I see on the news. Give me the good news. 🙂

  5. I agree we need heroes. We need something that we can look up to. There are so many shows on now that do not promote good behavior.

  6. Yes I love the thoughts of having a hero and heroine. Your books look and sound great. Yellowstone is a Wonderful show for a modern day Western and I have never been so addicted to a TV show before. Yes it has crude language and adult situations but I still think it’s a Great TV show. I was hoping when I first started watching it was based off of a book so I could read because books are generally way better than TV but unfortunately it is not. Today’s world is not pretty and Yellowstone doesn’t sugar coat this show to me shows the bad good and ugly of today’s society. Now far as my reading goes I Absolutely love sweet clean Western Romance and I adore Western Historical the best. There are several regular filly authors here on Petticoats and Pistols that I love and adore their books. Sometimes you do want to escape the harsh reality of this world and that is why I read. And sometimes you need harsh reality of today’s society and that is why I love Yellowstone. That is my opinion on Yellowstone and if you don’t like it that’s fine with me because we all don’t have to like the same things. Hope You have a Blessed and Lovely Labor Day Weekend

    • I agree Glenda. And sometimes we don’t like a book or movie because we’re not in the right mood for it. So many of the series they have on are very well done. I just get tired of the darkness.

  7. I have not seen Yellowstone, but I do agree, we need a hero and/or a heroine or two. My favorite place is in sweet clean historical fiction with a happy ending. I don’t watch much TV but I do spend a lot of time living in books. Thank you for adding to my resources!

  8. I haven’t seen Yellowstone, but it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. The world is hard enough, I need to read stories of heroes and heroines that uplift and inspire me. It reminds me a bit of the Bible verse that tells us whatever is good, whatever is kind, think on these things. That’s what I want to feed my mind and my soul with–books and shows that show me the good.

  9. I’m with you on Yellowstone. I watched several episodes with my husband since we are always looking for shows to watch together. Beautiful scenery, pretty good actors and writing, but week after week I felt like I had endured rather than been entertained. I don’t always need a happy ending, but I couldn’t find anything or anyone that I liked, that I had hopes for, felt sorry for, empathized with – so that was enough. Like you, I like to go away feeling a little joy.

    • Yes, I feel the same. There are so many well-done series out there but most of them leave me feeling bleh. I don’t need to watch Pollyanna shows but some that left me with some hope would be nice. : )

  10. I’ve never heard of the show Yellowstone! However, I love my old westerns I grew up with, and still watch the reruns today, especially Gunsmoke!! I’ve finally seen the episodes with Burt Reynolds!! My favorite old western is The Guns of Will Sonnet, which aren’t shown right now. I’m hoping that changes again soon!!

  11. Welcome. This is a great post. I wanted to make sure that my two kiddos first and most important hero of all time was Jesus Christ. After that it was all fun. I used to love Bonanza with Hoss and Adam and the Rifleman and shows like those. These men portrayed what a good man should be like and I loved that. I guess I still do, why I love inspirational westerns. Thank you for the stories that you write.

  12. You are a new author to me and I check out the blurbs on each of your books and all of them sound good. I believe and love reading books of heroes and heroines 🙂

  13. Hi First of all your book series sounds like it is a very good one, I love the covers, and I too love happy endings. I do think stories need heroes and heroines. I’ll need to check out your Montana Brides Series, as I would love to read them. I Love, love the old western shows also. Thank you for this post , I enjoyed reading it. Have a Great weekend. God Bless you.

  14. I am with you on current shows. In so many uses, the actions of the good guys aren’t too much better than those of the bad guys. The world is certainly a mess, too. With the old TV shows and movies, the heroes really were the good guys and acted accordingly. It is enjoyable to escape, even for a little while, into a good book with interesting characters who really are good guys, if a bit rough around the edges, and the heroines are worth fighting for or side by side with as the case may be.
    I love mail order bride stories. Both parties are putting so much on the line to invite or accept the offer.
    I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.

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