Color on the New York Farm for This Western Author!

All y’all know that I live in Western New York, right? And I figure that the title “Western” is all I need to write wonderful award-winning westerns… and a whole lotta other stuff, too, because I am so blessed to be doing exactly what I always hoped, dreamed of and wanted to do. Write the kind of stories I love to read…

But we talked about the other side of being me, and that’s the farm side which from May to October is REALLY INTENSIVE and mostly fun, we will not talk about GFS.

“Grumpy Farmer Syndrome”

We’ll keep that under wraps, okay? 🙂

I had two books release in June and July… The final mystery of “Mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard” “Just Over the Horizon” and I loved being part of that New England series! So fun! And I worked with a great team of authors and editors to put it all together. SWEET! 


Beautiful ending to a wonderful series!

And then there was the third Fitzgerald Sister story “Healing the Cowboy’s Heart”, the beautiful finale to the Shepherd’s Crossing series set in ranching country of Western Idaho,



How fun to be able to do two things I love. Write books, and help run a pumpkin farm that’s about to explode with pumpkins, corn stalks, hay, straw, ornamental corn, baked goods, stacking tables (for stacking pumpkins) mini-donkeys (Alexis and Tanya) wood rounds, wood stumps, firewood (all Dave, please…. although I can run power tools, I don’t play with chainsaws!)

And yesterday our pest control service came to annihilate multiple bee hives, including a monster-sized paper wasp nest with a LOT OF INHABITANTS that’s right over our display yard…. sorry, wasps. When you start paying the taxes, you get to stay. 🙂

Here are some shots of the busy-ness that’s been going on the past two weeks, including bringing small people on board. Our maxim is: Start ’em young at Blodgett Family Farm!


Decorating the big red wagon is always a fun job! This is where it begins…


My sister Ginny and wonderful niece Amanda are here, helping paint things in the garage/artist studio. (It’s really JUST A GARAGE that’s filled with nice people volunteering their time!)

My buddy Lisa is the creative genius behind a whole bunch of new things on the farm, pretty fall decoratives that add color and punch to the displays.
Amanda and Paul are building the backdrop to the photo op… so families can stand in front of it and have their picture taken at no cost…. We’ll finish it up in a day or two, but here’s a shot from last year’s photo op…
Photo op when Cinderella came to visit the farm last October!
Always time for romance!!!!
One of our newest mums, aren’t they gorgeous?
Xavier, creating stacks of pumpkins for the displays… Don’t you love those rich tones?
My friend Lisa designed the new mum signs… and check these colors. Aren’t they wonderful? This Rustic look features classic mum colors and our “Farm Chic” display is more Fixer Upper/Joanna friendly, with subtle tones. So fun to play in this world and make my entire yard a decoration!
Xavier with a couple of his stacks as we fill the wagon!


And this is what the wagon looks like right now:


So this is how I keep busy over the summer, and after a wondrously busy August, September and October, I am sooooo ready for winter. No kidding, that’s my time of peace and focus on writing, writing, writing….

It puts me in my happy place!



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35 thoughts on “Color on the New York Farm for This Western Author!”

    • Marina, I love that time of year, I love the firm changing of seasons and living in an area that explodes with fall color. And I like winter, it’s such a peaceful time of expectation, that it doesn’t bother me. And now I want APPLES!!!!

  1. Great photos! Thanks for sharing, Ruth. And your Healing the Cowboy’s Heart looks like a must-read!

    • Sharon, I hope you get a chance to read it… it’s a great story of putting old differences aside and moving forward. A splash of Montague and Capulet in the American West!

    • Janine, where did you live? And yeah, the entire Northeast, right down through PA and MD and parts of Virginia are stunning in the fall. Great mix of deciduous trees and the right temperature zones.

      • I lived in the Hudson Valley area for the first 10 years of my life. The town was Staatsburg. I went back to visit a few times over the years, but it’s been about 25 years since I have been there.

    • I’ve loved your blogs that include your pumpkin farm pics! What fun, a lot of work but fun! I love fall! I hope yours is a great one!

      • Isn’t it fun to see the other side of our lives? The “non Emily Dickinson” reality, LOL!

        Thank you, Melanie and Stephanie! And now I’m off to build some new displays before a busy weekend!!!

  2. Great post reminds me of the time when I lived in the country and the work that was done. Its been many years but I loved that life.

    • Estella, I think that’s why the mums sell so well up here. The annual flowers kind of FADE and look tired, so the fresh mums just brighten everything up!

  3. You are simply AMAZING, Ruthie!! I don’t know how you do it. I’m always struck by how all your mums and pumpkins look similar in size. Everything I grow is a hodge podge of shapes and sizes, and oh, the colors of those mums. Beautiful, beautiful!!

    • Pam, I expect I’d love your hodge podge so much! 🙂 I love a good eclectic mix! And the mums… gosh they’re stellar this year!

  4. I like your busy, compared to mine right now!! I’m preparing for Dorian to visit on Sunday/Monday!! I’d rather be helping you get your displays ready!! That looks like a bit more fun!!

  5. So cool. It is absolutely wonderful though. I know the wonderful feeling of “a job well done”. And to have family and friends help just makes it all that much sweeter. And absolutely, there is always time for romance. Thanks for stopping by today.

  6. I love the area where you live, Ruthy! It’s beautiful! I live in Oregon and Fall is a gorgeous time too but nothing like where you live! Summer looked fun for you too! Your books look fantastic too!

  7. Wow, you are a very busy lady! Looks like a lot of fun also! I love your pumpkins and I especially love, love your mums, do you grow them yourself? Thank you for sharing your Beautiful farm with us, I enjoyed reading this article and looking at all the very nice picture. Have a Great weekend. God Bless you and your family.

  8. I absolutely love everything you have for fall. That’s so much work and well worth it, to see all those happy people ooooing and aahhhhhing everything.Do you ever have a corn maze?

  9. I grew up in the NE corner of New York State. Last year after our visit, we came back to TN through the Finger Lakes region for the first time. We usually make our yearly trip to visit the family in the fall but this year we had an Air Force reunion at the closed base mid-August. We really prefer to go up in the Fall for the fall produce and the crisp cool air. I love the colors of those three rows of mums, my favorite colors. I will have to find that new one down here.
    Good luck with your Fall season. I look forward to the fruit of your winter writing season.

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