Cowboy Keep You Young Giveaway Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow (Sunday, August 4, 2019) is the Day!

Head over to match baby pictures with Fillies!

The correct number of guesses will determine the winner!

You can guess more than once. Last try is what counts.

Winner will get a ton of prizes and books!

Ends Saturday, August 10, 2019


Felicia Filly
When I'm not keepin' all these Fillies in line, I'm practicing my roping so I can catch me a cowboy. Me and Jasper (my mule) are two peas in a pod. Both of us are as crotchety as all get-out.
Updated: July 28, 2019 — 11:05 am


  1. This is going to be fun!

  2. This sounds like fun. But, I bet it’s going to be hard.

  3. I can’t even pick my own baby picture out. lol

  4. This is going to be soo much fun!!

  5. Woohoo!

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