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Hi! Kit Morgan here and today I want to talk about research and unexpected inspiration!

Last weekend, my sister invited me to a party she had to go to. It’s not that she didn’t want to go alone, she just wanted to tear me away from my keyboard for a while. It was a party at her place of employment. Now you might imagine me thinking, “oh, great, a party at Marijo’s work. Boring. Did I take one for the sisterly team and tag along? Of course. But was it going to be a boring party? On the contrary. You see, my sister is my resource for all things “Horsey” as she’s been in the horse industry since she was sixteen. The “work party” she was attending was held at Big Dog Horse Stables, a Certified Equine Association (CEA) facility where adults and kiddos can learn how to ride well, form life-long friendships and be part of a fantastic and friendly community. And what a pretty place it was (and by golly, the perfect setting for a  western romance!)

The original barn was built in 1915 and is the focal point of the farm. There are newer barns of course and a huge indoor arena along with a couple of outdoor arenas as well. What makes this facility unique is that you can not only learn how to ride, but take an inline-dancing class, or how about a class in self-defense or yoga? Wreath making, anyone?

The old barn is special too. The owners renovated the upstairs hayloft and put in a stage, a bar, and a dancefloor. Oh, and there’s hay up there as well.!

Kids camps are also a big thing at Big Dog. The camps are held in June and August and last about a week. Each camper shares one horse with another camper. They start their day by taking care of that horse. Feeding and watering it and of course mucking out the horse’s stall. Campers also spend time in the barn learning important topics on horsemanship and of course get to ride for an hour. The goals of the individual campers are discussed with the head instructor and then instructors work one on one with each camper to achieve them. 

But enough about the facility. Let’s get to the party! What does a party for campers and employees at a stable look like? FUN! There were kids of all ages there with their parents. They had a woman teaching everyone line dancing. There were “horse races” (the horses were made from foam floaties and socks) and a taco bar. Parents and kids alike were having a grand time. So did Big Dog Stables big dog! He wandered around and said hello to everyone! And my sister gave me a grand tour. Here are a few pictures I took around the place. Talk about inspiration! Is it any wonder I got some story ideas?

So, we have a stable, barns, kids, horses, one big fluffy dog and loads of fun. The perfect setting for a western romance, don’t you think? It could be contemporary or historical. Remember how old that barn is! So be inspired! What sort of western romance might blossom here?

By the way, I’ll be on a plane to New York today, so won’t be able to comment until this evening! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! 



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Kit Morgan is the author of over 100 books of historical and contemporary western romance! Her stories are fun, sweet stories full of love, laughter, and just a little bit of mayhem! Kit creates her stories in her little log cabin in the woods in the Pacific Northwest. An avid reader and knitter, when not writing, she can be found with either a book or a pair of knitting needles in her hands! Oh, and the occasional smidge of chocolate!

25 thoughts on “Horsing Around …”

  1. Kit- wow thanks for sharing. What an impressive place. I know you had a blast. Be safe traveling.

  2. What a cool place! I want to work there now! Thanks for sharing! Of course you had to have fun, who wouldn’t?!?! I want that dog! Talk about a good cuddle buddy! I can picture both genre’s having a romance there! I’ll be waiting for you to write it!

  3. Wealthy cowboy and a teacher, or a daughter of the ranch owner who is loaded and a struggle cowboy. So much to leave to the imagination.

  4. That looks like an amazing place. It just goes to show that you can take the writer from the keyboard but the brain still churns on.

  5. That sounds like a fun place to visit. I think I would set the story in the present time and it would include a couple who meets at a party like the one you went to. They are taking dancing classes when the guy stumbles and ends up knocking the girl over along with himself. So, she has a little pain and he helps her to a seat and they end up taking the rest of the night. That would be the start of their new romance.

  6. What a place! I am thinking that a cowboy and a special needs equestrian worker show up for employment on the same day. As they get their footing in the jobs sparks start to fly. One special wink and the rest is history!

  7. This looks great!! I’m sure the kids love being there!! I think a historical book, with suspense, maybe some moonshiners, or something.

  8. Welcome Kit. Hope your plane trip is a good one. Wow this sounds wonderful. Hmm lets see. I see a cowboy working there. A handsome and generous man with grass green eyes and hair the color of straw with red highlights in the sun. He is well built working there with the horses and around the barn. A young woman comes by and wonders if she can learn to ride. She is willowy but shapely. She has lovely brown hair that looks like velvet. Her eyes are so blue that this cowboy just falls into her big gorgeous eyes. Opps he has to ask her to please repeat herself. She giggles, oh but her giggle is like chimes on the wind. This cowboy is lost. I will let you do all the details. Grin. This was fun

  9. It sounds and looks like you had a lot of fun!! Even more fun you got to have fun with your sister, that is always fun getting to hang around with our sisters!! And yes, this sounds like a making of a very good book!! Have fun in New York. God Bless you . Thank you so much for sharing about your fun at the party and for sharing the very nice pictures. 🙂

  10. What a wonderful facility and set of programs. I can see quite a few books developing from the “barn.” Book 1 – The original family who built the barn. The hero could be the son of the family. The heroine could be a young lady who comes there requesting to learn to ride or brings a younger sibling/child who has had a bad experience with horses asking them to help the child get over the fear of them. A dog could be introduced at this time either as the farm’s dog who befriends the child or as a gift to the farm for help with the child. Following books could move through the generations with the story involving a son of the family every time. Or just skip to current times with 3 sons of the current owners of the barn and how the programs they run bring their match to them. The big dog currently at the farm is descended from the original dog in the historical story. There are many good story possibilities with this place, no matter what direction you take – historical, suspense, rom-com, or contemporary relationship.

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