Forty years ago…

Forty-one years ago (how time flies) I was a young geology student. One of the final hurdles before getting a geology degree is Field Camp. This I where you camp for weeks with other geology students and professors and learn to map and apply your knowledge to the real world. It’s fun and challenging and nerve rattling.

Also forty-one years ago, a handsome guy I didn’t know attended field camp. He’d started college late, after being discharged from the military and then working for several years. We were way different people and had essentially no contact during camp, although I was very impressed when he read Robert Service while everyone sat around the campfire, slapping mosquitoes and enjoying the smoke.

Three years after camp, we met again. Just like in a romance, sparks flew and not that long after we were married—a matter of months. And the crazy thing is that we now live very close to the area where we went to field camp and ignored one another. Last week we took a trip to see if we could find some of the places we’d been way back when and I want to share the photos with you.

If you had told people in camp four decades ago that the two of us were soulmates, I think they might have laughed, but you know what? It worked.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Jeannie Watt raises cattle in Montana and loves all things western. When she's not writing, Jeannie enjoys sewing, making mosaic mirrors, riding her horses and buying hay. Lots and lots of hay.

28 thoughts on “Forty years ago…”

  1. Wow! What a beautiful story. Congratulations on finding your cowboy! It had to be true love and you were following your destiny. I love stories like this.

  2. Beautiful pictures, beautiful story. At a 4-H club meeting one night a group of us moms were discussing how we met our husbands and came to central Washington to live. We also had romance novel stories from a blind date set up by a cousin to one gal telling the girlfriend she had gone to a college mixer with she was going to marry the next guy who came through the door (she did). We’ve all been married over 40 years so sometimes romance novels are more real than people think.

  3. Wow what an amazing story. You’re Romance is truly what we all love to read about. Congrats on 4 decades. Many many more years of happiness ahead for you both! ???

  4. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing them! and yes 41 years go by fast, my husband and I will be married 42 years in less than a month! Keep enjoying your awesome years of happiness. God Bless you

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