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Good mornin’ all y’all! Thank you for inviting me back to Petticoats and Pistols to talk about Cowboy Rebel. I’m so excited about this book, and can’t wait to begin to get reviews from the readers. It’s the fourth book in the Longhorn Canyon series. Don’t you just love looking at Tag Baker with his clear blue eyes on the cover?

I thought maybe I’d let all y’all hang out with him a little today, and get to know him. So I have him here with me to answer questions. He’s got a glass of sweet tea in his hand and has motioned that he’s ready so fire away.

Question: Why did you leave the huge ranch out in the Texas panhandle and come to the hill country in the north central part of the state?

Tag: Well, darlin’, it’s like this. My twin brother, Hud, and I’ve always wanted to buy a place that we could call our very own. We wanted something just like Canyon Creek Ranch with the potential of building it into a dynasty like our folks did with the Rockin’ B Ranch. Besides all that, our sister, Emily, married Justin Maguire over on the neighbor ranch a few months ago. We missed her when she left the panhandle a few years ago, and now we get to live close to her.

Question: What did you think of Nikki the first time you met her?

Tag: I met her at Emily’s wedding a few months before we moved out here to Sunset, Texas. She struck me then as a little independent and a whole lot sassy. My opinion didn’t change when I met her the second time in the hospital emergency room—but that time there were sparks between us, and I just had to get to know her better.

Question: So what did you do to get her to consider going out with you?

Tag: (With a chuckle) I bought her a gold fish.

Question: Why would you do that?

Tag: She said she’d always wanted a pet, but it wouldn’t be fair to leave it alone so many hours while she worked as a nurse at the hospital.

Question: I heard you were considered a bad boy before you came to Sunset. Is that right?

Tag: (Ducks his head) I’m afraid that’s the truth. I’m tryin’ to change my ways and be more responsible.

Question: Who all works on the ranch with you and your brother?

Tag: We hired two of our friends, Maverick and Paxton, and they’ve joined us on the ranch now. We’ve pretty much known them our whole lives, and we’ve worked right along beside them since we all got out of high school.

Carolyn: We’ve only got time for one more question, so that little lady in the back wearing a pink cowboy hat…what would you like to know?

Question: Will Hud’s story get told?

Tag: (With that brilliant smile that makes a woman’s bloomers begin to crawl down to her ankles) I believe that’s in the works, but first Maverick’s story, Christmas With a Cowboy, will come out in September.

Carolyn: Thank you all for letting Tag and I pop by today. I’m giving away a signed copy of Cowboy Rebel. Just tell me in the comments what it is about a good cowboy book that draws you to it? Cover, back copy, first paragraph, part of a series? Talk to me, folks!!


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33 thoughts on “An Interview With Tag Baker”

  1. I love a cowboy who shows a lady that he is a gentleman. He can be rough but still be gentle with his horse and a lady. Good looks just add to his attraction. Cowboy culture should be taught to every boy and young man. It would make a better world for all of us.
    I will be getting Tag’s story.

  2. I love Cowboy books that have humor, great action, and a little sweet/spicy attitude mixed in it. I love when the cowboy who is tough as a devil & just cannot be tamed finds the right Lady who can push his buttons and gentles him like a kitten.

  3. I too love the idea of the Cowboy who isn’t afraid to step up for what’s right. The loyalty, kindness and gentleness he shows toward his women, children and his horses. Being tall, built and handsome is icing on the cake.

  4. I really enjoyed the interview with Tag. 🙂 I’m usually drawn into the cover first and then I read the back to see what the story is about. I like my cowboys to have a fun sense of humor.

  5. A good cover always draws me to a book. A strong cowboy who takes care of his lady……oh boy!

  6. I just love a good cowboy story. Cowboys have so much honor you can’t help but love them. I think that is why I have drawn to them.

    • I love reading books with a good story. Carolyn has never disappointed me. I have not read the Cowboy books yet but they are in my list. After reading this comments I feel like I need to read faster so I can read more books.?

  7. I love the change of scenery and lifestyle that a Cowboy book offers. I have been a city girl most of my life. As a child i wanted a horse and riding to be part of my life. Life did not go that way for me. I did love and marry a hard working blue collar man. Cowboy books help me remember working side by side with a good man while we built a life together. Books by authors I am familiar with are an easy choice for me. New authors have to catch me with a good title and an interesting back cover story peek. Cover art can be a disappointment if it doesn’t match the description of the main character.

  8. I love the scenery and the goings of the everyday life of a Cowboy in a book of course now a good looking Cowboy on the cover helps a whole lot too. I want to read this book so badly it sounds like it’s going to be a great book

  9. The burb sometimes,the scenery sometimes, but mostly the handsome cowboy that draws me to it!! Soooo the cover!!

  10. When I see the cowboy on the cover I know that I’m going to love the hero because he knows how to treat a gal with honesty and respect. Sighhhhhh

  11. When I see a cowboy on the cover I get really excited! Not only does it give you a great visual of the hero in the story but you know with a cowboy on the cover he is going to take care of business, protect those who need to be protected and love the woman with all his heart. There’s just something about a cowboy who makes you feel protected, loved and that he will work hard for the things that he loves and cares about!

  12. I’m loving reading through y’all’s comments! Thank you for stopping by this morning and visiting with me. I’ll be checking in throughout the day, so if you have any questions feel free to ask them. I’ll answer anything private (except what those lying bathroom scales say) and will try to answer anything that I’m permitted to when it comes to my characters (they made me sign a disclosure statement).

  13. Most definitely the back cover giving me a sneak peek about what is a tough guy who is about to be hog tied to a wonderfulwoman.(of course if Carolyn Brown wrote it I know it’s a great story inside) I also love Cowboy just makes my day!

    • OMG Y’all I just Love a Awesome Hot Cowboy!!
      It’s my Go To on a Book cover too???
      I grew up on a Farm had my own horse that I sadly lost??
      I’m a Cowgirl Threw and Threw So your Books are my First choice ??? Please keep them coming!!
      Thank ya for the awesome chance at winnin’a Special copy from y’all????

  14. Enjoyed the Q&A! A cover will draw me in, but the description of the story will convince me to read it!

  15. Hey, Miss Carolyn! It’s wonderful to have you back to visit and of course you have a brand new HOT cowboy to make us drool over. He’s a handsome one and I’m sure you wrote a darn good story for him. Make yourself to home, dear friend. 🙂

  16. Love this!! What draws me in is a hard working cowboy that still respects people. Usually if the first few paragraphs are action packed then it seals the story for me. 🙂

  17. I love a series with friends or siblings as they each get their own story. And their lives continue as all are told. I love Carolyn’s Cowboys.

  18. I so love the connected stories they be brothers or high school friends etc. I just love knowing they all get their HEA. It brings me wanting to read the next book right away (but I’ll wait if I have to lol). I love the whole package of these stories! Cathie

  19. I’ll pick up a book because of the cover, the title, or if it’s a familiar author. Then I read the blurb on the back and maybe a few pages to decide if I’ll buy it. I do like series.

  20. The cover will grab my attention, but it’s really the description of the story that will make me decide whether or not to get it. I do love a good cowboy story.

  21. The 1st thing is COWBOYS! LOL ?
    Then the Blurb on the Back ?
    Thanks for sharing your book with us ???
    Thanks for the chance to #Win ???

  22. The first thing that draws me to a cowboy book is they make great heroes. They’re hardworking with compassion for the people they love, the animals they own and for the land they take care of.

    What sells the book to me is the storyline written on the back of the book. If that doesn’t capture my interest I won’t buy it.

    I’m looking forward to meeting Tag and revisiting Longhorn Canyon.

  23. I love all of Carolyn’s books especially the cowboy romances they always make me swoon & I feel warm & cozy inside. Thanks for doing this wonderful interview.

  24. If it has a Cowboy on the cover along with your name Carolyn Brown.
    I know there’s a good cowboy story inside so it comes home with me.

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