Let’s Play A Game with Pam Crooks!


Are you ready to have some fun?

This game is one of my favorites.

It’s fast. It’s easy!

And every game should have a prize for the winner, right?

Play as often as you want to be eligible to win a

$5 Amazon gift card!



To play, just answer the THIS OR THAT question in the comment above you, then add one of your own!

I’ll start:

Pepsi or Coke?

Pam Crooks
Pam has written 24 romances, most of them historical westerns. She has just released her newest sweet historical romance, TRACE, the launch book for the Bachelors & Babies series starting in June, More of her books are coming! Stay up on the latest at www.pamcrooks.com
Updated: April 22, 2019 — 7:22 pm


  1. Coke.
    Handsome hunk without heart or plain man who loves only you?

    1. Plain man who loves only you.

    2. man who loves only you.

  2. Coke

    Outdoors or inside?

    1. inside

    2. Inside

  3. Outdoors.
    Do you prefer a Ranching Cowboy or a Rodeo Cowboy book?

    1. Ranching cowboy

  4. Rodeo Cowboy
    Do you like Holiday books or Historical?

    1. Historical

  5. Pepsi.
    Coffee or tea ?

  6. Coffee
    Do you like Barbeque or Mexican food best?

    1. Bareque.

      1. Loops Barbeque

  7. Mexican

    Do you like sweet or sultry books?

    1. Avatar


      Do you prefer winter or summer?

      1. Summer.

      2. Spring lol But summer over winter.

      3. Winter

  8. Coke for me.
    Do you prefer to read or watch TV?

    1. Avatar


      Do you prefer Spring or Fall?

      1. Fall

  9. Beach or Yellowstone

    1. Avatar


      Do you prefer a dark headed man or a blond?

      1. Dark headed
        E-book or paperback

    2. Neither- water ?

      Cooking or Baking

  10. Dark Headed
    Do you prefer books set in Texas or Montana?

  11. Come
    Regular or Diet?

    1. Avatar


      Kindle or book?

  12. pepsi

    Do you like Hardcover or paperback books?

    1. Paperback

    2. Kindle because it has more storage than my apartment. (I still like paperbacks though).

  13. Texas!

    Beach or lake

    1. Avatar


      Mystery or romance?

  14. Romance

    Sunshine days or rainy days.

    1. Sunshine.

      Beach or swimming pool

  15. Yeah!! So great to see so many of you playing by the time I woke up this morning! The game questions are fun! Keep them coming!

  16. Sunshine days!

    Mountain retreat vacation or Big City vacation?

  17. Coke. In Texas whether you want a Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, or 7Up, we order a Coke! Went on Coke Dates in high school.

  18. Avatar

    Book genre: historical fiction or contemporary?

    1. Historical Fiction.

      Series or stand alones?

  19. Hawaii or Cancun

  20. Sorry for the funky comments! Our webmistress is working on fixing the issue. But everyone can still play the game!!

  21. Both but diet with flavor!

    Hot Days or Cool Nights?

  22. Coke, Chocolate or vanilla!

    1. Chocolate.

      The sound of ocean waves or thunder?

  23. Avatar

    you know Pam, I really prefer Dr. Pepper. vs the other two, but that option wasn’t listed. and i didn’t want to be the odd ball and answer neither or put in my own answer. lol this was fun

    1. LOL! I know alot of people love Dr. Pepper. Next time I’ll include Dr. P in my challenge question!

  24. I don’t drink soda. Tea or water?

  25. Pepsi

    Sweet or Unsweetened Ice Tea

  26. I live in Texas, so it’s sweet tea for me.

    Paperback or audio book?

  27. Neither! I’d much prefer water. 🙂
    Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

  28. Although I gave up soda 20 years ago, prior to that it was diet coke, with Or without lime. Former SEAL, or country Sheriff/Police Chief?

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