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“No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that’s in the right and keeps on a-coming.”

– Captain Bill McDonald, Texas Ranger


Almost since their inception, the name Texas Rangers has called up a romantic image of the men who valiantly stood against any and all enemies. Brave, noble, and true, they fought to protect the land they loved, and they became legends for it. There are lawmen, and then, there are Texas Rangers. In his book The Men Who Wear the Star: The Story of the Texas Rangers, Charles Robinson quotes former adjutant general William W. Sterling, a former Ranger himself, who said, “There is no question but that a definite potency exists in the name ‘Texas Ranger.’ Take two men of equal size and arm them with identical weapons. Call one of them a deputy sheriff and the other a Ranger. Send each of these officers out to stop a mob or quell a riot. The crowd will resist the deputy, but will submit to the authority of the Ranger.”

Texas history is full of examples of these legendary champions of the state. Consider men like John Coffee Hays who single-handedly held off a band of Comanche Indians at Enchanted Rock in 1841, Samuel H. Walker who helped develop the Colt Walker single-action revolver, and Frank Hamer who helped hunt down Bonnie and Clyde. Captain Bill McDonald was once sent to stop a prize fight, and when asked when other officers would arrive, he said, “Hell! Ain’t I enough?” “One Riot, One Ranger.” They’re just that great!

The Rangers have a Major League Baseball team named for them. They have their own museum in Waco, Texas. The one and only Chuck Norris chose to play a Ranger on TV! Let’s face it – Texas Rangers are Just. Plain. Cool.


When I started The Lawmen of Texas series, I had no idea it would even be a series, but while I was working on the first book, my cousin Erick Reed passed away after twenty years of battling a kidney disease. He was only 42. Since we were kids, he dreamed of serving his country as a fighter pilot. He would have been a doting husband and a fun dad, but the disease kept him from those things and ultimately took him from us. After he was gone, my heart needed to rewrite his story for him, to give him the adventure and happy ending he should have had. Once I got the idea, book two practically wrote itself. I don’t write about pilots, but, I think, making him a Texas Ranger is just about as cool! The Ranger’s Purpose is my gift to Erick.



Texas Ranger Erick Carlton is tough, intimidating, unyielding, but two gunshots to the shoulder can render a man useless. He’s got outlaws to track down and can’t afford time to heal, but these injuries have knocked him flat. It doesn’t hurt that the nurse tending him is a beautiful young woman, and taking time to recover might not be so bad, if only the damage from the gunshots wasn’t so life-altering.

Mahala Peters doesn’t want to be anywhere near this stranger, or any man for that matter. Since a terrifying attack three years ago, she’s been in hiding and would like nothing more than for Erick Carlton to pack up and head out. But as his wounds heal, so does her heart. She knows she shouldn’t get attached. The man is on a mission, after all, bound to leave as soon as he’s healed. Only now, does she really want him to go?

With lingering complications from his wound and the draw of a woman he can’t provide for, can this Ranger find his true purpose?


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21 thoughts on “Welcome Guest Heidi Peltier!”

  1. While visiting my son in Texas some years back The Ranger Museum was one of the first places he took us. Fascinating and informative. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve written a story for your cousin Erick.Forty two is so young. I’m looking forward to read it. Thank you for your post.

    • Thanks! We visited the museum with our boys a few years ago. My husband and I had been driving by it for years on trips to Dallas and always said we should stop in but never did. I’m glad we finally made the decision to do it. It’s really a neat place! I think my cousin would feel honored to have been made into a Ranger! I hope you enjoy the book!

    • !i am Erick’s mom. Heidi is my niece. She is such a talented young woman and is and was a devoted cousin! This story just stirs my heart in so many ways. If only Erick’s life could have been this happy! Heidi describes his size, personality and demeanor so well in this book. I especially liked when she described his smile and his dimples! That made me smile as well! Heidi did a wonderful job in this and all her other books. Her talent goes well beyond her years. I hope you will all read and enjoy this very special book! Good job, Heidi!

  2. Oh my, Texan here, I sure I would love this series and I’ve yet to read one of your books! A giveaway is an awesome way to find a new author to add to my go to authors list. I love a good Texas Rangers book!!

    • Thanks! Though this is book 2 in the series, I tried to write it so it could stand alone. I hope you enjoy it!

    • Thanks! He’s still on my mind a lot, but I think this helped me heal a little at least. I think he would feel a bit embarrassed at the attention but honored at the same time.

  3. Glad to see you here Heidi, you are new to me but would love to read your book. Thanks for the chance.

  4. Welcome Heidi. I am sorry about your cousin. But way cool, how you gave him a special book. I love to read about the tough Texas rangers, and the tough and special ladies that they meet and fall in love with.

    • Thanks! He was a great guy, and we all loved him very much. I think I’ve given him a good story here. I hope you like it!

  5. So sorry your family lost your cousin Erick. It is always difficult to lose someone, especially when they are so young. It robs everyone of the potential the life offered. How wonderful for you all that you can use your special gift as an author to honor him and in a way give him a life he missed. It sounds like a story of healing for both characters. May it also help you and your family heal a bit too.

    • Thank you! Erick’s mom finished reading the book last night and loved it, and that was my main objective. I was very glad to do it.

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