The Music of Spurs by Linda Broday

I’m happy to kick off this Bustles and Spurs week. I just love writing everything about cowboys but especially the little visual details that can add so much to a story. The smooth way they walk. The way they talk—from the hard edge they add to their voice when they have to—to the quiet, gentle words reserved for their lady, kids, and animals. Then there are the sounds—the slap of leather chaps against their legs, their boot heels striking a wooden boardwalk.

Most of all, the clink of their spurs. Oh man! I love that music.

I began thinking about spurs and here are some facts that you might find interesting.

* The earliest spurs found go back to Julius Caesar and his Roman soldiers. Who knew?

* The type of metal used in those early spurs once indicated rank. Gold or gilded spurs were reserved for knights or royalty. Hence the expression, “earn your spurs.”

* The part of the spur that makes noise is the rowel that spins when the cowboy walks. The rowel is also the part he uses to make the horse do what he wants.

* The ornate Spanish influence is still evident today.

* Spurs from the second to about the fifteenth century were buried with their owners which is why few remain today.

* Any knight who failed to remove his spurs inside a church had them confiscated and had to pay a fine to get them back.

* The U.S. Cavalry uniform required boots and spurs and they were also worn during the Civil War. These were made of brass, slightly curved, with a small rowel, black straps, and a brass buckle.

* Today, artisan spurs are big business and depending on what they’re decorated with can be quite expensive. I recently saw a pair online selling for $925. Can you imagine?

* Sometimes cowboys attach jinglebobs to their spurs for even more noise.

I have a new book coming April 30 – SAVING THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE – #2 of Outlaw Mail Order Brides series. Jack Bowdre has been arrested and on his way to jail in a stagecoach the marshal flags down. The only other passenger is Lenora Kane who’s on her way to marry a man sight unseen. When the coach wrecks, Jack finds himself handcuffed to Lenora and they’re running for their lives, afoot, with nothing but the clothes on their backs and five days to safety. This has danger, suspense, humor, and romance and available for preorder.


Leave a comment mentioning some detail about a cowboy that really adds to what you love about him. Maybe it’s a bead of sweat trickling down his neck or the way he tips his hat to the ladies. Something small that gives you that tingle. You know the one. I’m giving away a western movie called Forsaken starring Kiefer and Donald Sutherland. It’s really good. I’m also giving a $10 Amazon gift card to another winner. Drawing will be Saturday.



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Here in the Texas Panhandle, we do love our cowboys. There's just something about a man in a Stetson and jeans that makes my heart beat faster. I'm not much of a cook but I love to do genealogy and I'm a bit of a rock hound. I'm also a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of historical western romance. You can contact me through my website and I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. HAPPY READING!

60 thoughts on “The Music of Spurs by Linda Broday”

  1. I love the way they tip their hats, Seeing a cowboy tend to his horse, such gentleness and care. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Forsaken but I do love Donald and Kiefer Sutherland. Thanks for the history on spurs, very interesting.

    • Good morning, Carol……Cowboys do have good manners and respect. That’s how you can tell the real ones from the pretenders. I found that information on spurs really interesting too and there were things I didn’t know. You’ll love Forsaken. Have a blessed day!

  2. Good morning Linda, everyone’s going to love Saving The Mail-Order Bride, Jack and Nora kept me laughing. Foresaken is an amazing movie, it’s been years since I watched it.
    I think “the Wink” really spurs (no pun intended) me on. When an author describes he’s giving her a wink, I always pause reading and just set imagining him giving it to me. It really just melts my heart. I hope you have a great week with Ridge and Addie! Love you my sweet sister friend.

    • Good morning, Miss Tonya……Glad to see you up and hope you’re feeling better. I love writing “winks” into my stories when I can because there’s just something so sexy about it. I’m glad you liked Jack winking at you. 🙂 He is a sexy devil. I do hope readers like this upcoming book. Thanks for the wishes for Ridge and Addie’s book. I hope to get lots of new pages written this week.

      I hope your day is filled with blessings and love, sister friend.

  3. Good morning! Awesome blog! The thing that gets my pulse racing about a cowboy is the mentioning of the movement of any of his muscles! It can be in his arms, his jaw, his legs or any of them. Just the mention of the way his shirt fits across his muscular chest or his fine muscular behind! Oh my, oh my! Now that you’ve mentioned that movie I can’t remember if I’ve seen it or not, great giveaway! Have a great week!

    • Good morning, Miss Stephanie…….Yes, those muscles say a lot and when a cowboy flexes them on any part of his body…well, my heart does these funny things. When his muscle jaw tenses you better watch out. I’m happy you enjoyed my post. I had fun writing it.

      Have a blessed week filled with love, warrior buddy. Keep moving ahead. Today is infusion day for me so say a prayer.

  4. Great blog. I love the sounds on boots on a wooden walkway along with the jingle of the spurs.

    • Good morning, Debra…….You and I must be sisters. I love that sound too. There is nothing more cowboy-ish or sexy. Have a blessed day and find lots to smile about. Big hugs!

  5. Welcome today. This is an interesting article. Growing up on a farm, as kids we were not allowed to wear spurs on our boots or in 4-H. I did see first hand how spurs moved the horses quickly. I also saw how some people dug those spurs into the horseflesh and I so agreed with not hurting my horse, but having her respond to my hands, legs and voice. Anyway, I have always admired a man or woman who would wear spurs and not use them or gently use them on their horse. I always loved the way a cowboy would talk to his animals, gaining their trust.

    • Good morning, Lori…….There are spurs that have a sharp pointed rowels with the intention of hurting a horse and only bad people would wear those. I favor the smooth rounded ones but you’re right. Using the hands, legs, and voice are much better. Cowboys and their horses interacting always melt my heart. They seem to speak the same language. Have a great day filled with love and sunshine. 🙂

      • Hi Donna…….How wonderful to have you stop by. Those jeans really do draw the eye, don’t they? I certainly admire the sight and it’s hard to look away. That slow, easy walk they have gets me every time too. Thanks for coming.

  6. I love their manners and how they call all women “mam”. Plus, their dedication to hard work is always nice too. Speaking of spurs, there is a guy at church who wears them up there a lot of times. I thought it a bit strange at first, but now I look for him every time to see how he’s dressed. Sometimes he comes in full cowboy garb. He’s not a real cowboy, but I think he does it because the kids like it.

    • Good morning, Janine…..How funny! That guy would sure draw attention if he arrived to church late and made that commotion. 🙂 I’m sure the kids adore him. He seems to be living the cowboy way in his heart which always counts. Have a blessed day full of love!

  7. Ah, spurs!! I love them! I had my hubby wear them for our wedding. I wanted that look and the jangling down the aisle. Another cowboy feature that completes the look is the worn hat and boots. Some dust and wrinkles complete the aura of the western cowboy.

    • Good morning, Susan P……Very interesting. I think I would love that in a wedding! It would add a certain ambiance to the happy occasion. Wish I’d thought of that. I agree about dust and wrinkles. Yes, and YES! Have a blessed and very inspiring day!

    • Good morning, Kim…..You and me both. I never knew the Romans were the first to wear spurs. I nearly swallowed my tongue. Good heavens! And I would’ve sworn on a stack of Bibles that the Spanish introduced them. Have a blessed day! Love and hugs!

    • Hi Estella…….You know that melts my heart too seeing how a cowboy talks to his horse and grooms him. It’s a deep connection of souls that I really envy. Have a wonderful afternoon. Love and hugs!

  8. The town i grew up in had a Rodeo every summer. As a 10, 11, 12, 13 year old it’s where I hung out for a week. If a man has boots and a cowboy hat is girls were smitten. We loved the cowboys. We followed those guys around all day. We sure couldn’t do that these days.

    • Hi Cathy…….Yep, young girls go crazy over a man in boots and a hat. I’m sure those cowboy didn’t mind you girls following them around. 🙂 Some of them love the attention. Love you, lady.

  9. I do love me some cowboys but not sure why I think its about everything about them. Being kind and honest and taking care of women. I have never got to hear the cowboy spurs clink in real life only of the TV because I am not from cowboy country but love to imagine. Thanks for the great post.

    • Afternoon, Quilt Lady……I have to say you’ve really missed out on not hearing that sound in person. I can be sitting in a restaurant eating and a cowboy comes in wearing spurs and everyone stops to look even though it’s a pretty common occurrence. Maybe one day you’ll find out. Love you, sweet lady.

  10. Linda, what a great informative blog on spurs. I had no idea they went back so many years. Wonderful info to have! I love their jeans! Depending on whether they are Levi’s or Wrangler’s, they either emphasize a Cowboy’s backside or his front. Just love a good lookin’ cowboy with a smile on his face and a swagger! I agree with Melanie, hats mean so much, too.

    • Hi Phyliss……I guess I wasn’t the only one who was astounded by the facts. Somehow, I just can’t picture a knight wearing spurs. Nope. I agree about the jeans. A great view.

      Love you dearly, sister Filly.

    • Hi Minna! Great to have you. I think cowboys speak a language everyone can understand no matter what country they’re from. They do have such a sexy way of walking–slow and fluid. Be still my heart. Much love, dear friend.

  11. I love their walk or swagger whatever you want to call it. I love their confidence that everything is going to work out all right and if not he will try again tomorrow. Their fierce determination to persevere against all odds just as Jack and Nora did

    • Hi Glenda……Great to see you! Glad you could come. That confidence you mention is what shows in their walk. He knows what he’s capable of but doesn’t feel the need to prove it. Jack and Nora did have their work cut out for them with all the complications I kept throwing at them but they did have fierce determination to win. I loved that picture you posted of your son’s wedding and how your husband and I think your son both wore a gun and holster. 🙂

      Love you dearly, sweet friend.

  12. I love when they tip their hat and wink, it just makes my heart melt. My husband is not a cowboy but he does have the wink. ?

    • Hi Vicki……I love winkers too. That is so sexy to me. A little flirty and it says scamp. Tipping the hat always makes my heart flutter. You’re a lucky woman, Miss Vicki. 🙂

      Have a great afternoon. Love and hugs!

  13. Some interesting tidbits there… do not know any actual cowboys, but love how they look in their jeans! 😉

    • Hi Miss Colleen……..I’m so glad you liked my post. The next time they have a rodeo in Phoenix, you should go and ogle those cowboys in their tight jeans and hats! Love you dearly.

    • Hi Britney……My goodness yes! That wink is the sexiest thing. Very flirty. And when they tip their hat and say “ma’am” in that deep voice, my heart races and hands start to sweat. I wonder if they really know what they do to us ladies. Ha!

      Have a great afternoon. Big hugs and thanks for coming!

  14. his confident swagger–not the exaggerated swagger in movies–but the way he moves when he sees something he wants. Whether it’s riding a horse, moving a herd, or approaching a woman, his “swagger” says it all.

    • Hi Sharon……..I see you care more about the inner strengths which are a lot more important than the outward dress and walk. Thanks for coming. Have a wonderful afternoon.

  15. What a great movie. A real treasure. Cowboys embody all the important qualities which I admire. Real men who understand hardship and are determined to succeed.

    • Hi Anne…….I love real men who don’t back away from hardship, who stride forward through whatever trouble faces him, who rides through hell and comes out the other side. Real cowboys are like this and they don’t quit. Have a great afternoon. Love and hugs!

    • Hi Ruth…….I’m so happy you stopped by. Jeans and boots make the man but having manners, face trouble straight on, and do what’s right makes them the cowboy. Enjoy your afternoon. Thanks for coming!

    • Thanks so much, Margaret. I’m glad you liked it. Huge congrats on your upcoming release. I can’t wait for The Cowboy Meets His Match! Wishing you much success, Filly sister!

  16. For me it is the gentle way they talk to children, either putting their hand on the child’s head, or getting down to their level. That type of tenderness and understanding is also reflected in the way they treat women and take care of their horses and dogs.

    • Good morning, Patricia…….Tender understanding really gets me in the gut too. There’s something about taking a little extra care with children and making them feel important. Kids need to feel that they matter. And women too. I’ve never been able to write a book where my hero and heroine are at odds and fight all the way through. Love you dearly, sweet lady.

  17. You can tell a real cowboy from a wannabe one. There is the distinct look of a man that works hard for a living, outdoors with nature and animals. His hands are used to labor. He loves his job and knows he will never be rich with money, but cannot ever be a poor man.
    I saw a wannabe last night. Across from him was a real cowboy. No comparison.
    Stephenville being The Cowboy Capital of Texas has its share of the real.

    • Good morning, Miss Jerri…….Yes, for sure. You can always tell the real from the fake. The real ones don’t have to do anything to be noticed. It’s in their eyes, their faces, how they move. There are plenty of real around here too. Love you, dear friend.

  18. It’s a tie between the way a cowboy tips his hat and ropey, strong arms! Congratulations on your upcoming new release that I am also looking forward too. Love and hugs.

    • Hi Eliza……Thanks for coming! There’s something about the way a cowboy tips his hat or places two fingers to the brim that makes my heart flutter. And those strong arms that show when he rolls his shirt sleeves up really draw my attention! Yes, ma’am. I hope you’re doing better, dear friend. Love you dearly.

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