All Good Things…

We’ve all heard the saying, “All good things must come to an end.” While I don’t necessarily believe that’s always true, it’s doubly true today. This is my last post as a regular blogger at Petticoats & Pistols. It’s been great hanging out with these wonderful, talented ladies and getting to know a lot of the enthusiastic readers. It’s been fun talking about our shared love of western stories.

This month also marks the release of my final book in my Blue Falls, Texas, series for Harlequin. Since the Western Romance (formerly American Romance) line folded last summer, this one book has been awaiting its day on shelves. Harlequin is releasing Texas Cowboy, Be Mine under their Home on the Ranch program, and I must say it’s a very pretty cover.

Here’s a bit more about the story, which concludes the five stories about the adopted Hartley siblings:

Single mother Angel Hartley has her priorities straight—building her career as a photographer and making sure her young daughter, Julia, will never suffer the pain of being abandoned, a pain Angel herself knows too well. Dating can wait, even though she suddenly can’t stop thinking about Hunter Millbrook, who happens to be the handsomest rancher in Blue Falls, Texas.

Hunter also has a full plate. How can he juggle a relationship with running his family’s ranch and looking after his mother as her memory slips away? He’s just too busy for love…no matter how long he’s had a crush on Angel. But as Hunter begins to suspect, hearts don’t wait for the perfect moment!

What’s not in that blurb is the fact that Angel is Native American, but since she doesn’t know who her birth parents are part of her story is her search for her heritage. I think that’s a basic human instinct, the need to know our origins.

Since this is my last blog, I also would like to mention that the third book in my Once Upon a Western series for Tule Publishing is coming out next month. This is Wes McQueen’s story, the third of the three McQueen brothers, and like the two stories before it it’s loosely inspired by a classic fairy tale–this time Beauty and the Beast with a twist.

Wes McQueen has always been a casual dater, not in any hurry to settle down with one woman. But that begins to change when he meets his new neighbor, Claire Moon. But all Claire wants is to be left alone to make and sell her jewelry, to live away from the eyes of others following a fire that left her scarred. But her resolve to live a solitary existence is shaken every time Wes looks at her and doesn’t seem to even see her scars.

To go out with a bang, I’ll give away three signed copies of Texas Cowboy, Be Mine today. In the story, Angel Hartley undertakes the big task of trying to find her birth parents and her heritage. To be eligible to win, just tell me something big you plan to undertake this year. Me? Because I’ve recently developed a love for Korean dramas and pop music, I’m going to try to start learning Korean. It’s evidently one of the hardest languages for native English speakers to learn, so it’s going to be a challenge.

Finally, thanks for all the support since I’ve been  P&P blogger. Hope to see you all out on the range (in person, on social media, etc.). Here’s to a happy, healthy, productive and fun 2019!

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  1. I am planning in putting a garden in this year by myself on a half and acre of land, maintaining it watering, weeding and harvesting it myself.

  2. Oh gosh, Trish, how much I’ll miss you here!! But I wish you all of the very best. I already have my copy of Texas Cowboy, Be Mine, but I’m falling behind the times because I still read paper books. My ongoing challenge is to try to bring back some strength to my lungs and breathing more easily. God Bless and Good Luck.

  3. I plan on making some kind of beautiful flower display in my from yard. I know that’s not huge like trying to learn Korean, but it’s going to be a fun project. Have a great week.

  4. My goodness your leaving when I haven’t had a chance to get to know you and your books. I’m a virtual newbie to the reading world as you know it. I just started reading again in November 2016 after decades of not reading. I’m about to finish my 207th book! I have MS and I didn’t have the concentration to read for a long time. I’ve yet to read one of your books but a giveaway is an awesome way to find a new author to add to my go to authors list. My youngest daughter is a huge BTS fan and one of her BFF’s wants to learn Korean. Their lil’ group has now gone to Korean restaurants twice to further their new passion of Korean everything. Lol My biggest goal for 2019 is to complete my project I started last year. I’ve lived in my home for 18 years and more than half of those years have been with MS. I had a harsh on set of MS and then 5 years in I had an even harsher flare. Anyway, having 2 young daughters during that time all the things we weren’t using or had out grown etc. were just crammed into 2 different storage buildings, closets, drawers etc. Last year I cleaned out both buildings (for the most part) and did a lot in the house. I had garage sale after garage sale, burned and trashed tons of stuff. So this Spring I intend to finish this project and then start on my mothers storage building. This is a huge endeavor for me. Best wishes in all your endeavors. Happy New Year!

    • That sounds like a big undertaking, Stephanie. I wish you all the best.

      Did your daughter go see the BTS concert film on Saturday? I did. I was the oldest person there, but it was still fun.

  5. I’ll miss seeing you on here, but I will be keeping up with you on other places. I haven’t really figured out what I want to do with my life this year. I’m sure it’ll turn out like every other one in the past. Just take it one day at a time and what happens will happen. I have seriously been thinking of getting back into volunteering at another cat rescue.

  6. I enjoyed reading your blog. My goal this year is to get heart healthy and I have already made positive strides. I also hope to travel more, read more, and develop my own library. God bless you as you pursue things dear to your heart Trish.

  7. Hi Trish, all of us who visit P&P regularly will miss your columns. I am hoping to become more adept with creating memes and graphics. I often write eviews and these memes are so popular on social media. I wish you the very best.

  8. We will really miss you here! I haven’t got any big plans this year hoping to stay a little healthier this year then its been so far but nothing planed.

  9. Trish you will be missed for sure. But we know that God has wonderful things in store for you. May your next leg of the journey be full of blessings. This year I am going to try my hand at applique. I have put it off for years thinking it was too difficult. Oh my goodness, who am I fooling, I was terrified to try something so new that so many others made look simple and they were so gorgeous. I can do this, baby steps. God did not give me a sense of fear but a sense of purpose, and I will grab a hold of that.

  10. Oh we will miss you!! Thank you for all the posts in the past. I hope you get to learn Korean! The only big thing I have planned this year is to do a garden. We just moved and I want my life to calm down and get back to normal – so NO big things for me except try a garden.

    • I can understand wanting things to settle down after a move. I think it took me weeks to recover from ours.

      I’m already learning Korean. My list of words is growing and I’ve been learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet. YouTube has a lot of free content that helps.

  11. Sad to see you leave… thanks for all that you have shared with us! I plan on doing a few projects around the house….

  12. Oh, Trish, you already know I’ll miss you as will all the rest of your filly sisters. This is a crazy business and not always fair when our ’employer’ so to speak closes up and leaves us adrift.

    That said, all things happen for a reason, and you’ll make lemonade out of this, I’m sure! Walking away from stress and trying something new — Korean? My goodness! — could be life-changing.

    Wishing you much happiness and many sales with TWO new books! Stay in touch, my friend. Hugs!

  13. I am going to take college classes for my AA. I am 52 so it is a little scary, but if I need help I will just ask one of my kids who have already gotten their B.S. Wow who knew I would be going to college after my kids.

  14. I planning on trying to move. But life has its ups and downs. Don’t really know when but it’s not soon enough.

  15. Sorry to see you go. Good Luck to you in your next adventure. I am going to try to improve my paintings and maybe try and sell them.

  16. Trish, I am sorry to see you leave. I have enjoyed your posts and a few of your books. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite trope, so I will definitely be looking for your Once Upon a Western series. I usually wait to read a series until all books are out, so I have two treats waiting for me since both series are finishing up. The cover for TEXAS COWBOY, BE MINE is lovely. The story will be most enjoyable, I am sure.
    My big plans pale by comparison to yours. Learning Korean is challenging. Best of luck.
    We are currently planning a summer trip to Alaska. We are driving cross country, taking a cruise/Denali tour out of Vancouver, then driving up to Alaska, and home to TN via the Trans Canadian Highway. Health issues have canceled the trip the past two summers. We WILL go this year. So far I have only booked the cruise, but will finish planning the rest soon. I also have to get self-infusion treatments figured out so I can actually go. Kind of important.

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