Ruthy’s Winners (Oops, she forgot to post them!)

Okay, because I forgot to post them last week, we are giving away THREE COPIES of “A Cowboy in Shepherd’s Crossing” instead of one!  Thank you guys for stopping by, reading the post and leaving your comments… The winners are Stephanie, Patricia B. and Denise! Email me at and I’ll get these right out to you. I can say that because I’m actually doing envelopes right now! 🙂 

A great follow-up to “Her Cowboy Reunion”…
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6 thoughts on “Ruthy’s Winners (Oops, she forgot to post them!)”

  1. Thanks so much, Ruth.
    I would hate to count the times I have let things slip.
    I guess it just proves we are human. I look forward to reading A Cowboy in
    Shepherd’s Crossing. It is an interesting variation on the theme.

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