Amanda McIntyre: A Christmas on the Prairie

We’re very happy to have bestselling romance author Amanda McIntyre visiting today. No one lives and breathes cowboys more than Amanda and her books are always at the top of readers’ lists. Please make her welcome and leave a comment to win a copy of Worth the Wait and The Cowboy’s Christmas.



One of my favorite book series growing up (heck, even now!) is the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Later, of course, I would become infatuated by the television show based on the books. For reasons I can’t explain, I find myself drawn to the struggles, the pioneer spirit, and the determination to carve out a life in a world ravaged by blizzards, windstorms, wild critters, and more. Nature could be brutal. Life was hard. Yet traditions in families were strong, humble though they might be.

At Christmas, I think how even the simplest of gifts were given or received with such profound and sincere gratitude. Granted, there was no Macy’s, no Amazon, or UPS back then. No long lines. No exchanges. No gift cards. Gives one pause, I think. And while I admire the stout-hearted women, men and children of days gone by, I wonder if I could survive in the same vein. (Though writing and publishing a book equates in some ways, I won’t lie!)

My upbringing in a small rural Midwestern town probably has much to do with my love for Wilder’s books, and perhaps the inspiration for a short story I would later write about a lonely, old cowboy, out on Christmas Eve on a cattle drive. “A Cowboy’s Christmas,” would later make an appearance as a beloved holiday story read by Jed Kinnison, the cattlemen patriarch of the Kinnison clan and the three young teens Jed raised alone and who would later take over his ranch in End of the Line, Montana.

End of the Line, Montana (fictitious name, best of my knowledge) has roots in history as well. Back in the early 1800’s, it was part of the gold rush and one of the many mining towns that popped up along with the westward expansion. It followed on the heels of places like Deadwood, Leadville, and Reno to name a few. Interestingly, I was fortunate to be involved in a multi-author “mail-order brides” project that introduces mountain man, Christian Ezekiel Kinnsion to the little town of Noelle, Colorado. An ex Union Army man, he follows his brother west to Noelle in search of finding their claim of gold. Christian and his wife, Genevieve, will eventually travel north and be one of the founding families of End of the Line, Montana.

Family, tradition, honor, perseverance, integrity are all components I weave throughout my three related series; The Kinnison Legacy, the Last Hope Ranch, and End of the Line.

In my current release, Worth the Wait, a woman and her two boys discover the kindness of the ranch and the people in town to help her realize the worth of opening your heart to second chances.


When Hank, an old friend rescues Julie from an abusive marriage, he becomes a knight in shining armor to her and her boys. After a year of starting life over at the Last Hope ranch, Hank is ready to set the date. Julie likes the way things are. Can love overcome the pain of the past and prove that it’s all been…worth the wait? I hope you’ll visit End of the Line soon and meet the folks at the Last Hope Ranch!

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About Amanda: Published internationally in print, eBook, and Audio, bestselling author Amanda McIntyre finds inspiration from the American Heartland that she calls home. Best known for her Kinnison Legacy cowboys and Last Hope Ranch series, her passion is writing emotional, character-driven contemporary western and historical romance. Amanda truly believes that no matter what, love will always find a way.

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What holiday traditions do you have for you or your family? * Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing.

Giveaway: An eBook or Print copy of WORTH THE WAIT with a bonus of *The Cowboys Christmas standalone print copy to have or keep as a treasured holiday story. (Print copies US only) *My own private copy of The Cowboy’s Christmas.

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36 thoughts on “Amanda McIntyre: A Christmas on the Prairie”

  1. We Always watch It’s a Wonderful Life movie. This past Christmas we got to see it in the Theater. It was awesome to see on the big screen.
    Oooooohhhh Amanda Worth the Wait is one amazing book I throughly enjoyed it. Merry Christmas!!’ Love and Hugs from Brent Alabama

    • I LOVE this movie ( by the light of the moon!) we have a bell on a quilted wreath on our backdoor that says every time a bell rings and angel gets his wings Thank you so much and I am thrilled and humbled you enjoyed Hank and Julie’s story!! Much love and God’s blessings upon you and yours always.

  2. Amanda- what an amazing blog, you certainly have my interest. Glenda Kinard has been reigning her praises to me about your books. I have read one of your other books and loved it. Thank you for the chance to win a book from you.
    A holiday tradition I’ve always had as a girl and now that I’m grown and live 2 states away from my family is: presents are opened on Christmas morning, the tree stays up until New Years Day for good luck. I need all the luck I can’t get.
    I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and. Prosperous & Happy 2019. Godspeed!

    • Thank you, Tonya and blessings to you this wonderful season! I confess, there are times when my tree has been up long past New Years (though it wasn’t necessarily for luck LOL) My bama angel Glenda is an inspiration not just to me, but to all authors she reads. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet her and her girls in person. Joy to you!

  3. A holiday tradition we have, that my girls and I unfortunately missed this year due to my mother being ill, is that we transform my father and step-moms home into a Christmas Candyland the day after Thanksgiving. My step-mom has almost 80 years of collecting Christmas decor to be put out. We actually box up almost all the daily decor and bring out box after box of Christmas decorations. My father goes all out decorating outside too and his yard display has often won the “Best Lights In Stephenville” by the local paper sponsored contest. The house stays decorated well past the New Year because it all takes so long to put together! I’ve yet to read one of your books but a giveaway is an awesome way to find a new author to add to my go to authors list. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

    • Prayers for your family and I hope your mom is doing better. What an absolutely wonderful tradition! I hope you’ve taken pictures when its all said and done! Thank you for stopping by today and blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

  4. My family really doesn’t have any traditions. We were never really very close. But my husband and I always drive around town before Christmas looking at lights and decorations on the houses. I guess that could be a tradition that we made.

    • Janine, this is a beautiful thing to drive around and see the lights together. Family dynamics are not easy for sure. Growing up I don’t remember too many, but over the years we’ve created our own and been blessed. May this season be filled with joy and wonder!

  5. Hi Amanda … my mother was a McIntyre and grew up in Iowa. So, I’m looking forward to getting to know you as an author. Every Christmas Eve, we go to the 3:00 church service, come home, enjoy crappies, shrimp, salmon, etc. at our meal, and then gather to read the Christmas story from the book of Matthew. Gift opening follows. It is a joyous time of being together and the four grandchildren make it even better. Santa does arrive at our house every year and gives gifts to each one. Although, our 7 year old believes Santa looks an awful lot like Grandpa now! Merry Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas, Kathy! My husband often gets mistaken for Papa Noel, LOL. It’s gotten to be kind of fun when we’re out and about McIntyre is actually from my grandmothers side of my family. She was an amazing woman and taught me so much about loving others all year round. We have one grandchild (and one on the way) and my goodness doesn’t your heart fill with joy with them? Blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

    • I love this, Debra! You already know its not about the gifts, but about being together. My husband claims I sleep better when all my “chicks” are under the same roof. I guess that’s true. It’s my prayer every year and greatest gift. Thank you for stopping by and blessings for a wonderful holiday season!

    • Estella, what a beautiful name! I pray that you and your family–whether by blood, church, or other community can be together this holiday. You are the greatest gift that God has given this world! Blessings to you this holiday season!

  6. We always go to my sister’s house on Christmas Eve which is my old home place for dinner and I always make my mom’s pecan pies to take with us. Then to my mother in laws on Christmas day. Love spending time with the family.

    • What a blessing that you are close to your sister and carry on the traditions of your moms pies to share! I love it! Family–those you are closest to– is the best gift of all!

  7. I love how much more gift giving seemed to be back then because of the effort it took to get or make the gifts. A tradition of ours is to watch Christmas movies in our pjs with hot chocolate and cookies!

    • Hot chocolate and cookies and Christmas movies!! Sign me up! What a great tradition!! I still pull out the cards and ornaments my kids made through the years. Those mean so much as I get older. I haven’t bought “new” ornaments for my tree in years. My kids when home look for their ornaments on the tree. You mention making ornaments. When we were younger, we could’nt afford to buy fancy gifts for teachers and neighbors, so my mom would have us take oranges and “stud” them with whole cloves that we’d wrap in netting and tie with a bow. It could be hung in a closet or room where the heavenly fragrance would stick around forever, it seemed. But the “thought” that went into it is what was appreciated Blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

  8. Wonderful post. I loved Little House on the Prairie also. I think for the same reasons. And growing up on a farm, I could relate to a lot of it. A lot of our family traditions have changed now that we are empty nester’s. Before, we would go to Christmas eve service. Come home and read about the birth of Jesus. Pray and talk about Him being the ultimate gift and what that means to us. Have pizza and chocolate milk. I made a lamb cake. We would sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. As we were eating we would talk about what and why were thankful for in our lives. We would open one gift.

    • Oh wow, Lori. This is the stuff of stories! I hope you’ve journaled these stories to pass down! Precious! And how simple, yet seems so lost at times, to think about what you’re thankful for…we are blessed with so much! Blessings to you this holiday season and all through the year!

  9. A huge welcome, Amanda! We’re so happy to have you visit and I’m thrilled you took my day so I can write. Your new book is getting a lot of buzz. I just love the cover and the title grabs me. I’m going right now to download it. As for Christmas traditions…I’d say cookie making. We always have several kinds of cookies and gingerbread comes first. My grandson dearly loves gingerbread with no frosting. Just plain. My son loves frosted sugar cookies and has to have them every year since he was small.

    Enjoy your stay and have lots of fun!

    • Your kind invitation to blog today is such a blessing! I love this time of year and I understand deadlines, too! Here’s a prayer that you meet yours with a minimum of stress and plenty of joy! May you enjoy this holiday season with your family and every small gift you’ve been given

  10. Hello Amanda. welcome . A holiday tradition That I have passed on to my two kids. is the day after thanksgiving is when you get the tree out and up it goes. we also watch all the classic christmas movies. A christmas carol, scrooged, a christmas vacation ( my husband’s favorite one) it’s a wonderful life, and a christmas story. These are great movies and it doesn’t matter if we have watched them 100 of times. we still enjoy them. the last 2 years I myself have discovered the hallmark and lifetime christmas movies. So i have been enjoying them very much. as far as baking when the kids were little it was to make cookies,and they were allowed to open one gift on christmas eve. I also enjoy reading the cowboy christmas novels. Something about christmas on a ranch just sounds fun.

  11. What a lovely heartwarming post. So captivating and interesting. We have a feast, tell stories and open gifts together. Having family closeby and seeing each other gives me a warm and special feeling and makes my life complete.

  12. We go see what Santa left for our grands on Christmas morning. Oh what fun! We sit down to a delicious breakfast and enjoy every minute we are together.

  13. Hi Amanda,those 3 series sound wonderful. I’m definitely going to be reading them. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

  14. It isn’t Christmas morning unless we have “coffee” cake. It is made with coffee and a recipe I have from my mother.

  15. I live in area where there are lots of tumbleweeds. We take some and arrange them like a big Christmas tree and put some lights on them. Makes a unique outside decoration.

  16. My kids are 24 and 30 now. But being with their dad and me for Christmas hasn’t changed. They spend Christmas Eve with us and all day Christmas Day. Before Christmas we all talk about what we want to eat and it’s not turkey or ham most of the time. Last year was a deer roast.

  17. The West has long been seen as the place for new starts and second chances. I always enjoy hearing the stories, real and fictional, of those who took a chance to make a new life.
    I miss the tradition we had when I was a child. My mother’s family was large – 9 children and at last count 65+ nieces and nephews. Every Christmas Eve most of us would go to midnight mass together. Afterwards we would go to my grandparents’ for brunch and total chaos. We would get home after 2am and miraculously Santa had come and left our gifts. We would open the gifts before going to bed. Smart on my parents’ part because we would all sleep in. Christmas day we would go to my dad’s parents, have dinner with his 4 serving siblings, and play with the other set of cousins – only 10 of us on that side of the family. Now families are scattered all over the country, grandparents are gone, as are most aunts and uncles. Now our children manage to get home some time during the holidays. We celebrate Christmas when everyone is here. We were a military family and learned long ago that holidays, birthdays, etc. are all dates. The reason for the celebration can be celebrated any time.
    I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season.

  18. Our Christmas does not have any traditions. We just wing it with what is going on and who is there.
    I like the sound of your series very much. Look forward to it. Welcome to P&P.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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