November 26 – 29

Mary Connealy

Three Christmas Novellas: Longhorn Christmas * The Sweetest Gift * The Christmas Candle

Three previously released Christmas novellas now together in one book.

Longhorn Christmas Netty Lewis, a lonely young widow is saved from a raging mama longhorn by a passing cowboy who’s been wandering since the end of the Civil War. She needs help surviving her rugged life and caring for Jeremiah, her young son. And that means rounding up a nice-sized herd of wild-as-wolves longhorns.Netty and Roy, along with Jeremiah begin a journey toward Christmas, family, home and love…And a herd of longhorns are making the way hard.

A sweet re-telling of The Gift of the Magi–with a happy ending…The Sweetest Gift. She longs for music. He needs a valuable horse to improve his herd.When Christmas comes the gift they truly give is the gift of love.

The Christmas Candle, A lonely widower with a pair of out-of-control sons he never got to know while their mother was alive.A woman with a love of nature and beauty and scent…and the little boys seem determined to destroy her way of life. A feisty Ozark mountain granny who doesn’t put up with much nonsense.The gift of a candle for Christmas and a Christ child who is a perfect match for this scent of heaven.

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Merry Christmas!!!


Kit Morgan


The Partridge will be celebrating its one year anniversary come December and is still going strong. A delightful tale about a little town struggling to survive. Their only hope, mail-order brides! 

Reverend Chase Hammond hoped was in a pickle. If he didn’t get the men of Noelle married, his and every other man’s hopes of having the railroad come would die, Noelle right along with it. But planning to marry the men off to save the town and actually doing it were two different things. Some didn’t like the idea, thinking a mining town should be mining, not marrying! But that was only one of Chase Hammond’s problems. Problems that if not fixed immediately, would seal Noelle’s fate …
Felicity Partridge was in trouble. Big trouble. An active voice for Suffragettes, she’d managed to get herself arrested more than a few times. Now her father demanded she marries to keep her out of more trouble. But how could she further the cause of women shackled to a husband? But when her father gave her the choice between marriage and jail, she decided it best to further her cause elsewhere, and Noelle, Colorado seemed just the place to do it! Especially when she found out who her husband to be was …
Unfortunately, he had other ideas about marrying.  Amazon Link



Christmas in Clear Creek, another Christmas favorite!

Bowen Drake had a gift. Unfortunately, he didn’t want it. He even went so far as to do ‘bad’ in order to thwart the ‘good’ that seemed to follow him everywhere! For when HE needed it the darn thing didn’t do HIM any good at all! He tried drinking, he tried womanizing, he even tried outlawing, but nothing worked. Finally, he stumbles into the little town of Clear Creek and there discovers why we’ve been given the gifts we have…

Elsie Waller came to Clear Creek after the death of her grandfather. She had high hopes for her life in the little town including looking for a husband. Imagine her elation when she happens upon the man of her dreams the very day after she arrives! Of course, the fact he was half frozen did put a damper on things, but once the townsfolk of Clear Creek thawed him out she endeavored to make sure Bowen Drake stayed around long enough to see she’d make him a mighty fine wife! The only question was, how?

Enjoy Bowen and Elsie’s fanciful tale of mishaps, miracles, and love!   Amazon Link





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Phyliss Miranda

Although A Texas Christmas has been out since 2011, it is still one of our best selling anthologies. It hit New York Times and USA Today making is a popular holiday read.

On the eve before Christmas a blizzard arrives in Kasota Springs, Texas, transforming the small town into a night to remember.

Four ladies desperately in need of saving, four hard-ridin’ cowboys who aim to please. . . Four stories of holiday fun, and lots of laughter and love.

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 In A Christmas Miracle, Mattie Jo Ashley has lost too many people she loves. She is determined not to lose her baby sister to a mysterious disease. 

Dr. Grant Spencer has every confidence in his abilities as a third generation doctor, but is sorely in need of self worth in other areas of his life….

When Mattie Jo unleashes havoc in the community and takes Grant to the brink of testing his courage and fortitude as both a doctor and a man, all discover the true Christmas spirit and the power of genuine love and acceptance.  

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Prairie Rose Publications

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Pam Crooks
Pam has written 24 romances, most of them historical westerns. She has just released her newest sweet historical romance, TRACE, the launch book for the Bachelors & Babies series starting in June, More of her books are coming! Stay up on the latest at
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  18. Kit, that book cover is beautiful!

    1. I’m guessing you mean for The Partridge? My goodness, when you have a chance, go onto Amazon and look at the rest of the books in the series. The cover artist did a fantastic job on everyone’s covers. I think they’d make great Christmas ornaments!


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  21. i love reading so much i cant imagine my life without my books,,i dont do ebooks i like turning the pages old school,,i remember when i was in high school,i would go to the lib.everyday and check out a book,,i was a speed reader so i read a book a night,,we were poor so i never had many of my own but i sure wore that library out ,,lol not as fast a reader as i used to be but still can finish one or 2 a week

    1. That’s still pretty fast, Vickie! My reading has slowed over the years too. Gads, I’ve graduated to the large print books! Glad you stopped by!

  22. Hi Miss Vickie. Good to hear from you. I’m like you about the feel of turning a page. I do download a lot of books, as it’s nice when I’m away from home, but a “real” book is my favorite. I’m a slow reader and since I’m a post-war baby and our town had an air force base, there were so many kids to start school that we could only go a half a day. That put me behind in my reading and I was a late bloomer. Never would I have ever thought I’d be a published author today. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday. Hugs, Phyliss

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    1. I think we all feel the same, Cheryl. We’ll all be reading each other’s books the rest of the month!

      1. Right, Kit! So many great stories!

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