The Holiday Season — And So It Begins


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In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving and the start of the Holiday Season, it seems to me it would be a good idea to give away a free e-book of my most recent release, Brave Wolf and the Lady to some lucky blogger.  All that needs to be done to enter into the drawing is to leave a comment here.  By the way, please refer to the Giveaway Guidelines that govern all our giveaways.  It’s off to the right here.

Well, today I thought we might talk about love, seeing as how this is the season of love — what’s it all about?  At this time of year, with the holidays and all the out-of-mind busy-ness that we seem to get in to — I thought it might be good to take time out and have a look at  a subject that we all…well, that we all love.  Love.

14-smooch1.jpgIt seems to me that there’s all sorts of different kinds of love.  There’s the obvious kind — the kind that we all write about, the absolute beauty of love and romance and the coming together of two souls to create new life.  I’m speaking of course about the love of a man and a woman, the love of family, the love of children.  May this love always flourish and prosper in our society — I only say that because, it’s become my opinion that the family is really under attack.  But I digress.  Oh, by the way the picture to the left is of myself and my husband and the background is the Grand Canyon.

Okay, so are there other kinds of love?  I think so.



1-LORA-1[1]There’s of course the love between friends?  That’s love, too, isn’t it?  I know you’ll all agree that we would, indeed, be strange beings if we didn’t have a close circle of friends that we love with all our hearts.  But it’s different kind of love, isn’t it?  However, just because it’s the love between friends doesn’t  make it any less a deep and abiding love.10-greiman[1]

There’s also the love for mankind in general — the love of those in other parts of the world that might be having a difficult time.11-thousandoaks[1]  For instance,Untitled-16[1] many of our American Indian people on the reservations.

And how about the love we have for other life forms?  Our pets, for instance.  That’s most definitely love, too.         dogs space 1

 Love.  If I were to define love, I’d take a page from friend and author, L. Ron Hubbard, and say that it seems to me that it is an intense feeling of admiration directed toward someone or something.  It doesn’t ask for anything, it is either freely given or it’s not really love.  It’s not a dominating or controlling force.  Not love.  Not by definition.

It’s more about giving than receiving, sharing instead of using another.

But so far I’m leaving out one of the greatest love stories of all time.  Can you guess what story that is?

Our joy at this time of year is because of this love story.  Even our calendars are a celebration of this love story and of this one man’s life.  It has been said and shown through historical writings that because of this man and because of his teachings of love, that he freed a whole people from bondage, a people who had been utterly enslaved.  It’s said and it’s written that he brought a true civilizing force to the world, and that this force was to love and to treat ones fellow man, even ones own enemies, as one might like to be treated oneself.   It’s said also that he saved mankind itself from doom because of this love story.  One of my prayers at this time of year will be that the world at large learn again this lesson, a lesson given so freely so long ago …

Love…  I’d really like to hear your own love stories and your thoughts in general about love, so please do leave a message.  By the way, the picture below is of myself and the one man in my life whom I love with all my heart.  May you all have a very, happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!



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10 thoughts on “The Holiday Season — And So It Begins”

  1. I wish more people thought the way we do. Of course I love my husband, family and friends, but I also love my cats. I have one in-law who doesn’t think animals shouldn’t be loved like we love people. I disagree. As I look at my new kitten laying in front of my computer monitor as I type, I think how much I love her even though we are really just getting to know each other. Then my older cat is laying on the window sill next to me where I reach over and can pet her. I love my cats as much as much as anyone loves their children and no one can tell me that isn’t right.

    • Me, too, Janine. We love our cat and our dog so very, very much. My viewpoint is that all life has the same sort of spirit, no different than any of form of life. But life forms are different, definitely not the same — but that doesn’t mean that all life isn’t basically the same spiritually. For me, pets are made for giving as much love to them as possible — as we do for all our family. Our pets are family. For me that’s pure and simple.

      Did you vote today? Goodness, but when I went (I voted early today) the place was packed.

  2. I, too, believe there are many kinds of love, separate but no less equal. Love is not an even course. It can lead to the deepest anger and disappointment and frustration, either with ourselves or with others. But there are commonalities in all loves: a desire for the happiness and peace of the other person; a feeling of rightness in joining our lives or purposes; a willingness to sacrifice anything, even our lives, to protect them; the ability to see each others strengths and weaknesses, accept them, and support them. Love does not try to change, or harm, or isolate; rather it supports, and strengthens, and is there to help.

  3. Hi Karen,

    What beautiful words. Don’t know when I’ve read it, or said it so well or so beautifully. Today I think we all show our love of country, also, by getting out there and voting, a right so many have sacrificed their lives to ensure that this right is always there. There are some things and some men and women who should never be forgotten.

    • You are so right! My Dad was in WWII, decorated with Purple Heart, Bronze Star and Silver Star. He proudly wore an American flag pin every day and would have defended the country again if needed. The day he died I put his pin on my shirt, and wear it every day myself now. God bless all our Veterans and their families.

  4. Hear! Hear! My Dad was also in WWII. Not decorated, but still a part of it. How honoring that you wear his pin on your shirt every day. I second that. God Bless all our Veterans, Men and Women, and their families. God Bless America.

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