Deadline Brain and a Contest!

I’ll admit it. I have deadline brain. Thus the reason I’m writing this post at 2:38 a.m. after finishing writing for the day. You see, I have a book due Friday, the third book in my Once Upon a Western series, and my brain feels as if it’s the consistency of oatmeal. Yum, oatmeal, I’m hungry. I need to go to bed and have the oatmeal tomorrow (or later today, ack!). Anyway, let’s have some fun today. I’m going to ask you five questions, and I’ll draw for a winner at the end of the day for a surprise pack of three books from my western backlist.

Okay, here we go:

1. You’re driving through the wide open American West and listening to your all-time favorite song. What is it? This is my favorite:

2. You win a vacation to a week at a dude ranch or a spa with views of the red rock formations of the Southwest. Which do you pick?

3. If they were going to remake a classic western movie, which one would you like to see remade? Who would you like to see in the lead?

4. You are invited on stage to sing with someone famous. Who would it be?

5. You get to pick a name for the newest bull on the PBR circuit. What would it be?

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49 thoughts on “Deadline Brain and a Contest!”

  1. 1. Out Of Hand by Gary Stewart
    2. Dude Ranch
    3. 1980’s The Quick and The Dead- Cole Hauser
    4. George Strait
    5. Whirlwind

  2. Oh my! Anyone who knows me knows I suck at picking favorites!
    1. Hallelujah
    2. Prior to MS I would have said Dude Ranch without blinking an eye but I’m pretty heat intolerant now and when you mentioned the view the thought “scorching heat”
    sizzled my brain so I might would have to say spa. Ugh I hate MS!
    3. Hard one because no one wants a Clint Eastwood or John Wayne movie with another actor in it! So, I’m picking Cheyenne Autumn so we can see the plight of the Cheyenne in a modern day movie.
    4. Another hard one. I say either George Strait or Tim McGraw. I guess I’d flip a coin
    5. Lucky 8- as in you’d be lucky to stay on for 8 seconds

    I’d love the opportunity to read your books. I’m trying to think if you’ve been in any of the anthologies I’ve read if not I’ve never read one of your books! Very fun blog!

  3. 1.Precious and Few
    2.Dude Ranch
    3.North to Alaska and Kevin Costner would play John Wayne’s part.
    4.Oak Ridge Boys

  4. 1. Life is Beautiful by Sixx A.M. I have a lot of favorites, but this is one song I will always turn up when I hear it.
    2. I would pick the spa because it’s been so long since I have had a vacation, I really need some relaxation.
    3. A remake of any of Clint Eastwood’s movies would make me happy.
    4. Oh boy! I am not a singer and I am very shy and nervous around people. I don’t think I could sing in front of a crowd no matter who the famous singer might be.
    5. I would name my bull Diablo because he is going to be a tough one to ride.

  5. 1. Picking just one song is hard. I’d be playing all the songs of Rascal Flatts as I drove.
    2. Dude ranch for sure.
    3. Hmm, I can’t think of any one old movie to remake.
    4. Either Josh Groban or Celtic Thunder would be fun to be on stage with. But, I’m terrified of being in front of people, so it would never actually happen even if I was given the chance. LOL
    5. I have always wanted a pet Buffalo with the name Petunia, so I’d give a bull that name, too. Haha! I’d love to hear an announcer call that one out.

  6. 1) well since im alone on the highway, taking in the beautiful views. I would rock out to anything, I feel Like a woman is one i like to sing.
    2)I stumbled across this beautiful dude ranch in MT. called Flathead Lake lodge. I would like to try that and I can visit with my brother while in MT.
    3)The good the bad the ugly
    4)Dolly Parton, but I would stand off to the side. lol
    5) Buckey

  7. 1. I’m listening to ZZTop the whole way. Doesn’t matter what they are playing.
    2. Dude Ranch for sure. I have always wanted to do that.
    3. That’s a tough one. I’m sorry but in today’s world no one person can replace the actors of old times. Rio Bravo with Gerald Butler.
    4. I would have loved to sing with Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton.
    5. A name for a PBR bull. Unseated Victory.

  8. 1. George Strait Amarillo by Morning
    2. Dude Ranch
    3. Big Country – Christian Bale Jennifer Garner
    4. Run Away June – mainly because John Wayne’s Granddaughter Jennifer Wayne is one of the singers in this band I love them!!!
    5. Azz Hard

  9. Trish, I’m another author, so I’m not going to answer your questions for your big prize. I just wanted to commensurate about your brain being like oatmeal because you’re on deadline. I empathize with you. When I’m writing a bunch and feeling the pressure, I feel exactly the same way. It’s tough, as writing makes you need to go into a corner, hunker down, and live with your characters. But at the same time, your readers want you to be on social media. Constant push-pull. I know some authors use assistants to their advantage to help with the pressure but that’s another challenge, as you almost need an alter ego for some of social media, like Facebook.
    Hope you made your deadline!!!

    • Thanks, Hebby. I normally can get through a book with less mush brain, but for some reason this book is not coming as easily. Hopefully all will be well in the end, just tough getting there.

  10. 1. I’m driving through the wide open American West and listening to Kick The Dust Up by Luke Bryan.

    2. I would pick the Dude Ranch so I could ride on horseback to view the red rock formations.

    3. I would love to see The Big Valley remade. It’s not a movie but a 60’s TV series (A few years back Daniel Adams was working on it, but ended up in jail). I would like to see Meryl Streep as Victoria Barkley, who was originally played by Barbara Stanwyck.

    4. I would love for Brothers Osbourne to invite me on stage, but they might regret it once they realize I can’t carry a tune, even in a bucket!

    5. The PBR circuit needs a bull named Demise

  11. 1. My favorite song changes… I would play my Loreena McKinnett and ENYA cds.
    2. Definitely the dude ranch!
    3. I have no idea… so many things get remade I can not keep track!
    4. I wouldn’t sing in front of people!
    5. Dust Storm

  12. 1. All of Sara evans songs 2. Dude Ranch 3. I’m not a fan of remakes 4. No way would I get up there and sing 5. Destruction

  13. 1. We Were in Love
    2. With me recovering my health, I’d have to take the spa (I’d rather the dude ranch)
    3. None. I grew up watching John Wayne and he’s irreplaceable.
    4. Toby Keith (or Lee Roy Parnell or Alan Jackson–hey, I’m country!and that covers OK, TX, GA)
    5. Spitfire

    • P.S. I’d just love to sing with Toby and I’d do it too in a New York minute if I could. I sang and played in a soft rock band for 25 years but my vocal chords were hurt when I needed oxygen a year+ ago. It kills me not to have my vocal chords back yet to sing. I can talk lowly but there’s no range at all for singing. Oh well, no worries! Toby won’t be calling! 😉

  14. 1.How About Them Cowgirls….mostly because my daughters and I played it so many times as we drove across Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho a few years ago(can’t get more wide open American West than those states). I think we played Amarrillo by Morning just as much.
    2. Dude Ranch
    3.Big Country but I couldn’t think of a modern replacement for Gregory Peck.
    4.I wouldn’t want to sing on stage no matter who the celebrity was.
    5. Tornado

  15. 1. With or Without You
    2. spa
    3. Giant, not quite the West, but it would interesting to see it redone
    4. I was forced to sing on stage a a child, will not happen again
    5. Rascal

  16. 1. The Wind Beneath my Wings
    2. Spa (been to a Dude Ranch)
    3. I cannot think of one because you cannot make them without John Waynes
    4. The Who
    5. No need to fancy I would call him Bull

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