The Outlaws Are Coming and Cover Reveal!

A town of nothing but outlaws…Women needing protection, love, and hope

…People living in the shadows in desperate need of saving.

I’m launching a brand new series January 29, 2019 called Outlaw Mail Order Brides and here is the gorgeous cover for the first book!!

By the way, it’s available for preorder. Not that I’m begging or anything.

The Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride is about Clay Colby and Tally Shannon. These are both characters from my Men of Legend series. Clay was Houston Legend’s right-hand man in The Heart of a Texas Cowboy and I’m thrilled to give him his own story. In fact, I’m beyond excited for my Legend series to bleed over into this one. Readers weren’t done with my Legend men and neither was I, so they’ll appear some in these. Luke probably will more than any because he and his wife Josie have formed a private mail order bride service to match men and women living outside the law for whatever reason.

I received a lot of mail asking if I’ll free the women in hiding. Yes, in this book.

You first met Tally Shannon and her band of women living in Deliverance Canyon in To Love a Texas Ranger (the first Men of Legend.) They’re in hiding after escaping the Creedmore Lunatic Asylum—only none are crazy. They were put in there by family members wanting to get rid of them. In fact, there’s quite a lucrative racket going in that horrible place.

Tally knows they can’t live in hiding forever and it’s time to walk in the sunshine. She volunteers to go first and try marriage. The outlaws can protect her but she’s struggling with trust issues. She doesn’t trust anyone—not even Clay. And this causes big problems between them. Still, she sees Clay’s huge heart and begins to lose her fear.

Tally begins to feel safe in Devil’s Crossing and loves working by Clay’s side in making it a town. He needs this as much as she. But there are lots of potholes in the road.

Can they smooth them out and stay alive long enough to make this marriage work? It’s anyone’s guess.

This cover perfectly depicts their rustic life. The big fire is in the center of the town where all the people gather and a lot of nights one of the men gets out his fiddle and they dance. I modeled Clay after the real life gunfighter and outlaw, Clay Allison, who loved to dance more than–well, shoot bad guys. So….do outlaws really dance? You bet’cha.

The book is available for preorder: AMAZON  B&N  |  iBOOKS

Book #2 – Saving the Mail Order Bride – follows a few months later on April 30, 2019.



Question: how do you like the cover? Is there anything that draws you? I just love the splash of red. If you don’t want to talk about the cover…how do you like fall so far?

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40 thoughts on “The Outlaws Are Coming and Cover Reveal!”

  1. I have to admit that I did not get the cover when i first saw it. I did not read an ARC to know what was going on and it seemed a misfit. NOW. I get it! The fire makes perfect sense. The dancing, not holding. How cleaned up the cowboy Clay is vs an outlaw on the run. The composure of the scene is so hopeful. The red pops! Tally and Clay look so happy to be together. Thank you for the peek into what is to come. Another great series and old friends, too.

    • Good morning, Jerri Lynn……I hate that the cover threw you at first. I can see where it sort of looks like the man is wrestling with the woman. But Tally makes Clay promise to dance with her at the end of each day. Feelings are slow to develop between them and Clay doesn’t force her to sleep with him. Dancing is a way to learn someone. Yes, the red dress and the fire really make this cover.

      Have a blessed day, sweet friend.

  2. Good morning. I love love the cover. The campfire is so vivid and draws me in. The way Tally’s red hair sparkles from the light is breathtaking. I’m loving this book I’m at 80% right now. I hope to finish soon and then pen my review. Love you sister friend.

    • Good morning, Miss Tonya……..The campfire is really vivid. You know, I think red-haired women really add something special to a cover. Her hair does sparkle in the light. I’m so happy that you’re liking Clay’s and Tally’s story. I can’t wait to get your thoughts.

      Much love and hugs!

  3. The cover is striking. The fire in the background and the red dress pull you in as do the smiles and the dance.

    • Good morning, Debra……I’m happy the cover works for you. Both Clay and Tally love to dance and it was a way for them to get acquainted and trust each other.

      Have a blessed week, dear lady.

  4. I love this cover! Dancing by a campfire!?!? I’m in!! There is something about the colors of this cover that pulls me in so it may be that extra red! I love fall but cold and wet I don’t so that can move on! True to Texas it’s not going to be here long though! I’m so excited for this series!!

    • Good morning, Miss Steph……..I’m very happy that the cover works for you. The colors are very vivid and the woman’s hair…so beautiful. It’s hasn’t been very fall-like here in the panhandle either. It basically went straight from summer to winter. Hopefully, fall will return soon and give us some pretty days. I hope you enjoy the book when you get to read it.

      Much love and big hugs!

  5. I love the cover. It really draws my eyes to it. Speaking of fall, what fall. We went from hot summer to a cold wet wintery type of weather already. Fall is my favorite time of year and I am missing it.

    • Good morning, Janine…..I’m happy to see you and that you like my new cover. I think it really does draw the eyes. The colors, the people are so vivid. I just love this Sourcebooks cover designer. She’s amazing. I’m with you about fall. Ours lasted one day. It’s been freezing, wet, and dreary! Fall is my favorite time of the year too. Hopefully, it’ll return at some point.

      Have a blessed week, sweet lady!

      • Sometimes I forget that you’re in Texas too. My yard is so saturated with rain I have to put plastic bags over my shoes just to make it to the mail box this afternoon. My sidewalk has a dip in it so it’s under water, or I would have walked on it. I need to order some rain boots but I always forget when I have extra money.

  6. The cover is stunning! I love the fact they look like they are dancing and not the usual embrace. The deep purple blue of the mountains makes the red pop and seem vibrant. A fabulous cover all around!

    • Good morning, Susan P……..Thank you for your comments on this gorgeous cover. I feel immensely blessed. A cover can make or break a book and this one will definitely draw readers I think.

      Have a blessed week!

  7. I really like this cover but after reading your synopsis I can see the symbolism. This sounds like a great story!

    • Good morning, Connie……..I’m so happy you find the cover pleasing. I’m really excited about this new series and the first book. I think these stories (I’m already writing book #3) are some of the best I’ve ever written. It’s fun writing about outlaws and showing the misconception of them. Back then when lawmen were few and far between, men sometimes had to take justice however they could find it and society labeled them outlaws. However, there were bad ones who robbed, killed, and destroyed.

      Have a blessed week. Sending hugs!

    • Good morning, Karen……Thanks for the compliments about the cover. I’ve had some great covers but I think this one is really outstanding. It’s just so vivid. You’ve had some great ones too.

      Big hugs!

  8. Hi Linda love the cover the red really sets it off. It looks like a really great story. As far as fall goes we went from 85 one day to 50 the next it was like going from summer straight to almost winter and we all have some kind of cold or something going on right now. I am enjoying the cooler weather when its not raining though.

    • Good morning, Quilt Lady……I’m glad you stopped by to comment on the cover. Thank you for liking it. Yes, fall is somewhere but I’m just not sure where. It’s definitely not here. This is winter. I wasn’t near ready for it to be this cold and dreary.

      Much love and hugs!

  9. Everyone’s already mentioned the red and the firelight highlight her red hair, so I’ll go one to say the first thing that caught my eye were the beautiful graphics. First the title in different fonts and sizes and then the last word in script. It’s perfect and eye-catching. The blue and mountains behind your name are also very eye-catching and I love the cowboy hat slightly covering your name. A lovely touch. The cover’s perfect. Can’t wait for Jan. 29!

    • Hi Eliza! It makes me happy to see you. I think the craggy mountains provide a contrast for the setting and the right shade of dark for the rest of the colors. The purple wildflowers at the bottom add a lot also and are meaningful. Clay lays one on Tally’s pillow their first night together. He really is a very romantic man. But rightly so–a loose Frenchwoman in Cimarron taught him a whole lot, including how to dance. January seems a long way off now but blink and it’ll be here. 🙂

      Love and big hugs!

    • Hi Pam…..Thanks for the compliment. Everyone agrees the red dress just really sets this cover. I’m sorry I missed your release blog of Wanted. I’ve got to get that!! It sounds so good and I’m ready for one of your western stories.

      Love and hugs!

  10. Love the cover. We had snow on Sunday I think the weather is trying to decide if it’s fall or early winter.

    • Hi Kim……Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I think Mother Nature is confused. She’s not sure what she’s supposed to do. Ha! Neither do we! I never know what to wear.

      Love and hugs!

  11. I absolutely love the cover before reading and after reading I really LOVE LOVE the cover. It is such a beautiful story. Fall what what Fall LoL here it’s still near 90s every day with the real feel temps into the mid 90s I am ready for some high in the 60/70s.

    • Hi Miss Glenda…..I’m so very happy that you liked the book. Thank you again for your beautiful review. Your words thrilled my heart and still do. Hey, if you’d like some cold weather, come to visit me or Tonya. We’d be happy to share ours.

      Have a great evening.

  12. Linda, that cover is wonderful! If that doesn’t make a person want to buy that book, I don’t know what would! Love it! The premise sounds so exciting, and Tally has to have a lot of courage to volunteer to “go out first” into the world. I can’t wait to read this! Congratulations on another excellent story.

    • Hi, Cheryl…….Thank you for your glowing comments and I’m happy the premise is tempting you. That’s good. Tally has a more courage than anyone I know. In this book I tell exactly what they did to her in that asylum. It wasn’t pretty.

      Have a great evening, my friend.

  13. Beautiful cover! 🙂
    As for Fall weather, my area has been nice with some storm systems lowering the temps and bringing some rain!

    • Hi, Colleen……I’m happy you like the cover. I feel truly blessed. Sounds like your fall is lovely. I didn’t know what kind of fall you have there in Arizona. Have a great evening.

  14. Love the cover! The splash of red, the glow from the campfire, this is a place I’d love to be. I admire all your book covers, Linda.

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