Welcome Guest – Jodi Thomas!!

Hello everyone, Jodi Thomas here.
In a few weeks MISTLETOE MIRACLES will be out as the 7th book in the Ransom Canyon series.  I’m very excited about this one. 

Hold on to your hats this is going to be a wild, funny ride.

I had a series of events, like every writer experiences sometimes, tumble down on me when facing the deadline on this book.  One roadblock after another happened.  Sometimes the real world interrupts my fantasy world. 😉 So, all of a sudden I had a book due, I was suffering from exhaustion, and the holiday season was nearing.

“Rest.” The doctor insisted.  Great.  No talks, no travel, no lectures. I stayed in my pj’s and wrote. The book took over my brain—in truth it wasn’t much of a fight.

All at once the characters were living in my mind, not just subleasing a few hours a day.

I got better and finished the book.  My editor loved it.  Christmas, three love stories, a horse ranch.  I turned it in right after Christmas, getting to live both in real life and in my mind for the holidays.

Then life rushed in.  Travel, talks, business, relatives. I’m behind again. This time on Number 8 that will be out in 2019.

No problem. Then came the head-on car crash. I’m back at home–with a broken leg. Not in fantasy this time. I wrote half the book in a month with my leg propped up.

I’m starting to see why BREAK A LEG means good luck.  Maybe whoever made it up was talking to me.

So, I googled it:

A phrase of encouragement typically said to one who is about to perform before an audience, especially an actor. It is thought to be used due to the superstition that wishing one “good luck” will result in the opposite, but the exact origin of the phrase is unknown.

I also researched jobs and found that being a cowboy ranks at the 4th more dangerous job in America.   All of us who’ve been tossed from a horse are yelling, “Amen” right now.

So ladies and gentlemen, enjoy my MISTLETOE MIRACLES this fall with my three cowboys on the Maverick Ranch because next spring while I’m writing book number 9, one of my heroes is going to break a leg for a change, and I plan to stay healthy.

Leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy of Mistletoe Miracles to kick off your holiday reading.  I’d love to hear what your lucky saying is.

And don’t forget to sign up for a three-day stay at my hideout in Red River, New Mexico.  You pick the season, they’re all beautiful.  Just check the rules on my website:  jodithomas.com.    

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58 thoughts on “Welcome Guest – Jodi Thomas!!”

  1. Hello Miss Jodi- I’m so excited about your book. I can’t wait. I love love this series. I’m glad you’ve healed since your wreck and I pray it was the last one you ever have.
    When I was young my dad rodeoed every weekend. One weekend some of our close friends had never been to many rodeos except for the PRCA when it came to town. So one Friday night we all loaded up and headed out of town to dad’s Rodeo he was entered up at. We all stopped at McDonalds along the way for supper. That night Dad won the rodeo and my friends Dad who was with us told Dad after he won, “Who’d of thought it, hamburgers bought it!”
    That became our good luck saying for my dad to rope good from then on.
    Thanks for the great blog and chance to win your next RC book. Love and hugs and tell Tom “hello” from me.

      • Jodi- I knew an old cowboy once named Skeeter, he was a hoot. Always had a story to tell and tobacco in in cheek.
        Another cowboy my family knew and he was an amazing roper even up in his 80’s, his name was Whitt. He was always the life of the party At every Rodeo, and never met a stranger.
        I hope those 2 names help you.

  2. I can’t wait to read your book! I do not have a lucky phrase so now I’m wondering if that’s why I tend to have such bad luck. I hope I win this book! A three day weekend! I’ve got to check that out!

  3. I can’t wait to read your book! I do not have a lucky phrase so now I’m wondering if that’s why I tend to have such bad luck. I hope I win this book! A three day weekend! I’ve got to check that out! I have 18 entries on the weekend giveaway already! Woohoo

  4. Well not sure I have a saying, have been told. Chin up buttercup which always makes me smile. When someone says man I have no luck first thing pops out if my mouth is chin up buttercup. Excited for your new book. God bless and have a great day.

  5. Oh Jodi I didn’t know you to have been where I am right know I am in the the recovery phase from being in a head on wreck. I have a messed up foot and leg from it. I had to have my heel reconstructed it was shattered and then I have a broken fibula. It’s been a long depressing path. So I know your pain. Look forward to reading this book. I guess my go to good luck saying I always say is I say God be with you. Have a Blessed Day

    • Sorry to hear about the wreck. I know how you feel. As a writer sometimes everything becomes research—I’m going to break my next heroes leg!

      Most interesting time—the ER for 5 hours. They should have charged for the show.

      • I was in one ER for nearly 8 hrs then transferred to another hospital and was in that ER for nearly 13 hrs then put in a room and had surgery and stayed 7 days in hospital on the critical trauma care unit and have been non weight bearing for almost 3 months now.

  6. I don’t have a lucky saying or lucky number or lucky anything. And, lately, all I know is one bad luck event after another. I think it’s because I fell in love with a guy who’s last name was Murphy many years ago and Murphy’s law never left me when he did.

  7. Looking forward to Mistletoe Miracles. My favorite saying is “can’t never did anything”. I don’t have a lucky saying and my luck isn’t too good.

    • If you love reading your luck couldn’t be bad. When I hear someone say they never read I’m always sad. Look at all the worlds they’ve missed.
      I’m sending good luck your way.

  8. I don’t really have a favorite saying that could bring good luck. I am looking forward to reading your book and please take care of that leg and I know it rough getting around like that.

  9. Oh man, that sounds like my kind of luck! When my husband married me he didn’t believe that my family had a special kind of bad luck. He now tells everyone it is totally true. LOL. And anyone who joins the family automatically gets in on it. 🙂 We live life ready for what could happen and that makes it much easier to accept!

  10. Jodi, sorry to hear about your accident. Life does seem to offer many, many challenges. Only in fiction can we escape and live vicariously through the characters’ lives. I love your Ransom Canyon series! Wonderful characters, beautifully depicted. I just finished a book for this Christmas, and my hero broke his ankle. I drew my inspiration for that episode from my dear FB friend, Glenda’s experience, which she mentioned above.
    I have other mobility issues now and was in seeing my foot doctor. I’m not great with medical stuff, but I Googled the details of breaking an ankle. While I was there, I ran what I was doing in the book past the orthopedic PA, and I got the details right!!! Was so happy to hear that. Constant doubt sometimes dogs us writers, I guess.
    As for an old superstitious saying to ward off bad luck, the one that leaps to my mind is: “Knock on Wood” which the accompanying knock.
    Hope you’re all healed now and feeling much better. Lovely to read your post!

    • I do the same thing when I’m working on a book but a bit of advise. Do not ask the pharmacist when you pick up your prescriptions, “If I take all of these at once will it kill me.”

  11. Not sure if this qualifies, but in our family we say, “Have a day.” It started when everything wasn’t going that great and we didn’t want to jinx it by saying have a good day, but didn’t want to be focused on bad days. So there it is. Sorry to hear about the leg but I think the readers will benefit! Love holiday stories and looking forward to Mistletoe Miracles.

  12. No lucky saying really. But I’m excited to read Mistletoe Miracles. Glad to hear your healing. Thanks for giveaway chance.

  13. It’s a song lyric rather than a lucky saying but it’s by Texan Lee Roy Parnell (born Abilene), and the song title is “One Foot in Front of the Other.” Three lines from the song:

    But life’s a journey, no need to hurry, it’s one day at a time
    One foot in front of the other, take one step, and then take another
    Just keep on walkin’, headed in the right direction

    So my son often says “one day at a time” and I respond with “one foot in front of the other.” As you can see, I’d call in more of a “reminder” than a lucky saying.

      • I forgot to say that George Strait sang this song, but Lee Roy was one of its two writers and it’s his version that really stays with me–kind of a country, rock, blues, slide guitar up tempo thing. And to be honest, although the rest of the world is more in love with George, Lee Roy is one of my tippy top favorites. 🙂 Thank you for answering my post, Jodi. Have a good weekend!

      • Ah geez, and I forgot to say–which I should’ve said first–that I’m so sorry to hear about the dangerous wreck you were in and I hope that you heal well and completely very soon. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. Oh, you poor thing! Yes, I do hope you have much better luck from here on out. I can certainly see why a cowboy’s job would be very dangerous. Just riding and being in the barn and pasture with the horses, my daughter has been injured many times.

  15. I guess this isn’t really a lucky phrase, but it is one I have used frequently. The first time the kids hear it they are a bit confused. When our children were little and would give us a hard time leaving someplace, I started saying “If you don’t leave, we can’t come back.” What the hear initially is ‘you can’t come back’ and the get upset. However, once I explain the first and last part to them they get the logic of it. It has made it easier to get them out the door when we are trying to leave.
    I am so sorry you have had such bad health issues lately. It is never fun to be out of commission and unable to do what you would like. The advantage is you get to read more, or in your case, write more which is a bonus for us all. I love Christmas holiday reads. I always try to add a few new ones every year. Mistletoe Miracles sounds like it will be a good addition this year. Multiple storylines that overlap and parallel each other make for an interesting story. It all happening at Christmas time makes it special.

  16. This isn’t a lucky saying but one that I often think of when I think of my Daddy. After a hard day of work he would say “Another day, another dollar. A million days, a million dollars” As a little girl I could just imagine a million dollars. We would be rich! Took me a long time to realize that I wouldn’t live 1 million days ?
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Jodi – Hoping you are on the mend. My lucky saying is…..Don’t worry be happy!! I seem to worry a lot, so this saying helps me. Enjoy your books. Keep them coming.

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