Wiggle Your Toes!!

Hi all, Winnie Griggs here.  Apologies for the late post but I got my days mixed up and totally spaced on the fact that it was my turn at bat.  So to make it up to you I’m going to give two visitors who leave a comment their choice of any book from my backlist..  So pop in and tell me about some time when you missed an appointment or deadline.


And because today is National Wiggle Your Toes Day, I thought I’d post a picture of my current toe-wiggling status.

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Winnie Griggs is the author of Historical (and occasionally Contemporary) romances that focus on Small Towns, Big Hearts, Amazing Grace. She is also a list maker, a lover of dragonflies and holds an advanced degree in the art of procrastination.
Three of Winnie’s books have been nominated for the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, and one of those nominations resulted in a win.
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27 thoughts on “Wiggle Your Toes!!”

  1. The only time I have really been late is when I was working and I got in a lot of trouble for being late sometimes, especially when my boss would know I had been out too late the night before. I hope your foot gets feeling better soon.

  2. Hope you are okay! Well, the dramatic story is the time years ago when my car developed serious steering problems, I barely made it off the highway, had to call my husband to drive me to the train to the city, so I was a bit late for work. My boss was taking the day off and left a note under my typewriter cover (I said it was years ago 😉 ) giving me detailed instructions and wanting me to call him as soon as I got there. When I called he started to yell, I gave my notice over the phone, that was that.
    These days, now that I’m retired, usually the closest I come to being late is when I’ve agreed to review an ARC and realize pub date is almost here!

  3. Not once but twice I was asked to take a meal to a woman at church who had been in and out of the hospital several times. I wrote it on my calendar and put a sticky note on my kitchen cupboard door. On the following Saturday I saw the note and called Betty, who was to have gotten the meal and apologized. She was so gracious. She said she had way too much food anyway. Two weeks later I repeated the process. I called Betty again and then I called the woman who organized meals for shut-ins at our church and told her to take my name off the list. In over twenty years, I have never been asked to help. What a reputation. 🙁

  4. I’ve missed appointments because I put the wrong date on the calendar. Luckily, it was easy to reschedule without penalty.

  5. Hope you are healing well! And staying cool in this heat! I’ve missed a dentist appointment one time and had a guilty conscience over it. I really like my dentist. She’s a fan of my books!

  6. A few months back I missed a physical therapy appointment because I thought it was for a later time that day but it was earlier. Just went to then next one a few days later but felt really bad I had messed up.

  7. I’ve missed appointments because of showing a day late. Sometimes they would work me in and sometimes they wouldn’t.

  8. Oh, Winnie, I hope your leg/foot isn’t too bad and is getting better. I missed two appointments last Monday and Tuesday (among other things). At least I was able to call a little before the first doctor’s appointment to inform them I was in the hospital and would be missing my scheduled treatments for the two days. I was able to reschedule them for today and tomorrow. It has been a very long time since I completely forgot an appointment. Of course I am checking my calendar several times a day to make sure I don’t forget anything.

  9. I can’t ever remember a time I forgot an appointment. I’m the type of person who likes to be a few minutes early. I also write important dates on my calender, post a reminder on my phone, and write it on my dry erase board on my fridge. I’d be so stressed forgetting something!

    Praying for quick recovery time Winnie, looks painful :-/ Glad you can wiggle your toes though!

  10. We went for a play and found our tickets were for the night before. Bummer Hope you get better!

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