It’s All in a Name


Some ranches have the strangest names but probably all mean something personal to the owner. The ones I put in my stories all reflect the owner’s state of mind or what they value. Some that I see when I drive down the road leave me scratching my head though. Like the Dime Box and Hoof Prints ranches.

In the anthology Give Me a Texas Cowboy, Jack’s Bluff was the name of the ranch in mine and Phyliss Miranda’s stories. Jack, one of Tempest LeDoux’s many husbands, won the ranch after buffing in a card game. I thought it was perfect.

Here are others I’ve used:

Sullivan – A Texas Christmas

Long Odds – Texas Mail Order Bride

Last Hope – Twice a Texas Bride

Wild Horse – Forever His Texas Bride

Lone Star – Men of Legend series

Aces ’n Eights – Knight on the Texas Plains and To Catch a Texas Star

Each one tells a lot about the owner. Duel McClain in Knight on the Texas Plains and To Catch a Texas Star named his ranch for the poker hand he won Marley Rose with and he doesn’t ever want to forget the miracle of how she changed his life.

To Catch a Texas Star is a story of hope, forgiveness, self-discovery, and vanquishing evil. Marley Rose is on her way into town when she finds a man bleeding and unconscious by the side of the road. Roan Penny has seen the worst of humanity, but Marley and the McClain family restores his faith. As he recovers he falls in love with the dark beauty he calls his Texas Star and longs to make a life with her. But evil from the past finds them. Will it destroy the happiness Roan and Marley have found?

The book released on July 3 and is available everywhere in bookstores and online.

Here are a few of the old Texas ranches still in operation not far from me:

Sanford Ranch

Tongue River Ranch


Four Sixes

Waggoner Ranch

Matador Land and Cattle

Yellow House Ranch

Spade Ranch

How about you? Can you name a ranch either in books/TV shows/movies, or that you’ve seen or heard about? I’m giving away one copy (winner’s choice of format.) Comment to enter the drawing to be held on Saturday, August 4. Giveaway Guidelines.

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49 thoughts on “It’s All in a Name”

  1. Here’s in Rolla, KS where I used to work by the pig farms they have a ranch named “Giddy Up Ranch”! I’m friends with this family and they are your true blue ranch Cowboys. Very nice family.
    I loved this blog, I’ll be doing some thinking of other ranches I’ve seen out in my inspections or on my travels. Have a great day. I sure hope today isn’t as taxing as my Monday ended up being. Love you sister Friend.

    • Good morning, Tonya…….I’m glad you got some rest. Yesterday really wore you out. The Giddy Up Ranch is a funny name. The owner must want it to get up and go. I love ranching families where everyone pitches in and works for a common goal. I’m sure you see a lot of ranches up there in Kansas. May your day be sunny and bright and bring lots of smiles.

      Love you, sister friend.

  2. Aces and Eights was my favorite ranch name in your books. Not only does it just sound good but I love where the name came from. A ranch name, that is close to me, that leaves me scratching my head is the Humping H Ranch. Its in a tiny community where my Dad and his family grew up. I often wonder what my grandpa would have thought about that name.

    • Good morning, Stephanie……I’m scratching my head too over the Humping H Ranch. Ha! Wonder what the owner was thinking of. I loved the Aces ‘n Eights ranch name too. It meant everything to the McClain family and Marley came to see that. Have a wonderful, blessed day, dear friend!

      Love and hugs!

  3. I really don’t know of any funny ranch names. But when I was looking at places to get married at (many years ago), I came across one called the Double D Ranch and I thought it was a funny name because it reminded me of a bra size. It’s kind of a childish humor, but that was the first thing that popped into my mind.

    • Good morning, Janine…….I see your point about the Double D Ranch. HaHa! Wonder if the owner’s wife wears that size. 🙂 Have a blessed day and good luck in the drawing.

  4. Spring Lake Ranch

    Pond Hill Ranch

    New Moon Ranch

    Spring Lake Ranch After Care

    Pond Hill Stables

    Redrock Elk Ranch Inc

    Mountain View Ranch

    Barnes Black & Whiteface Ranch

    Maple Wind Ranch

    Harvest Moon Valley Ranch

    Spring Lake Ranch After Care

    Dj’s Chinchilla Ranch

    Mad Mountain Ranch

    Auclair’s Riding Ranch

    Circle T Ranch

    Warrior Spirit Ranch, Inc.

    Fowler’s R&R Ranch

    These are just a few Ranch names in Vermont. I love to read the names of ranches and wonder how they came up with them.

    • Good morning, Charlene………Wow, you really made a list! I love the names Warrior Spirit and New Moon. Very creative and immediately images pop into mind. I also like to read the names of ranches for that same reason. Most mean something. Have a blessed day and good luck in the drawing!

  5. There’s a ranch where I live that I was tickled my fancy. It’s in Comanche County Texas. This rich is called Comanche Ridge. Yes it’s on a ridge that over looks a valley. The best thing about this ranch is it has a Comanche Indian burial grounds on it. I think that’s the best place to be laid to rest is at this ridge over looking this beautiful valley.

    • Good morning, Christi…….I love the name Comanche Ridge! I think that ranch is on scared land indeed. I’m sure the owner considers himself caretakers of those burial grounds. It sounds like a beautiful place. Have a blessed day! Sending big hugs your way!

      • Thank you Linda. Have a blessed day as well. I love all the different comments and responses from all the readers.

  6. Well I will have to go to a TV show and go with the Ponderosa Ranch because that is what my brother called the little ten acre farm we lived on when we were growing up. My brother is gone now but we still laugh and call it the Ponderosa to this day and my sister still lives there. The only animals on that farm now is one cat and stuff like rabbits, squirrels, deer and things like that.

    • Good morning, Quilt Lady……..Well, the Ponderosa is an excellent name for a ranch even if it’s only 10 acres. I love it. I guess the cat is running things now. They tend to do that anyway. 🙂 Have a blessed and wonderful day. Big hugs!

      • Hello Linda! Don’t see many “ranches” around my area, especially ones large enough to give names to. But like the other readers I remember many of the ones from TV shows. One I didn’t see mentioned was more modern day than some and it was the Southfork from “Dallas”! Love all your stories abd the history they bring forth. I am finally getting to read To Catch A Texas Star and I am really enjoying it!! Hugs your way!!

    • Good morning, Glenda…….Yellowstone is a great name for a ranch. Unusual and brings to mind spewing geysers. I hope you’re doing better and that your pain is easing. Life really threw you for a loop. Love and hugs, my dear.

  7. Most of my early knowledge of ranches as a child born and raised in Kentucky was from tv westerns. I knew about The Ponderosa (Bonanza), Shiloh (The Virginian), the High Chapparal and the Barkley Ranch on The Big Valley. These were very prosperous ranches! Author Tina Russo Radcliffe currently has a series of books that share the setting of Big Heart Ranch in Oklahoma and they are extremely enjoyable books. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

    • Good morning, Connie……..Those ranch names are great ones. I loved those shows and I was always partial to the ranch name Shiloh. I can’t recall, but I wonder if “The Virginian” fought in the Civil War. Probably. Tina Radcliffe’s Big Heart Ranch sounds like a good setting for her series. I watch a series on Netflix called Heartland and that’s the name of their horse ranch. It’s a great show. Have a blessed day and big hugs for coming over. Good luck in the drawing.

  8. I certainly remember The Ponderosa. There are many that are “the rocking -” with a letter after it. The one my daughter works at is called Irish Lane. I would want a clever fun name for mine!

    • Good morning, Susan P……..I love the name “Irish Lane.” It certainly speaks to me. Yes, if we owned a ranch, we should name it something clever or fanciful. Have a blessed and fun day. Good luck in the drawing!

  9. So many names. I enjoy hearing the names and wondering how they came back. The first name that popped into my mind after reading your post was South Fork from the TV show Dallas.

    • Good morning, Carol……..You know, South Fork popped into my head also when I was writing this post. That is certainly a very famous ranch still today. Blessings and love. Good luck in the drawing!

  10. Who could ever forget South Fork? I just realized the person above me mentioned it, too.

    And the Ponderosa?

    • Hi Denise……..Forgetting South Fork is impossible. And the Ponderosa. Those ranches are ingrained in us. Thanks for coming. I’ve entered you in the drawing. Have a blessed day!

  11. I loved The Big Valley and was actually thrilled when first moving to California (as an adult 🙂 ) and recognized the name “Stockton” as its location. I think it was just called the Barkley Ranch. The Ponderosa was also a favorite. I still have my tin souvenir cup from a visit with our kids one summer. They weren’t quite as excited as my husband and I were to be where the Cartwrights had been. Thanks for the post and explanation of how you have tied the ranch names to your story. I love that kind of background.

    • Hi Sally……..It’s an absolute must to visit the Ponderosa if you get near enough to it. The place is steeped in stories and you half expect to look up and see some of the Cartwrights strolling from the house. I’m happy you enjoyed my post. I believe ranch names are/should be an extension of the owner and say something about him or her. Thanks for coming. Have a blessed day. You’re in the drawing.

  12. The ranch in the book I’m currently reading is called The Walker Horse Ranch. It’s their last name, so not very inventive.

    • Hi Linda Orr……I just emailed you to let you know you won a copy of the book from the Lone Star Book Blog Tour. Yes, a lot of people use their last name as the ranch name. That’s okay though. There are no rules but I love the more colorful ones.

      Have a blessed day! Big hugs

      • Thank you for letting me know and for the book. I’ll e-mail you now. Of course, take my name out of this giveaway.

  13. Hi Linda, Great blog! Of course in our neck of the woods it’s the XIT. Of interest to our readers, part of the XIT was obtained during a land exchange for the capital of Texas in Austin. The 6666 ranch has been exclusively owned by women, as it is today. I thought that was of interest since women didn’t own many ranches back in the day. Yes, I loved the Jacks Bluff because Tempest LeDoux’s hubby won it with four jacks and she held a weekly poker game at the ranch. Your mama to my daughter was a hoot! One of my favorite stories. Big hugs, Phyliss

    • Hi Phyliss! The XIT was humongous. Samuel “Burk” Burnett founded the 6666 ranch then at his death his son Tom owned it. From there it was Tom’s daughter and then his granddaughter. But women owners were definitely out of norm. I really enjoyed writing Tempest LeDoux’s story. She was a great character and it was fun working with you.

      Love you, Filly sister!

    • Hi Jerri Lynn! Great to have you stop by. The Low Sleep Ranch, huh? I like that. Sounds like my kind of place. I’m glad you enjoyed my post.

      Much love and hugs!

    • Hi Eliza…….Now my day is complete. I’m glad you could come over. I’m happy you enjoyed my post about ranch names and I’m happy you liked To Catch a Texas Star. 🙂

      Much love and hugs!

    • Hi Debra……Thanks for coming. Yes, a lot of ranches have letters in the name. Triple R, Rocking J, etc. Not very creative. Good luck in the drawing on Saturday. Have a great day!

    • Hi Cheryl Lucas……..Thanks for coming. South Fork is a very famous ranch and I’ve often wondered where they came up with the name. Is Fork one in the road, in a river? Good luck in the drawing!

  14. The one Ranch name that first comes to my mind is The Circle Seven. Also, The Broken Circle. I loved reading those two series. 🙂

    • Hi Joy……. I’m so glad you stopped by. I like the ranch names with circle in it. Those series sound really good. Lots of luck in the drawing. Have a wonderful day.

    • Hi Kim……..Thanks for coming and reading my post. Lord Ranch sounds like an interesting place. I wonder if it’s the owner’s last name. I hope you’re enjoying the Texas Heroes series. Have a blessed day.

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