We Wish You a Merry…Wait, what?

This week, the heat index here in Florida has been over 100 degrees. It’s hard to breathe air that feels like soup…or think about snow and Christmas and caroling. But that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. You see, I’m writing a Christmas story, which means I’m writing about snowball fights when a snowball would melt in approximately point 2 seconds outside. But that’s actually kind of fun, writing about Christmas when everything isn’t all Christmas all the time. Well, I think some stores have Christmas stuff out already, but I frankly think that is ridiculous.

You might be wondering why I’m talking about writing a Christmas story on a Western-themed blog. It’s because despite the fact that we talk a lot about things like ranches, rodeos and cowboys here, the West is actually a pretty big tent and encompasses a lot of different lifestyles that might not be ranch- or rodeo-centric but is very much at home in the Western landscape.

My Christmas story, A Merry Mountain Christmas, takes place in Montana just like my Once Upon a Western series for Tule Publishing. It’s not set in the same town because I needed a different locale and a different feel and landscape. My westerns for Tule take place in the Paradise Valley, so basically flat ranch land between mountain ranges. I needed this Christmas story to take place in a picturesque mountain village with plenty of snow and a ski slope. So it’s roughly set in the area where real-life Big Sky, Montana is, though it’s also sort of inspired by some ski villages I’ve been to in North Carolina.

In this story, we have a classic city girl meets small-town boy, but with a twist. The town is called Merry and it’s on Yule Mountain, and so of course it’s the town where it’s Christmas all year round. Here you’ll find businesses such as the Elf House toy store, the Silver Bells Bakery and Kris Kringle’s (the other bakery, because you can never have too many sweet treats for Christmas, right?), the Candy Cane Cafe, the Evergreen Inn and a huge, magical Christmas decor store called A World of Christmas, owned by my hero, Ben McNamara. Literally everything in town is Christmas themed, even the street names.

Heidi Forrester has a high-level marketing job at a new and growing social media company in Chicago, but she has two glorious weeks of vacation to indulge her love of all things Christmas when she visits Merry. She’s always loved Christmas, especially since it’s also her birthday. But what she doesn’t expect is to start falling for a local, especially one who is planning to leave to forge a new life where every day isn’t Christmas. But that was before he met the girl who loves Christmas more than anyone he’s ever met — and who just might make him love it again himself. As for Heidi, this little vacation might just might turn a city girl into a small-town girl living her happily ever after in the Montana mountains.

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27 thoughts on “We Wish You a Merry…Wait, what?”

  1. Beautiful cover, hard to believe this year is half over. Christmas will be here before we know it!

  2. Trish, I live in New Hampshire and it’s 100 degrees HERE if you can believe it.
    I am also working on a Christmas story! It’s hard to get into that mindset, but also a relief from the heat. I may put some carols on the stereo, or whatever we use now.
    I have loved Montana ever since I read Ivan Doig’s novels!
    I live in NH, see above, and we have a town called Bethlehem. People used to haul their Christmas cards up there to get the postmark, don’t know if they still do.
    Yes, the stores have stuff out, particularly Hobby Lobby! I try not to look, it’s too early even for me, a CCL (Certified Christmas Lover).
    We write romances and really, what is better than finding your true love at Christmas?

    • Wow, that’s really hot for you all. I saw my Harlequin editor in Toronto post that it’s unusually hot up there, too. Yeah, those craft stores are usually the culprits for putting Christmas stuff out ridiculously early.

  3. I can’t wait to read this book. It sounds really good and I love the cover. Christmas books always have such a special feel to them. Tule has brought so many authors to my attention through the books they publish. I could go for a Christmas book right now as the news is saying it will be over 100 here today.

    • Wow, sounds like it’s hot everywhere. And yeah, there is a reason that all those Hallmark Christmas romance movies are so popular! We love love at Christmas.

  4. Ooh, I love the Big Sky setting (as well as the NC mountains!) Sounds like a wonderful story!

    • Thanks, Eliza. I remember driving that road that goes through Big Sky once and literally seeing a moose on the side of the road. Not something I see at home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Trish, I’m laughing because I’m also writing a Christmas story. It never fails. The moment I start a Christmas story, the temperature goes through the roof.

    Your book sounds wonderful and I love the cover. Stay cool!

  6. We are camping right now and tonight is Christmas in July fun night! Sounds like a good book if the town is that Christmassy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I would think writing a Christmas story during a hot summer would be a mixed blessing. Thinking of cold winter days, snow, ice, and all that goes with the winter-Christmas time would be a nice way to get aways from thoughts of how hot it is. With the same thought, If you are sweltering in 90 degree+ weather it might be a bit difficult to get in the mood for scarves, gloves, heavy coats. and sitting by a roaring fire. I look for ward to reading A MERRY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS.

  8. I love Christmas stories.. The town sounds so cozy and cheerful. Look forward to reading it.

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