Beware Cowboy Fever; It Can Sneak Up on You!

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I bet you didn’t know this, but cowboy boots multiply when you’re not looking.  Or at least that’s what happened at my house.  It all started when someone gave me one—ONE!—cowboy boot planter for my yard.  That’s all it took. Before I knew it, another boot showed up

Do you know what happens when family, friends and neighbors walk in and see two of anything?  They immediately think you’re a collector.   People love collectors.  It makes gift-giving so much easier.  No thinking required.

Soon, I was drinking my morning coffee out of a boot-shaped cup and washing my hands with soap from boot dispensers.  Cowboy boots took over my jewelry box as earrings, framed my family photos and opened my wine bottles. And it didn’t stop there.

Somewhere along the line my boot collection expanded into all things western. Cowboy nutcrackers started showing up on my window sills. Western plaques began adorning my walls.  Miniature horses took over table tops.  Even my feathered friends were treated to bird houses shaped like saloons.   

No longer do my children, grandchildren or friends have to slave over a Christmas shopping list trying to figure out what to give me.   The word is out; Grandma/mom likes everything, as long as it’s western.

I’m not complaining, mind you. I thank my lucky stars that the planter that started it all had been a cowboy boot and not something gross like, say, a zombie! 

                  Are you a collector and if so, did you become one on purpose or by accident?

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32 thoughts on “Beware Cowboy Fever; It Can Sneak Up on You!”

  1. I have collected coins in the past. Now, I seem to collect books. I often get the entire series first, then binge read my way through. I can read a book each night or two, getting the feel and continuity that way. I really love western stories with historical details.

  2. What a fun post. Thank you! I guess you could say I’ve always collected books and music ever since I could afford to. Although I was recently given my grandfather’s fiddle, a real treasure, I no longer collect guitars and so forth, just stuff I can listen to, country these days. I do have to get Alan Jackson’s lovely new song, “The Older I Get.”

  3. Good morning. Am I a collector? Oh my, yes, yes!!!
    I have a huge collection of depression era salt and pepper shaker, my house is flooded with horse pictures, painting, and figurines, plus western collectibles, and I collect old blue granite ware that was used back in the 1800’s, I love antiques so my home is mission, western style and I truly love it. Everyday I come home, I walk into my home and it feels like I’m wrapped into a cocoon. I loved your collection. Have a happy 4th of July!!!

  4. I love your collection. I do collect crystal hearts, dragons and nesting dolls. I have them from all over.

  5. I collect all sorts of thing, but mainly cats. lets me correct that, cat figurines. I could collect real ones too if I had the space and money to care for them all. I could be borderline hoarder because I love them so much. LOL!

      • I got some really nice cat statues from my ex after his mother passed away last year. We’re still good friends and I went to her funeral. Afterwards, he asked me to go back to her apartment so I could pick out the cats I wanted. She was a collector like I am. Some of her’s are really old and came from Japan where they used to live. I have them all around my house now.

  6. I collect anything related to hummingbirds. When I started hummingbirds were hard to find. Now they are everywhere. I have coffee cups, jewelry, pictures I’ve cross stitched, wind chimes,plates,etc. I started collecting when I found my first hummingbird wind chime, years ago.

  7. I collect thimbles and my brother in law made me a cabinet for them. I don’t have a lot but really enjoy them because they are small and don’t take up a lot of room. Years ago I was collecting pigs next thing I knew there were pigs all over the house and there is still a lot of them in my kitchen.

  8. I love old dishes so I have several cup and saucer sets and odd plates and bowls. I also have a large collection of Christmas houses and those were my Christmas presents for many years!

  9. I seem to start collections without realizing it. I have a collection of items I got during my Peace Corps assignment and the traveling I did during that time. First it was old books, then cookbooks, and now it is just books of any kind. Then bookmarks. With my husband and I, it was antiques. That started off as a cheap way to get good furniture. As a result, we made some good investments. I have collections of tin cans, teapots & pitchers, a lot of Harry Potter stuff, and many more things. I do have stuffed animals and puppets, a result of being a children’s librarian. That is except for my teddy bears, of which I have way too many.
    It is time to start down sizing and I am having way too difficult a time deciding what has to go.

  10. Hi Margaret, it started with a Depression era bowl from my late MIL. Then my daughter gave me a pitcher & glasses. When my MIL passed away I was given all her Depression era dishware. Then I had a compact my mom gave me from the 40’s and I found many compacts on Ebay. And my biggest collection is my Elvis Presley memorabi!ia.

  11. What fun! I adore cowboy boots and western things, too. I have a small collection of teacups and vintage books as my collections. I don’t think my house could handle any big collections!

  12. That’s how I ended up with a birdhouse collection–I didn’t really want. People kept giving them to me.

  13. Oh I am a collector, just reminded my husband of that a couple of weeks ago. Hmm, he kind of sighed when he said, “I know.”

    I think I’ve always had the collector mentality or the I wanna keep it mentality when it came to things I liked, even when growing up. My focus has narrowed a lot in the last 10-20 years, but I liked my old things as a young adult too. I’ve always liked old linens, embroidered and old quilt-like things. There is an old pillow covered in yo-yo’s that I snabbed before I was married. It holds a place of honor in my guest room now.

    And I’ve collected graniteware for years, not sure how I got started on that. Occasionally I’ll get a piece as a gift, but outside of my Mom, it isn’t something people see and pick up for me. How I appreciate the gifts that are truly what I appreciate, vs. something the giver likes.

    Besides graniteware, my current obsession is 40s and 50s printed tablecloths. I have quite a few and am always on the look out for more. I just love the colors and am always seeing pictures of patterns new to me.

    Some day there will be a big estate sale and people will shake their heads at what I have or had. That’s okay, because surely there will be someone there who appreciates and is excited to see what they can get to add to their collection.

    There is just so much history in all my collections of old things. Makes me curious about the past and wonder about the future. And I love that I can use many of my items too. They make me smile!

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