Ballet, ballet, ballet

Good Morning!

Thought I’d take a little liberty and post a few pictures of family and our beautiful ballerina.  End of school, summer vacation sometimes brings on recitals, and so I thought I’d share these with you today.

I’ll start with some photos from last Christmas.


I love both of these pictures so very much.

Now we had quite a few snowstorms this year — and a not inconsiderable amount of snow fallen.  Inches and inches.

The next photo was taken during one of those snowstorms — you can see the accumulation, can’t you?  I think by the time it was finished, it was about 15 inches.

My husband and our dog are out there shoveling that snow. 

Off to the right here is the ballerina and her half-sister, my step-granddaughter.  So beautiful.

The next photo — off to the left — is my daughter and the ballerina, coming out to receive all the flowers and say hello to us all.

Next picture is from left to right: Grandma, my daughter and of course the ballerina.


And the next photo off to the right,, and below, are the girls and one boy.


This last photo is from Memorial Day.  Hubby and I went out to hike and see some waterfalls and enjoy the day where we all celebrate and give honor to those who gave all they had to give for their country and for all of us Americans.

What did you do for Memorial Day?

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21 thoughts on “Ballet, ballet, ballet”

  1. I love the pictures. Memories are made of that. We just moved so we stayed home and celebrated by buying some veteran made items for our new home.

    • Hi Debtra!

      Congratulations on your new home. Sounds like a beautiful day, and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than relaxing and honoring our fallen. Thanks so much for your post.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your beautiful family. We didn’t do a whole lot for memorial Day. We were supposed to go to my in-law’s, but because of some ongoing family drama, he didn’t want to go and chose to just stay home instead. we grilled some hamburgers and just had a relaxing day alone at home.

    • Hi Janine!

      Thanks so much for your post. Yummmmm…grilled hamburgers. What better way to spend the day. It’s for moments like this that our honored military gave their all. That’s what a firmly believe.

  3. Little kid shows are the best – you never know what will happen or who will digress from the plan! We had a quiet memorial day, stayed home and watched the concert from the Mall in DC. Prayed for those who died in service to our country, and those who will in the future.

  4. Hi Karen,

    Sounds like a beautiful day. Prayers are so good and so important for those who have fallen. Thank you for that. I do agree that little kid shows are so very, very entertaining. You’re right, so enjoyable.

  5. I love the pictures of your family! Memorial Day my Husband smoked 2 chickens on his smoker. My daughter made deviled eggs and I had baked beans to go with it. I had a wonderful time with my Husband, Son and Daughter!!!

  6. Such wonderful pictures! Memorial day weekend was spent with family… Sadly we lost a family friend on the 27th… So our thoughts and prayers were for his family at this difficult time.

    • Hi Colleen!

      Thanks for the compliment. So sorry to hear about losing a family friend. My heart goes out to you during this difficult time.

  7. Thanks for sharing a part of your life. It’s always nice to be able to picture the author while reading.

  8. Thank you for the wonderful pictures. A beautiful family Karen. We went to the ceremony here in our town to honor all those brave men & women. The rest was quiet and relaxing.

    • Hi Carol,

      That’s a beautiful thing to do, Carol. I, too, found the rest was quiet and relaxing. Usually any day off is spent working a different job. So it was nice to be able to take the day and honor our servicemen in prayer. Thanks for your post.

  9. Memorial Day was busy for us. We are Red Cross Service To the Armed Forces volunteers and participated as such in two Memorial Day events. The first was at the local National Cemetery and the second at the city/county Veterans Memorial. We would have attended anyway, but it was nice to be able to offer water and refreshments.
    How lovely to have a granddaughter who is enjoying ballet. It is a good way for children to learn dedication and responsibility. You have a lovely family. Enjoy the summer. Always a time to be able to spend and enjoy more time with them.

  10. Hi Patricia!

    What a beautiful way to spend Memorial Day. I’ll have to remember this for next year. Yes, I agree with you on ballet. Not only does it inspire a sense of grace, but it also teaches dedication and responsibility, as you mention. It opens the door, also, to lasting friendships made early. i.e. my granddaughter has for two years been in the Nutcracker at Christmas. Those friendships made from all the extra practice are strong and despite being so young, our steadfast friendships.

  11. Hi, Karen. What a pretty little girl. I know how your life is going now with your little ballerina. Been there, done that, except for me it was my granddaughter.

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