Star-crossed Cowboy Romance: #mustlovecowboys

I have a brand new series starting with Love Inspired on July 17th, 2018.


It’s sweet. It’s poignant. It’s fun. It’s diverse. But more than anything else, it’s based on great stories from a solid premise that’s got some wide-open doors for twists:


Lizzie, Melonie and Charlotte Fitzgerald grew up with horses, but their illustrious Kentucky farm was geared for big stakes racing and gilded dressage. When their father sank the three generation publishing ship that made the Fitzgeralds crazy rich, the three women were left with nothing but one car each and college loans. Big college loans.  Their Uncle Sean realizes what his good-for-nothing brother has done about the same time his final cancer treatment fails. He wills a 25% share of his sprawling Idaho ranch to each of the girls… and the final 25% to Heath Caufield, a man who came on board when he was thrown off the Kentucky horse farm a dozen years before. Why? Because he had the audacity to fall in love with Lizzie Fitzgerald.

Lizzie and Heath share a past. There’s no way in this world they can share a future, but when those old feelings come to fore, can they look beyond their history to embrace the future God’s laid out for them?

The fun of this story is that it bridges the techno gap of a decade. Ten years ago, it was tough to get cell reception in a lot of out-of-the way places. Now we’re spoiled (or RUINED, but that’s another blog post, right???) because it’s rare that we can’t get coverage in most places.

But that’s a recent change and when big money wants someone G-O-N-E, they generally manage to get it done.

Lizzie comes to the ranch, unaware that Heath is the ranch manager following her uncle’s death… and a co-owner. Her uncle laid out a caveat: The women had to give it a year on the ranch.

For Lizzie this is a no-brainer. She’s got a head for business, a love and skill for horses, and heading up the equine breeding side of Pine Ridge Ranch is an amazing opportunity… right up until she sees Heath Caufield coming her way.

And so it begins….

A story filled with love, with ego, with anger, with emotion and attraction… and a motherless bi-racial little boy named Zeke who can’t help but win hearts wherever he goes.

Sheep ranching has a great history in the hills and mountains of Idaho, so setting this ranch… and others… here fit the storyline and the Western flair.

And bringing three Southern magnolias who are true Steel Magnolias to Idaho was just too much fun. Each girl has her own history, tainted by the loss of their mother as small children, the selfishness of a spoiled, rich father, and the love of a black surrogate mother, a woman who raised these delicate blossoms to be the strong women they are today, a woman who has stayed with them long after the money ran out because raising children isn’t about making money… sometimes it’s just absolutely about love. Corrie Satterly loves these girls like they were her own. And for nearly thirty years, they have been.

But money doesn’t buy happiness and each woman comes west as an individual with her own past, hopes and dreams and goals. All are determined that they’ll earn their inheritance, then sell it back to Heath Caufield, wish him well with his sheep and hay and straw and lambs and dogs and horses… and make their way in the world.

When the good Lord has other plans…. and offers other options…. are they gutsy enough to claim a future in the still somewhat wild West? Or will old-fashioned stubbornness trip them up?

Book one releases in six weeks… and then I was invited to do a novella combo with the amazing and wonderful Linda Goodnight… and so readers will get the second bonus story in December, a beautiful story of a widowed Native American woman with her endearing daughter and a rancher whose sad past colors his present and his future… “Falling for the Christmas Cowboy” in the duo called “A Cowboy Christmas”! (And I love, love, love Linda Goodnight!)

And then in February the third book releases

Today we’re celebrating this upcoming release with TWO COPIES to give away!

Leave a comment below and tell me what grabs you about reunion romance? Those star-crossed lovers that are pulled apart…. and what bridges the gap to bring them back together?

Not like Romeo and Juliet because they were kind of too dumb for words, weren’t they?

(Sorry, I should not give out negative personal opinions on a world-famous blog… except I did kind of wanna slap ’em both. And their families…)

Clearly this is why I love writing inspirational romance and women’s fiction.


Life comes with its own set of sad moments, and while I’m okay with sadness in a book… I long for the couple’s happy ending!

Looking forward to chatting with you all today!




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34 thoughts on “Star-crossed Cowboy Romance: #mustlovecowboys”

  1. Good morning Ruth- I just love your writing style, so easy on my heart and leaves me with a huge smile. I love reunion books because it brings families and friends back together. I guess because we all want that for our real life – family and friends, but life gets in the way and so many times that just isn’t possible. Sad to say but most reunions seem to happen when someone has passed. We should all take time and visit our loved ones while we still have the chance. Set life aside and grab hold of what really matters.
    Yes yes, I agree if it also brings two lovers or star cross lovers back together for a HEA.. that’s even better.
    God is always working miracles, we just need to stop and open our eyes.
    Have a wonderful day Miss Ruth.

    • Tonya, yes! I love reunions, too, because forgiveness is such a key to a redemption or reunion story, isn’t it? And this one worked out so well…

      But you made a great point about reunions coming around because of loss. Weddings and funerals make great staging grounds because it’s so real. People who can avoid one another over decades generally can’t avoid (well, without being absurdly stubborn) each other at a wedding or a funeral. And bless Uncle Sean who left these girls a share of something he loved when his no good brother hung them out to dry!


      They go north and west but if it finds them their dreams-come-true, well we won’t question the good Lord’s judgment in that! 🙂

  2. I love the fact that reunion romance it proves true love never dies no matter the distance or time that has been between the couple. Love seeing the true love bubble back up to surface especially when one or both of the couple are wanting to be stubborn about giving in to the love still in their hearts. Oh this book sounds wonderful definitely will be adding it to my must be read

    • Glenda, yes! I love those facets of it, too, how the heart yearns but for whatever reason the head cannot or will not follow.

      Oh, those heads of ours!

      Always thinking they know best!

      The true love bubble is a great image. I’m so glad you stopped by today!

  3. God Morning. I love your books Ruth. I know the places you write about. Your only a couple hours from me. I need to take a trip tongue farm. I have a friend in the area i could visit too.

    • Hi, Cathy! You know pumpkin season (from Labor Day on) is the best time to visit, there’s so much to see, so many pumpkins and decoratives (God willing!) and it’s just crazy fun to mill around with the people!

      And huge thank yous for your kind words. I absolutely love what I do… I am blessed.

  4. First, I love that this book takes place in Kentucky and has stables and horses. I loved in Kentucky from the age of 4 until 4th grade. My oldest sister dated and later married into a family that had tons of horses and a huge stable so this brings back so many childhood memories. Plus who doesn’t like a family reunion because its a happy time with family talking about good memories. Top it off with a happy ending and this sounds like it would be a great book that I would love. I haven’t read one of your books and would love the opportunity to read this one. I just started reading again in late November 2016 after decades of not reading. I’m on my 134th book! I love to add yours to my adventures! I’m pretty sure I have read one of your stories in an anthology before but I can’t think of which one(s). Have a great day!

    • Stephanie, nice to talk to you! I’ve been in lots of anthologies, so it’s quite possible and I’ve been blessed to work with so many great authors… What a sterling opportunity!

      Tucking your name into the cowboy hat!

      And huge thanks for all that reading. Gosh, that’s an amazing number of books. You’re every author’s dream. 🙂

      But not to disappoint, this series is in Idaho… but the girls come north from Kentucky, so that’s where the confusion lies….

      I expect you’ll love Idaho, too, I had to have an area that’s Western but has winter. I love cowboys in winter, Stephanie! 🙂

  5. I think reunion romances are stronger because both characters have been torn apart and lived their lives. Once they get together again, you know nothing can tear them apart.

  6. Oh this sounds fabulous! Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy books….and that is pretty close to the same thing. 😉 I love your characters you write.

  7. I enjoyed your post. I love reunion romance stories because the characters already know each other and second chance romance is favorite of mine. Thanks Ruth for the giveaway chance.

  8. Another place reunion romance seems to be happening is high school reunions. We have two friends who reconnected this way and are very happy. As for cell phone reception, it is much better out here in the PNW but we still have a lot of places it doesn’t work. The coulees and behind rocky outcroppings can still leave you looking for a high spot to get reception,

    • Alice, that’s so true. Here in my 163 year-old house texts don’t always come in until I get into the car… then it’s Ping! Ping! Ping! as they flow into the phone. And folks will look at me like “Right… that so doesn’t happen anymore!” But it does in some places! I’m living proof.

  9. I have known several people who were high school sweethearts but ended up marrying others. After their long, happy marriages in the deaths of their spouses, they sweethearts found each other again! I love happy endings also Ruth and I rejoiced in their second chances of love and happiness!

  10. This sounds great! Of course, anything you write about cowboys is good for me. I would love to visit this area. I read Robin Hatcher’s books set here. I don’t think you ever forget someone you’re forced to leave and, if by some miracle, you’re reunited with that person, it’s magical seeming them again, especially for the first time.

  11. I appreciate your candid comment on Romeo and Juliet. Glad I am not the only one who thinks they were sadly a bit dumb about it all. Shame on their families.
    Anyway, reunion stories are fun because they offer so many possibilities for how they will progress. So often one or both of them really have no idea how it really happened. It is nice to see them come back together, watch the fireworks or just the sad sulking. I enjoy watching them work out their new relationship and their reactions when they discover the misunderstanding or manipulation that led to their separation in the first place.
    This sounds like it will be an enjoyable series. I look forward to the Christmas duo also. I love holiday stories.

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