Romantic Times Booklovers Convention!!! Reporting in!

Hi from beautiful downtown Reno.

This is the view out my hotel room window. The mountains are surrounding us, the sky is blue and cloudy. It’s beautiful to just look outside.

We’re in the Peppermill Resort and Casino.

Are there supposed to be video poker games on the table where you want to eat?

It’s a beautiful hotel and possibly the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on.

I am going from meeting (session?) to meeting. Trying to learn, when anyone who knows anything about me knows my brain is least effective in a hectic, noisy, active situation. We’ll see if I remember anything.

I’m on a panel called Sweetly Spicy about Inspirational Romance tomorrow. I’m trying not to think about it. but now, well, what are they gonna do? Close the whole magazine because of my lame performance?????


I’ve been cruising along thinking, “Well, if I come again, I’ll understand better how things work…” only to find out just now today that Romantic Times Magazine and the convention is ending effective immediately. (well, they’re going to let us finish the convention).

I loved the reviews I got from RT and the most recent one was the sweetest, my first ever Top Pick (I got one once before for a novella collection I did with Karen Witemeyer, but I figured I got it riding on her coattails!!!) This is my first…..and I guess last….on a stand-alone book. I did usually get nice reviews there and those were bragging rights. I used to post about them and include them on my website and blogs (including here). I’m really going to miss Romantic Times.

I was even a reviewer for RT many moons ago, because I was published and decided to stop.

So as I wandered the hectic, noisy, exciting, casino, constantly lost, who should I run into but my very own filly sister from Petticoats and Pistols…Shanna Hatfield!

She was at a wild west historical romance event and all dressed up, her and a bunch of other authors. It was fun to meet her and see all the authors in action and watch all the reads come and meet their favorites.

I’ll be here at RT again tomorrow, then Friday, My Cowboy (who is here somewhere!) and I are taking a bus trip to Lake Tahoe and Virginia City, home of the Comstock Lode, which figures in my current series High Sierra Sweethearts. It’s too late to fix details (should I see places I got things wrong) on The Accidental Guardian, but there are two more books coming! There is time for them!


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19 thoughts on “Romantic Times Booklovers Convention!!! Reporting in!”

    • Hi DebraG, I shouldn’t be on the computer but I wanted to get over here and say hi!!! And prove I survived yesterday and am halfway to surviving today. (I know, my standards for my life are VERY LOW!) HAH!!!

  1. Loved your blog, Mary! I’ve been to RT several times and all have been great fun. I was as surprised as anyone to hear it’s all going to end!!!!

    Another sign of how publishing has changed for those of us who have been around years and years.

    Love, love the picture of our sweet Shanna!! Have fun, you two!

    • Pam, I remember it was in Kansas City once and a bunch of Omaha authors went. I couldn’t do it. I can’t remember why but it was a ‘no escape’ situations.

  2. I hate to hear that the RT convention will be no more. My daughter and I went when it was in Dallas and we had such a great time. Enjoy your trip, Mary and I look forward to some great reading from you.

  3. I am so glad you were able to attend the RT Convention this year. None of us expected it to be the last. I was lucky enough to attend RTC in Dallas a few years ago. It was quite an experience. I was hoping to attend another one some time in the future. There are many other author-reader events to check into, none as large as RT, but still enjoyable. I will be curious to see what the event planned for New Orleans next year will be like.
    Enjoy yourself and don’t worry about remembering everything. It will likely come back to you when you need it. The convention is a time to enjoy yourself and connect with friends old and new.

  4. Reno is such an interesting place, Vegas in the mountains–only smaller. lol

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard RT is closing. I regret not getting back to another convention, but I have some good memories. Enjoy your time!

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